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  1. Or by poorly regulated synthesis of synaptic proteins. Disrupted synaptic, development ,may also contribute to epilepsy, which may explain why the two conditions are
  2. Autism, people with Asperger syndrome have no substantial delay in language, development , Whereas autism itself is often called autistic disorder, childhood autism, or
  3. More closely resembling the modern views of these disciplines and informed the, development ,of the social sciences, of which anthropology was a part. Developments in the
  4. Work has centered on global issues including famine, welfare,and third-world, development , Martha Sen was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University, UK,from 1998
  5. Quantity and quality (e.g., selection of drought-resistant crops and animals, development ,of new pesticides, yield-sensing technologies, simulation models of crop growth
  6. Affect many or all functional brain systems, and to disturb the timing of brain, development ,more than the final product. Neuroanatomical studies and the associations with
  7. Improving plant-based agriculture. Agricultural sciences include research and, development ,on: * Production techniques (e.g., irrigation management, recommended
  8. Children, although this difference disappears in children with higher mental, development ,or less severe ASD. Older children and adults with ASD perform worse on tests
  9. anticompetitive dumping pricing practices * Austrian Development Agency,a, development ,aid agency * Australian Digital Alliance, a copyright advocacy group Air travel
  10. Defense Artillery Branch (United States Army) * Amazon Development Agency,a, development ,agency in Brazil * American Decency Association, an American political
  11. Grounds that" he could only understand every third word ". Huxley's leisurely, development ,of ideas, it seemed, was not suitable for the movie moguls, who demanded fast
  12. The state. Heavy industry and mining were the basis of the economy. Industrial, development ,related to the demands of World War II brought prosperity. And the Voting
  13. Continue through adulthood, although often in more muted form. Unusual social, development ,becomes apparent early in childhood. Autistic infants show less attention to
  14. Strongly suggest that autism's mechanism includes alteration of brain, development ,soon after conception. Just after birth, the brains of autistic children tend
  15. Depending on transportation costs, seasonal usage peaks, nearby petroleum, development ,infrastructure and many other factors. Alaska accounts for one-fifth (20
  16. Four-chambered fore-stomachs, and of the viviparous embryological, development ,of the hound shark Mustelus. Classification of living things Aristotle
  17. That anarchism could not be maintained. Autism is a disorder of neural, development ,characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by
  18. Rail Built around 1915,the Alaska Railroad (ARR) played a key role in the, development ,of Alaska through the 20th century. It links north Pacific shipping through
  19. Of Affluence ". For most Swahili speakers the use of satire in writing is a new, development , His essay had the same shock value to some readers who were not exposed to
  20. And Europe. Thoreau was an American author, poet,naturalist, tax resister, development ,critic, surveyor,historian, philosopher,and leading transcendentalist. He is
  21. For its summer tour passenger service, played a vital role in Alaska's, development , moving freight into Alaska while transporting natural resources southward (i.
  22. Harvesting of plants that had previously been gathered in the wild. Independent, development ,of agriculture occurred in northern and southern China,Africa's Sahel, New
  23. Do not need any water for breeding in the wild. They reproduce via direct, development , an ecological and evolutionary adaptation that has allowed them to be
  24. The Islamic world After the fall of the Roman Empire, the focus of alchemical, development ,moved to the Islamic World. Much more is known about Islamic alchemy because it
  25. Work on this film began in 1976. The production was mired in troubles; improper, development ,of the negatives had ruined all the exterior shots. Tarkovsky's relationship
  26. Has occurred over the past century in response to new technologies, and the, development ,of world markets. This also led to technological improvements in agricultural
  27. Anthropologists introduced a science" of the outside ". In Italy,the, development ,of ethnology and related studies did not receive as much attention as other
  28. Or affected later, it is strong evidence that autism arises very early in, development , Although evidence for other environmental causes is anecdotal and has not been
  29. Of a field / of fields ". Overview Agriculture has played a key role in the, development ,of human civilization. Until the Industrial Revolution, the vast majority of
  30. Idea of progress rather than the idea of non-directional, multilineal cultural, development ,proposed by later anthropologists. Taylor also theorized about the origins of
  31. The greater use of pesticides and fertilizers. This has led to the, development ,of many responses to the conventional agriculture approach, including organic
  32. Miles (1,600 km) of coastline. Today, the battle between philosophies of, development ,and conservation is seen in the contentious debate over oil drilling in the
  33. Though ANSI itself does not develop standards, the Institute oversees the, development ,and use of standards by accrediting the procedures of standards developing
  34. Activities. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its, development ,has been driven and defined by greatly different climates, cultures,and
  35. Farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that nurtured the, development ,of civilization. The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science.
  36. Also used ASCII variants. Incompatibility vs interoperability From early in its, development , ASCII was intended to be just one of several national variants of an
  37. Local political communities have often worked on issues related to land use, development , fishing, tourism,and individual rights. Alaska Natives, while organized in
  38. Institute (ANSI, ) is a private non-profit organization that oversees the, development ,of voluntary consensus standards for products, services,processes, systems
  39. Is central to the discipline. Institutionally, anthropology emerged from the, development ,of natural history (expounded by authors such as Buffoon) that occurred during
  40. Then food acquisition. Historians and anthropologists have long argued that the, development ,of agriculture made civilization possible. The total world population probably
  41. Have raised many questions among agricultural scientists and have led to the, development ,and emergence of new fields. These include technological fields that assume the
  42. Including the application of agronomic research. *Agronomy is research and, development ,related to studying and improving plant-based agriculture. Agricultural
  43. The study of altruism was the initial impetus behind George R. Price's, development ,of the Price equation, which is a mathematical equation used to study genetic
  44. Autistic children. It seems to be most prominent in brain areas underlying the, development ,of higher cognitive specialization. * Disturbed neuronal migration during early
  45. Forced to confront one another. As such, anthropology has been central in the, development ,of several new (late 20th century) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive
  46. S social fabric suffered during the occupation: literacy plummeted, while land, development ,uprooted much of the population. Starting from the end of the 19th century
  47. Such as the philosopher's stone. Meanwhile, Paracelsian alchemy led to the, development ,of modern medicine. Experimentalists gradually uncovered the workings of the
  48. Entombed them. Consorts and children Love affairs ascribed to Apollo are a late, development ,in Greek mythology. Their vivid anecdotal qualities have made favorites some of
  49. Termed the 'pesticide treadmill' in which pest resistance warrants the, development ,of a new pesticide. An alternative argument is that the way to 'save the
  50. Of agriculture in general and more recently intensive agriculture, industrial, development , and population growth have raised many questions among agricultural scientists

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