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  1. Should be inspected to identify if foreign objects are a cause, which may, require ,their removal. If foreign objects are not the cause, a doctor will incise and
  2. Synchronised, while approximating UT1 means that tasks such as navigation which, require ,a source of Universal Time continue to be well served by public time broadcasts
  3. All the nations that have signed The Hague Convention. Thus, most Affidavits now, require ,to be Apostilled if used for cross border issues. Ireland Affidavits are made
  4. To override a gubernatorial veto by a simple majority (most state Legislatures, require ,a two-thirds majority to override a veto). During Reconstruction following the
  5. Right to prevent another government from going into competition with it, or to, require ,consumers of security to come exclusively to it for this commodity. " Molina
  6. Costs may be covered by private health insurance. Other residents and tourists, require ,full private health insurance. There are also 12 primary health care centers in
  7. Care problems will greatly affect parental employment. US states increasingly, require ,private health insurance to cover autism services, shifting costs from publicly
  8. All-Canadian route to the Yukon gold fields, and the only route which did not, require ,gold-seekers to travel the exhausting and dangerous Chilliest Pass. Another
  9. Without differential (fall) to distinguish them from each other. Yet, to, require , differentia entails that they exist ‘ due-to-themselves’ as well as ‘ due to
  10. Little rainfall, only annually on average. As a result, agricultural areas, require ,irrigation. Approximately of the land is irrigated. The greatest precipitation
  11. That a number of important mathematical results, such as Tychonoff's theorem, require ,the axiom of choice for their proofs. Contemporary set theorists also study
  12. Then, which probably require d removal of the massive roof - a task which would, require ,significant effort. Habitations were abandoned, tribes split and divided and
  13. Larger and more painful with time. Like other abscesses, perianal abscesses may, require ,prompt medical treatment, such as an incision and debridement or lancing.
  14. Out the heat transfer through the wall to the living space. The massive walls, require ,a large and relatively long input of heat from the sun (radiation) and from
  15. To efficiently encode two digits with binary coded decimal. However, it would, require ,all data transmission to send eight bits when seven could suffice. The
  16. Because it is very plain and simple — the air coming off the mouth does not, require ,any motion of the tongue — and therefore this is the first sound that children
  17. Contain 50 to 400 glyphs (though the Múra-Pirahã language of Brazil would, require ,only 24 if it did not denote tone, and Rotors would require only 30),and the
  18. The public should have the freedom to choose and know what they are eating and, require ,all GMO products to be labeled. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the
  19. Spirit, much of the humor in Old Comedy is slapstick buffoonery that doesn't, require ,the audience's careful attention, often relying on visual cues. Actors playing
  20. ZF axioms) to the axiom of choice, and mathematicians look for results that, require ,the axiom of choice to be false, though this type of deduction is less common
  21. Applet-based, though some may develop into fully functional applications that, require ,installation. Applet vs. Subroutine A larger application distinguishes its
  22. Problem then becomes that of constructing a well-ordering, which turns out to, require ,the axiom of choice for its existence; every set can be well-ordered if and
  23. Noun from the verb (Ohioan),meaning" to deem worthy ", but also" to, require ,", which in turn comes from (axis),meaning" being in balance ", and hence
  24. Requirements (windows),and land use. Some established jurisdictions, require ,adherence to design and historic preservation guidelines. Documentation role
  25. Faster; whether for any given A, B and R, S this is always the case would, require ,a detailed analysis. Algorithmic analysis It is frequently important to know
  26. Abscess. Treatment Wound abscesses cannot be treated with antibiotics. They, require ,surgical intervention, debridement and curettage (FBI pus, ibi evacuate.
  27. First glowing red. Forming operations where a blow torch is used therefore, require ,some expertise, since no visual signs reveal how close the material is to
  28. Soaps are becoming common in restaurants and are convenient because they do not, require ,drying due to the volatility of the compound. Alcohol is also used as a
  29. The EU currently require s all GMO foods to be labeled, whereas the US does not, require ,transparent labeling of GMO foods. Since there are still questions regarding
  30. To its veracity and is require d for court proceedings. Not all affidavits, require ,a notary public for execution. Uses of affidavits include: *To allow evidence
  31. And revolutionaries that organized and significant Loyalist activity would, require ,the presence of British forces. " In the South, the use of Loyalists presented
  32. Membership is based on a province's communion with Canterbury, expulsion would, require ,the Archbishop of Canterbury's refusal to be in communion with the affected
  33. Class theory, mentioned above. Examples of category-theoretic statements which, require ,choice include: *If two small categories are weakly equivalent, then they are
  34. Corporations. These have been given ownership over large tracts of land, which, require , stewardship. Alaska is the only state in which possession of one ounce or less
  35. Miles and others argued that the application of probabilistic uncertainty would, require ,the ability to exactly replicate objectively similar events to obtain an
  36. As aquatic adults. Reproduction For the purpose of reproduction most amphibians, require ,fresh water. A few (e.g. Fejervarya Raja) can inhabit brackish water and
  37. And" menstrual extraction ", can be used in very early pregnancy, and does not, require ,cervical dilation. Surgical techniques are sometimes referred to as 'Suction (
  38. And the freedmen. Northern leaders during the war agreed that victory would, require ,more than the end of fighting. It had to encompass the two war goals: secession
  39. The body before progressing to a new region. After several years, most patients, require ,help to carry out activities of daily living such as self-care, feeding,and
  40. Number of places in mathematics that it shows up. Here are some statements that, require ,the axiom of choice in the sense that they are not provable from ZF but are
  41. That are filed for obtaining permits (development and building permits) that, require ,compliance with building, seismic,and relevant federal and local regulations.
  42. Is no such decomposition. Similarly, all the statements listed below which, require ,choice or some weaker version thereof for their proof are unprovable in ZF, but
  43. Alcohols eliminate easily at just above room temperature, but primary alcohols, require ,a higher temperature. This is a diagram of acid catalyzed dehydration of
  44. First 128 characters of Unicode, but use 16 or 32 bits per character, so they, require ,conversion for compatibility. (similarly UCS-2 is upwards compatible with
  45. Many restrictions are waived in emergency situations. Some jurisdictions, require ,a waiting period before the procedure, prescribe the distribution of
  46. Policy-maker and regulator. Public pay phones are available for local calls and, require ,the purchase of a token from the telephone exchange or some shops and kiosks.
  47. Contacted if their minor daughter requests an abortion. Other jurisdictions may, require ,that a woman obtain the consent of the fetus' father before aborting the fetus
  48. Of Brazil would require only 24 if it did not denote tone, and Rotors would, require ,only 30),and the glyphs of logo graphic systems typically number from the many
  49. Regarding the difference of about 15000 species, the text concludes:" It will, require ,many detailed field surveys before it is possible to provide a reliable
  50. Procedure, prescribe the distribution of information on fetal development, or, require , that parents be contacted if their minor daughter requests an abortion. Other

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