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  1. Behavior in his private life. " Branden later apologized in an interview to ", every ,student of Objectives" for" perpetuating the Ayn Rand mystique" and for "
  2. From saving seed for subsequent plantings, which forces farmers to buy new seed, every ,year. Since seed saving is a traditional practice for many farmers in both
  3. Existed. A few weeks before the war, he went so far as to pen a letter to, every ,governor asking for their support in ratifying the Corwin Amendment as a means
  4. In which the Democratic Party became essentially the only political party in, every ,Southern state. For nearly 100 years, local and state elections in Alabama were
  5. All summer. " The Confederacy lacked reinforcements, so Lee's army shrank with, every ,battle, forcing it back to trenches outside Petersburg, Virginia,where Grant
  6. With. The net result was that only the" D" mission had to be delayed. Almost, every ,senior manager at NASA agreed with this new mission, citing both confidence in
  7. Walt Disney rejected it on the grounds that" he could only understand, every ,third word ". Huxley's leisurely development of ideas, it seemed, was not
  8. We must not be enemies ... The mystic chords of memory, stretching from, every ,battlefield, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone, all over
  9. At the data. Post hoc tests such as Tukey's range test most commonly compare, every ,group mean with every other group mean and typically incorporate some method of
  10. Back youth to fading old age. " One thing is sure though, Indian alchemy like, every ,other Indian science is focused on finding Marsha: perfection, immortality
  11. Of the end of the potentiality. Because the end (tells) is the principle of, every ,change, and for the sake of the end exists potentiality, therefore actuality is
  12. Prairie lawyer Lincoln returned to practicing law in Springfield, handling ", every ,kind of business that could come before a prairie lawyer ". Twice a year for
  13. History, villainising Snowball and glorifying Napoleon. Squealer justifies, every ,statement Napoleon makes, even the pigs' alteration of the Seven Commandments
  14. To minimize karma which limit the capabilities of the soul. Jainism views, every ,soul as worthy of respect because it has the potential to become Buddha (
  15. The flight. The total was a tenth of the amount that the Saturn V would burn, every ,second. The next day, the Lindbergh's watched the launch of Apollo 8 from a
  16. The state's electoral college votes have been won by the Republican nominee in, every ,election since statehood, except for 1964. No state has voted for a Democratic
  17. His role in leading the national army would be to save the union, using, every , tool available, including complete or partial emancipation (he employed
  18. By the members of the assembly. They are in turn elected on universal suffrage, every ,five years. The" Walk" ( Prefect or governor) directs each province. This
  19. Such as the symbol for the United Kingdom's pound sterling (£). Almost, every ,country needed an adapted version of ASCII since ASCII only suited the needs of
  20. Of technology from" low" tech to" high" tech, should be incorporated into, every ,aspect of daily living in order to improve the functional capabilities of
  21. Of snow a few times every winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall, every ,few years. Historic snowfall events include New Year's Eve 1963 snowstorm and
  22. In terms of the national duty to guarantee a republican form of government in, every ,state. In March 1861,in his First Inaugural Address, Lincoln explored the
  23. For every treatment j, the PTH treatment have exactly the same effect t_j on, every ,experiment unit. The assumption of unit treatment additivity usually cannot be
  24. Animism, to the metaphysical theory of Pythagoras who believed that behind, every ,object there was a mathematical relation which led to the order. Finally in
  25. An upper chamber, the Council Of Nation, with 144 members. The APN is elected, every ,five years. Under the 1976 constitution (as modified 1979,and amended in 1988
  26. Additional challenge, the author has hidden a picture of himself as a child in, every ,picture. In 1987,Animalia won the title of Honor Book in the Children's Book
  27. Colts, New England Patriots, or the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl, every ,year except the 2002 NFL season, when the Oakland Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay
  28. A given sample of uranium, there is estimated to be only one francium atom for, every ,1×1018 uranium atoms. It is also calculated that there is at most 30 g of
  29. Tests such as Tukey's range test most commonly compare every group mean with, every ,other group mean and typically incorporate some method of controlling for Type
  30. Chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield, and patriot grave, to, every , living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the
  31. This policy extends even to microscopic organisms. Jainism acknowledges that, every ,person has different capabilities and capacities to practice and therefore
  32. Fields such as economics, sociology,and history, though it is used in almost, every ,academic field to some extent. For example, per capita GDP gives an
  33. Of the state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of snow a few times, every ,winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few years. Historic
  34. To have held back science considerably. Bertrand Russell notes that" almost, every ,serious intellectual advance has had to begin with an attack on some
  35. Haggard, to actually run the railroad, but nonetheless opposes her in almost, every ,endeavor. In a sense, he is the antithesis of Deign. As the novel progresses
  36. Of digital television and radio. By the end of 2010,it is planned that, every ,home in the country will have fibrotic to the home for internet access at a
  37. Is: y_=y_i+t_j. The assumption of unit-treatment activity implies that, for, every , treatment j, the PTH treatment have exactly the same effect t_j on every
  38. By the time the mission flew, the crew had spent seven hours training for, every ,actual hour of flight. Although all crew members were trained in all aspects of
  39. Legally bind farmers to change their seed saving practices to buying new seed, every ,year. Introducing GMOs and hybridized commercial seed to an area brings the
  40. In chemical investigations. He assumed nothing in his experiments and compiled, every ,piece of relevant data; in a typical experiment, Boyle would note the place in
  41. Had proposed rejoining the Union on any terms. Meanwhile, Lincoln and nearly, every ,Republican leader agreed that the dismantling of the Union could not be
  42. After implementing the Emancipation Proclamation, which did not apply to, every ,state, Lincoln increased pressure on Congress to outlaw slavery throughout the
  43. Into an incense plant, either heliotrope or sunflower, which follows the sun, every ,day. Marissa was kidnapped by Ida's but was loved by Apollo as well. Zeus made
  44. And Rhode Island, but even if the anti-Lincoln vote had been combined in, every ,state, Lincoln still would have won a majority in the Electoral College. As
  45. Actually swept out a cone as it rotated. The crew had to make minor adjustments, every ,half hour as the cone pattern got larger and larger. The first mid-course
  46. V rocket which put us in orbit is an incredibly complicated piece of machinery, every ,piece of which worked flawlessly ... We have always had confidence that this
  47. Stolen by the pigs, who learn to milk them, and is stirred into the pigs' mash, every ,day while the other animals are denied such luxuries.; The Cat: Never seen to
  48. His prophetic powers. The Pythias Games were held in Apollo's honor, every ,four years at Delphi. The bay laurel plant was used in expiatory sacrifices and
  49. Back pain, Agassi was forced to receive anti-inflammatory injections after, every ,match. After a tough four-set win against Andrei Pavel, Agassi faced
  50. Was the founder of formal logic, pioneered the study of zoology, and left, every ,future scientist and philosopher in his debt through his contributions to the

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