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  1. In addition, there is some doubt whether Albania would be able to finance a, project ,of such a scale with a total national budget of less than $5 billion. However
  2. The psychological effects of the global nuclear stalemate. Kurosawa's next, project , Throne of Blood, a lavishly produced adaptation of William Shakespeare's
  3. Then to create assurance colonies of threatened amphibians. One such, project ,is the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project that built on existing
  4. With the Japanese electronic giant San yo to develop a pilot hybrid electric, project ,for the Volkswagen Group. The alliance could result in San yo batteries and
  5. Themselves innervated by the corticospinal tract or upper motor neurons that, project ,from the motor cortex of the brain. On macroscopic pathology, there is a
  6. Starred Natalya Bondarchuk and Anatolia Japan in the main roles. To get the, project ,approved by Gosling, Tarkovsky submitted a script that was different from the
  7. Lower motor neurons) located in the ventral horns of the spinal cord which, project ,out the ventral roots to the muscle cells. These nerve cells are themselves
  8. After multiple failed attempts to improve macOS, first with the Tali gent, project , then later with Copland and Gershwin, Amelio chose to purchase Next and its
  9. Done on the solvent extraction of americium. For example, a recent EU funded, project ,code named" EUROPA" studied trained and other compounds as potential
  10. Modeled on J. Robert Oppenheimer, whom Rand had interviewed for an earlier, project , and his part in the creation of nuclear weapons. To his former student Salt
  11. For any new work. The two met in San Francisco in July 1978 to discuss the, project ,Kurosawa considered most financially viable: Kagemusha, the epic story of a
  12. For the first time in over forty years, Kurosawa,for this deeply personal, project , wrote the screenplay alone. Although its estimated budget was lower than the
  13. Impressed, suggesting to Speer that he should have taken nine years over the, project , The second Chancellery was damaged by the Battle of Berlin in 1945 and was
  14. Which would go on to produce his next 11 films),set to work on his next, project , Kirk. The movie stars Takashi Chimera as a cancer-ridden Tokyo bureaucrat
  15. Using aborted excretions and the induced abortion itself as a performance art, project , The Cider House Rules (novel 1985,film 1999) follows the story of Dr. Larch
  16. And expanded it and then pitched it to Data, who were happy to accept the, project ,due to its low budget. Shooting of Fashion began on July 7,1950, and, after
  17. Of mainstream pop quite effectively... an immensely enjoyable and pleasant, project ,", while Creek characterized it as" a perfect blend of exceptional, lovable
  18. The director meanwhile had become involved in a much more ambitious Hollywood, project , Torn! Torn! Torn!, produced by 20th Century Fox and Kurosawa Production, would
  19. The Lisa team due to infighting, and took over JEF Raskin's low-cost-computer, project , the Macintosh. A turf war broke out between Lisa's" corporate shirts" and
  20. Across all the major and minor subfields. Along with dividing up their, project ,by theoretical emphasis, anthropologists typically divide the world up into
  21. Collaborator, writer Yugo Fukushima, and never worked with him again. The, project ,had inadvertently exposed corruption in his own production company (a
  22. In this field was Francisco Ferrer's Modern School (Estela Moderna),a, project ,which exercised a considerable influence on Catalan education and on
  23. Economic ties with neighboring countries in the so-called New Silk Road major, project ,of the future. Foreign Minister Alma Reissue told the media in 2011 that his
  24. For Association for Tourism and Leisure Education, a European educational, project ,* Atlas V (boat),a Belgian tug boat used by the resistance in World War I *
  25. Describe the behaviors of any assembly of bosons. Einstein's sketches for this, project ,may be seen in the Einstein Archive in the library of the Leiden University.
  26. International success of Kagemusha allowed Kurosawa to proceed with his next, project , Ran, another epic in a similar vein. The script, partly based on William
  27. Who wrote Les Misérables, had been in touch with Sting Anderson about the, project , and the TV musical was aired over Christmas on French TV and later a Dutch
  28. Time when one ounce (30 grams) cost the daily wage of a common worker on the, project ,; The capstone, which was set in place on December 6,1884,in an elaborate
  29. Issuance of computerized ID cards for the first time, which is a $101 million, project ,that the Afghan government plans to start in 2012,it is expected to help
  30. Of working outside Japan appealed to him as never before. For his first foreign, project , Kurosawa chose a story based on a Life magazine article. The Embassy Pictures
  31. The much publicized Torn! Torn! Torn! Debacle, Kurosawa moved quickly to a new, project ,to prove he was still viable. To his aid came friends and famed directors
  32. Reaches Priština. The project was the biggest and most expensive infrastructure, project ,ever undertaken in Albania. The cost of the highway appears to have breached
  33. S career. He had spent years of his life on a logistically nightmarish, project ,to which he ultimately did not contribute a foot of film shot by himself. (He
  34. Working on the script with Yugo Fukushima and Video Gun, but very soon the, project ,began to unravel. The director chosen to film the American sequences turned out
  35. Is a humanoid robot which has been developed and fabricated through a joint, project ,between“ Center for Advanced Vehicles (CAV),University of Tehran” and “
  36. By David Wood and Don Black; Andersson and Slaves got involved in the, project , and contributed with one new song," The Seeker ". " Abracadabra" premiered 8
  37. Collaborating with Tim Rice in early 1983 on writing songs for the musical, project ,Chess, while Fatso and Gangsta both concentrated on international solo
  38. That any such system could turn out to be inconsistent. The formalist, project ,suffered a decisive setback, when in 1931 Gödel showed that it is possible, for
  39. The Soviet Union. After finishing shooting of roughly one half of the film,the, project ,was stopped by Gosling, after it became apparent that the film differed from
  40. African Air Force ** Atlas Carver, a South African military jet development, project ,that was cancelled in the 1990s * ATLAS (simulation),a system used to
  41. Thousands of workers in two shifts. Hitler, who had remained away from the, project , was overwhelmed when Speer turned it over, fully furnished, two days early. In
  42. Influence after his death. Known as" Kip's Ma," she starts a soybean-growing, project ,in Louisiana and commandeers thousands of railcars to move the harvest. As a
  43. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Kurosawa's birth in 2010,a, project ,called AK100 was launched in 2008. The AK100 Project aims to" expose young
  44. Complete a film, and therefore find his way back into the business. The first, project ,proposed and worked on was a period film to be called Dora-Heita, but when this
  45. Nostalgia. He did not return to his home country. As Mos film withdrew from the, project , he had to complete the film with financial support provided by the Italian RAI
  46. Built their own automaton head. Their father, highly interested in their, project , offered to pay for any supplies and spurred the boys on with the enticement of
  47. To Durrës. Overall the highway will be around when it reaches Priština. The, project ,was the biggest and most expensive infrastructure project ever undertaken in
  48. Institutions involved in this research include The Chemistry of Isaac Newton, project ,at Indiana University, the University of Peter Center for the Study of
  49. Be among the director's strongest works. Kurosawa quickly moved on to his next, project , Red Beard. Based on a short story collection by Short Yamamoto and
  50. Naïvely anti-American sentiments. Kurosawa wasted no time moving onto his next, project ,: Midday, or Not Yet. Based on autobiographical essays by Hearken China, the

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