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  1. To be competitive and independent of fluctuating support from (local), policy , on the long run, biofuels should equal or beat the cost level of fossil fuels.
  2. Policy focuses on the goals and methods of agricultural production. At the, policy ,level, common goals of agriculture include: * Food quality: Ensuring that the
  3. Relations of Angola are based on Angola's strong support of U. S. foreign, policy ,as the Angolan economy is dependent on U. S. foreign aid. From 1975 to 1989
  4. Involved two measures to raise revenues for the Federal government: tariffs (a, policy ,with long precedent),and a new Federal income tax. In 1861,Lincoln signed
  5. Power in Montgomery and leaves practically no power in local hands. Any, policy ,changes proposed around the state must be approved by the entire Alabama
  6. Republican, monarchic and later Communist regimes followed a systematic, policy ,of separating religion from official functions and cultural life. Albania never
  7. Insurrection in the February 1934 riots, anarchists divided over a united front, policy , In Spain, the CNT initially refused to join a popular front electoral alliance
  8. The Assembly has the power to decide the direction of domestic and foreign, policy ,; approve or amend the constitution; declare war on another state; ratify or
  9. The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty with Spain in 1786 also showed weakness in foreign, policy , In this treaty - which was never ratified due to its immense unpopularity -
  10. Favors preventive health care and clinics over hospitals. In keeping with this, policy , the government maintains an immunization program. However, poor sanitation and
  11. Due to his inexperience; he left most diplomacy appointments and other foreign, policy ,matters to his Secretary of State, William Seward. Seward's initial reaction
  12. Keeping with that sentiment, Lincoln led the moderates regarding Reconstruction, policy , and was opposed by the Radical Republicans, under Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, Sen.
  13. In 1991,embracing a pro-U. S. and to a lesser degree pro-Europe foreign, policy , Portugal ruled Angola for 400 years, colonizing the territory from 1483 until
  14. In 1975 and Zimbabwe in 1979,during the Cold War. While Angola's foreign, policy ,shifted to a pro-U. S. stance based on substantial economic ties, under the
  15. Tax Foundation ranked Alaska as having the 4th most" business friendly" tax, policy , More" friendly" states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South Dakota. Federal
  16. Of the Union Army. Using former slaves in the military was official government, policy ,after the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation. At first, Lincoln was
  17. Led to a right wing election victory. But in 1936,the CNT changed its, policy ,and anarchist votes helped bring the popular front back to power. Months later
  18. Resources and constraints; geography and climate of the farm; government, policy ,; economic, social and political pressures; and the philosophy and culture of
  19. View of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily reunite the nation through a, policy ,of generous reconciliation in the face of lingering and bitter divisiveness.
  20. Of the same crop. Electrical energy efficiency on farms Policy Agricultural, policy ,focuses on the goals and methods of agricultural production. At the policy
  21. Hyperbole mocks heartless attitudes towards the poor, as well as Irish, policy ,in general. Details Swift goes to great lengths to support his argument
  22. And economic indicators improved during the mid-1990s,in part because of, policy ,reforms supported by the International Monetary Fund and debt rescheduling from
  23. Harmlessness towards all, whether the creatures are great or small. This, policy ,extends even to microscopic organisms. Jainism acknowledges that every person
  24. Who unexpectedly defeated the Birds. Spanish enclaves The Spanish expansionist, policy ,in North Africa began with the rule of the Catholic monarchs Isabella I of
  25. Led to hardship when the price collapsed during the 1980s oil glut. In foreign, policy , Algeria has strained relations with Morocco, its western neighbor. Reasons for
  26. And began an experiment allowing greater political freedom, but reversed the, policy ,when it went further than he expected. He was replaced in 1953 by Mohammed
  27. Water and basic sanitation by 2015 ". Given Algeria's young population, policy ,favors preventive health care and clinics over hospitals. In keeping with this
  28. During World War II, Azerbaijan played a crucial role in the strategic energy, policy ,of Soviet Union, with most of the Soviet Union's oil on the Eastern Front
  29. This helps explain why the Articles of Confederation needed reforms. Foreign, policy ,Even after peace had been achieved in 1783,the weakness of the Confederation
  30. Benefited from an increase in oil prices and the government's tight fiscal, policy , leading to a large increase in the trade surplus, record highs in foreign
  31. With the NKVD, and what he saw of the results of the influence of Communist, policy ,(" ceaseless arrests, censored newspapers, prowling hordes of armed police" –
  32. S., ANSI promotes the use of U. S. standards internationally, advocates U. S., policy ,and technical positions in international and regional standards organizations
  33. Strengthening of defense capability; promotion of security by domestic, policy ,means; strengthening of democracy; preservation of the ethnic and religious
  34. Political aspirations. On the other hand, the Radicals denounced his, policy ,as too lenient, and passed their own plan, the Wade-Davis Bill, in 1864. When
  35. Monarchy, and ultimately eradicated during the 1940s and 1950s,under the state, policy ,of obliterating all organized religion from Albanian territories. The Communist
  36. Of the Treaty of Rawalpindi, the nation regained control over its foreign, policy ,from the British. After the 1978 Marxist revolution, the Soviet Union began a
  37. Government frustrated the ability of the government to conduct foreign, policy , In 1786,Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the failure to fund an American
  38. Countries have not always been cordial due to the former French government's, policy ,of supporting militant separatists in Angola's Cabinet province and the
  39. Internal and border security; migration, energy and transportation security, policy , The Azerbaijani Government, in late 2007,stated that the long-standing
  40. Government established the Ministry of Transport with a broad range of, policy ,and regulatory functions. In the same year, the country became a member of the
  41. Fight American Indians. President Lincoln had planned to reform federal Indian, policy , that relied heavily on congressional patronage and corrupt agents, after the
  42. Forum where nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate food, policy ,and the regulation of agriculture. According to Dr. Samuel Jute, director of
  43. Organs. The President is also provided a variety of powers, like defining the, policy ,of the country. Even though it's not up to him/her to make laws (only to
  44. Composed of all ministers and vice ministers, met regularly to discuss, policy ,issues. Governors of the 18 provinces were appointed by and serve at the
  45. And Alexander Bergman were amongst those agitating in response to Bolshevik, policy ,and the suppression of the Ronstadt uprising, before they left Russia. Both
  46. After the letter s, as though it were a single letter—a lexicographical, policy ,which would be de rigueur in a dictionary of Albanian,i.e. DH-, ë-, gj-, ll-
  47. Of the ethnic and religious tolerance; scientific, educational and cultural, policy ,and preservation of moral values; economic and social development; enhancing
  48. Confronted after 1783,especially the inability to create a strong foreign, policy , Finally, the Confederation's lack of coercive power reduced the likelihood
  49. In 1837,saying," Institution of slavery is founded on both injustice and bad, policy , but the promulgation of abolition doctrines tends rather to increase than
  50. The two men and war was successfully averted with Britain. Lincoln's foreign, policy ,approach had been initially hands-off, due to his inexperience; he left most

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