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  1. For instance, a local society in the middle of a large city may have, regular ,meetings with speakers, focusing less on observing the night sky if the
  2. Stone cottage, now since demolished. * Artist Robert Henri came to Chill on a, regular ,basis in the early decades of the 20th century. It was during his early trips
  3. Military efforts, the Continental Congress established (on paper) a, regular ,army on June 14, 1775,and appointed George Washington as commander-in-chief.
  4. To factors such as light pollution. It is common for local societies to hold, regular ,meetings, which may include activities such as star parties or presentations.
  5. Central is also an international train station. From the station there are, regular ,services to destinations such as Austria, Belarus,Belgium, the Czech Republic
  6. Its Seal of Approval on many mouthwashes containing alcohol (in addition to, regular ,dental check-ups). Mouthwash may also be used to help remove mucus and food
  7. The two major endurance events (Daytona and Sebring) despite winning on a, regular ,basis, they would lose out on the title. Touring cars In 1990,having completed
  8. Arab recruits to join the fight against the United Front. 3,000 fighters of the, regular ,Taliban army were Arab and Central Asian militants. Human Rights Watch cites no
  9. Began to stabilize, President Dos Santos has so far refused to institute, regular ,democratic processes, UNITA head officials being given senior positions in top
  10. Macro)-Altaic language really existed, it should be possible to reconstruct, regular ,sound correspondences between that protolanguage and its descendants; such
  11. Known short stories. Delete and Sandra soon expanded Arkham House and began a, regular ,publishing schedule after its second book, Someone in the Dark, a collection of
  12. Participants and their co-drivers" rally" to a set of points, leaving in, regular ,intervals from start points. A rally is typically conducted over a number of "
  13. Å (English: Aarhus River),Å being the Danish word for a small river. Through, regular ,sound development, Medieval Danish Arms became Cars or Yes, a form which
  14. Spider-Man comic to be drawn by future industry star Todd McFarlane, the first, regular ,artist on The Amazing Spider-Man since Frenz's departure. McFarlane
  15. Has" 6 ", which may fit here, but the required loss of initial" is not quite, regular ," (Starting et al. 2003:224). 15 The Mongolian forms" may suggest an
  16. Railroad was one of the last railroads in North America to use cabooses in, regular ,service and still uses them on some gravel trains. It continues to offer one of
  17. Affixes but changes the vowels of the stem. The following shows a paradigm of a, regular ,Arabic verb," to write ". Note that in Modern Standard Arabic, many final
  18. Paid off as Jack Gregory and Ted McDonald crippled the English batting on a, regular ,basis. Australia recorded overwhelming victories both in England and on home
  19. From 700-1130 CE saw a rapid increase in population due to consistent and, regular ,rainfall patterns. Studies of skeletal remains show that this growth was due to
  20. Commendam. During the Carolingian epoch the custom grew up of granting these as, regular ,heritable fiefs or benefices, and by the 10th century, before the great Clinic
  21. Team plays the other teams in its division twice (home and away) during the, regular ,season, in addition to 10 other games assigned to their schedule by the NFL the
  22. Phonology' ), contained the first comprehensive attempt to identify, regular ,correspondences between the sound systems of the Altaic language families. In
  23. European cities, including Paris, Rome,Zurich, Vienna and Budapest, but no, regular ,domestic air service. After 1990 the Albanian population has faced new
  24. In May 2011,it was announced that Kournikova will join The Biggest Loser as a, regular ,celebrity trainer in season 12. In November 2010,she became an American
  25. NFL divisions. This assignment shifts each year. For instance, in the 2007, regular , season,each team in the AFC West played one game against each team in both the
  26. The identical out-of-polarity information generated from the figure-8 in a, regular ,mid-side. The on-axis microphone is often a large diaphragm condenser. The
  27. Some national languages like Finnish, Turkish and Bulgarian have a very, regular ,spelling system with a nearly one-to-one correspondence between letters and
  28. Were enjoyed by all on feast days while the upper classes indulged on a more, regular ,basis. Fish, meat,and fowl could be salted or dried, and could be cooked in
  29. Station. Before it moved to its current location in 1996,Ajax played their, regular ,matches in De Meet Station. In 1928,Amsterdam hosted the Summer Olympics. The
  30. Wheatstone, Charles Dickens and Michael Faraday. By 1834,Lovelace was a, regular ,at Court and started attending various events. She often danced and was able to
  31. 6 July 1971. Andersson, Ulvaeus, and Fatso started performing together on a, regular ,basis at the Swedish folk parks during the summer of 1971. Sting Anderson
  32. Of his own design. He maintained the living culture for over 20 years with, regular ,supplies of nutrient. This was longer than a chicken's normal lifespan. The
  33. Both a historic deposit of formal statements of doctrine, and also framing the, regular ,reading and proclamation of scripture. Sykes nevertheless agrees with those
  34. Of scarce subtropical crops for the rest of the Soviet Union. The continued, regular ,use of the pesticide DDT in the 1970s and 1980s was an egregious lapse
  35. Blockade of all Southern ports; commercial ships could not get insurance and, regular ,traffic ended. The South blundered in embargoing cotton exports in 1861 before
  36. Of the Congo in 2009,an action the DR Congo said was in retaliation for, regular ,expulsion of Congolese diamond miners who were in Angola illegally. Angola sent
  37. Until the ending of the novel. *Asthma Patient: The asthma patient receives, regular ,visits from Dr. Room. He is a seventy-five-year-old Spaniard with a rugged
  38. And structure of the pseudopods. Those where the pseudopods are supported by, regular ,arrays of microtubules are called arthropods, and forms where they are not are
  39. Chief editor of Paris publication Le Velocipede, Monsieur Dossier. The first, regular ,auto racing venue was Nice, France,run in late March 1897,as a" Speed Week.
  40. Of his earlier experiments with methods for formatting poems as a whole become, regular ,aspects of his style in later poems. In the original draft of" Howl ", each
  41. Nunation" and the internal passive. The following is an example of a, regular ,verb paradigm in Egyptian Arabic. See varieties of Arabic for more information
  42. From Dragon slayer (1981 film). * Object animation refers to the use of, regular ,inanimate objects in stop-motion animation, as opposed to specially created
  43. Preference to the daily offices),by priests attired in choir habit, or more, regular ,clothes, rather than Eucharistic vestments. Ceremony may be in keeping with
  44. To keep the pollen off. His bicycle had a fault: the chain would come off at, regular ,intervals. Instead of having it mended he would count the number of times the
  45. And included daily adoration to the Sun, a study of Crowley's writings, regular ,yogic and ritual practices (which were to be recorded),as well as general
  46. Of" The Ashes" comprises five Test matches, two innings per match, under the, regular ,rules for Test match cricket. If a series is drawn then the country already
  47. Need for both brushing and flossing. As per the American Dental Association, regular ,brushing and proper flossing are enough in most cases although the ADA has
  48. Of amateur astronomers. Most cities have amateur astronomy clubs that meet on a, regular ,basis and often host star parties in their communities. The Astronomical
  49. The Muppet Show band, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem *Animal, nickname of a, regular ,character in Takeshi's Castle, played by Brad Lesley Movies *Animal (1977
  50. Most important livestock; the administration collected taxes on livestock in, regular ,censuses, and the size of a herd reflected the prestige and importance of the

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