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  1. Not be the man who can't read; he will be the man who has not learn ed how to, learn , " In his book The Third Wave Löffler describes three types of societies, based
  2. For the year. The Columbia of Syria belonged to the Pachomian institution. We, learn ,many details concerning those in the vicinity of Antioch from Chrysostom's
  3. Be created from high-level languages. This is analogous to children needing to, learn ,the basic arithmetic operations (e.g., long division),although calculators
  4. Lethbridge-Stewart and Sergeant Benton) in Inferno, from which he is able to, learn ,of a danger that also threatens his Earth. In the seventies SF children's
  5. For creating – in Ariadne's case the Finnish sleuth Sven Person. We never, learn ,anything about her husband, but we do know that she hates alcohol and public
  6. Which she liked, and dance lessons, which she did not. When she could not, learn ,French through formal instruction, the family hired a young woman who spoke
  7. Discussion and study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young pupil, learn ,to speak clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would need
  8. a dozen distinct letters, making it a script simple enough for common traders to, learn , Another advantage of Phoenician was that it could be used to write down many
  9. Given related to their deaths.; The Cows: Their milk is stolen by the pigs, who, learn , to milk them, and is stirred into the pigs' mash every day while the other
  10. Choice of a unique, non-standard character set. The observation that some who, learn ,it usually becomes ardent adherents shows that there is some weight behind
  11. Ages of 12 and 40 who could not read or write was mandated to attend classes to, learn , Since then the country's literacy rate has improved remarkably. Today the
  12. True science of the Magi from all its counterfeits. " He urged his students to, learn ,to control their own mental and behavioral habits, to the point of switching
  13. That Plato sent copies of the plays to Dionysus of Syracuse so that he might, learn ,about Athenian life and government. Latin translations of the plays by Andreas
  14. International. Calligrapher's design was quite sophisticated; it attempted to, learn ,the user's natural handwriting, using a database of known words to make
  15. Substances could have an effect on the human body (for example, if one could, learn ,the secret of purifying gold, one could use the technique to purify the human
  16. Exceptions to syntax and semantic rules are time-consuming and difficult to, learn , Mathematical notation, widely used in physics and other
  17. The voice of the Proposer. Phidias stresses that a reader of the pamphlet must, learn ,to distinguish between the satiric voice of Jonathan Swift and the apparent
  18. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ", and that people should, learn ,to live in tune with their" True Will ". Although this event would prove to be
  19. Android, or anthropoid, he named Lucy. The intention was that she would have to, learn ,everything, including how to use her mechanical vocal cords to speak. Her
  20. The end of the novel, one of the Seven Commandments is changed after the pigs, learn ,to walk on two legs and their shout changes to" four legs good, two legs
  21. Noah Gordon tells the illusion of a young English medical apprentice, to, learn , from the great master of his time. Avicenna also the novel or the path of
  22. That they must be considered modifications of the form of the letters. Children, learn ,each modification separately, as in a syllabify; nonetheless, the graphic
  23. The text was organized so that it would be easy for a traveler to, learn ,what animals could be found in a particular location. The resulting two-volume
  24. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee and an expert in British diplomacy. To, learn ,technical military terms, Lincoln borrowed and studied Henry Halleck's book
  25. Computer (computer) language: Knuth advises the reader that" the best way to, learn ,an algorithm is to try it... immediately take pen and paper and work through an
  26. Against beginning instruction with rules and were in favor of helping students, learn ,to write by expressing the personal meaning of events within their own lives.
  27. Is revealed that the pigs have purchased more whiskey. Years pass, and the pigs, learn ,to walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are
  28. Of simplified or ad hoc signs called" baby sign. " However, parents can, learn ,to recognize their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will
  29. Heard the devil's side of the story, God wrote all the book. " *" One must, learn ,to think well before learn ing to think; afterward it proves too difficult. " *
  30. 94 % of adult Armenians considers that it's important their children, learn ,Russian. Armenia is an observant member of the La Francophone due to a small
  31. Their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later, learn ,to recognize their approximations of oral language, so teaching an infant ASL
  32. S behavior is fundamentally defined by its instruction set, the logical way to, learn ,such concepts is to study an assembly language. Most modern computers have
  33. Of any aikido curriculum consists of throws, the first thing most students, learn ,is how to safely fall or roll. Roles of use and age Aikido training is based
  34. An attack; therefore, to practice aikido with their partner, students must, learn ,to deliver various types of attacks. Although attacks are not studied as
  35. His art, and fell out of practice: but after some time he resolved to study and, learn ,by heart the works of Bach, Mendelssohn,Wider, César Franck, and Max Refer
  36. She did not lack an education. Her mother believed children should not, learn ,to read until they were eight, but Agatha taught herself to read at four. Her
  37. Language, a dialect of Lisp optimized for educational use. This led him to, learn ,of the work of Jean Piaget, Jerome Brunei, Lev Vygotsky, and of Constructionist
  38. He learn ed Indian arithmetic from an Indian greengrocer, and he began to, learn ,more from a wandering scholar who gained a livelihood by curing the sick and
  39. Script consisted of only about two dozen symbols. This made the script easy to, learn , and Phoenician seafaring merchants took the script wherever they went.
  40. Rule and the kingship of the Buddha. In translating these monuments, historians, learn , the bulk of what is assumed to have been true fact of the Mauryan Empire. It is
  41. Not be the man who can't read; he will be the man who has not learn ed how to, learn , " The words came from Herbert Perjury, whom Löffler cites in full as follows:
  42. Of Spontaneous Prose at Ginsberg's insistence because Ginsberg wanted to, learn ,how to apply the technique to his poetry. Moloch has subsequently been
  43. It offered a rationalistic view of the universe when men were just beginning to, learn ,about rationalism. So by the end of the 13th century, alchemy had developed
  44. With the Davis Group Ltd. Alan Kay said," I had the fortune or misfortune to, learn ,how to read fluently starting at the age of three. So I had read maybe 150
  45. Sets. Therefore, studying a single assembly language is sufficient to, learn ,: I) the basic concepts; II) to recognize situations where the use of assembly
  46. Language development, whereas a deaf infant at times must show the inability to, learn ,a spoken language before they are taught sign language. This thought had
  47. Over the years and promoting the use of observations and experiments to, learn ,about the human body. He rejected Gnostic traditions, but kept much of the
  48. Ever be persuaded that he isn't half as good as he thinks he is, if he would, learn ,the art of sitting still and using a blue pencil, he might become twice as good
  49. In a rigorous way that could be interpreted by a computer. It is easy to, learn ,but some APL programs can take some time to understand, especially for a
  50. Methodical signs" ) and taught those to his students so that they might, learn ,grammatical French. At Épée's school, a large group of Deaf children lived

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