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  1. 50 (later readied as the Volkswagen Polo) in 1974. The Audi 50 was a seminal, design ,because it was the first incarnation of the Golf/Polo concept, one that led to
  2. Has happened. Designing for people with dementia is a good example of how the, design ,of the interface of a piece of AT is critical to its usefulness. People with
  3. Argue that universal design is preferable to the need for AT and that universal, design ,projects and concepts should be continuously expanded. Overview Assistive
  4. When the Eisenhower dollar coin was released a few years later, the patch, design ,provided the eagle for its reverse side. The design was retained for the
  5. Quantum computation such as quantum superposition or quantum entanglement. By, design ,paradigm Another way of classifying algorithms is by their design methodology
  6. Which all routinely are included in the Engineering News-Record lists of top, design , international construction, and engineering firms. (Rust International was
  7. Nova Scotia. Pinaud's experience in boat-building enabled him to make useful, design ,changes to the HD-4. After the First World War, work began again on the HD-4.
  8. Advance in the development of aircraft. Early efforts at fixed-wing aircraft, design ,succeeded in generating sufficient lift to get the aircraft off the ground, but
  9. Mission. On the red number 8 are the names of the three astronauts. The initial, design ,of the insignia was developed by Jim Lovell. Lovell reportedly sketched the
  10. Academy members, supervised the design of the award trophy by printing the, design ,on a scroll. In need of a model for his statuette Gibbons was introduced by his
  11. A point for humorous effect. See for example the anime Are Kano. Character, design ,Proportions Body proportions emulated in anime come from proportions of the
  12. Gave Aristotle cause justifying his observed data as an expression of formal, design , Noting that" no animal has, at the same time, both tusks and horns," and" a
  13. Aircraft are one-off specials, built to explore some aspect of aircraft, design ,and with no other useful purpose. The Bell X-1 rocket plane, which first broke
  14. The assumption of unit-treatment additivity was enunciated in experimental, design ,by Kempthorne and Cox. Kempthorne's use of unit treatment additivity and
  15. Of stealing the telephone from Gray, Bell used Gray's water transmitter, design ,only after Bell's patent was granted and only as a proof of concept scientific
  16. Which is typically considered excluding the propulsion system. Airframe, design ,is a field of engineering that combines aerodynamics, materials technology, and
  17. By design paradigm Another way of classifying algorithms is by their, design ,methodology or paradigm. There is a certain number of paradigms, each different
  18. In the same school. The city also has various colleges ranging from art and, design ,to politics and economics which are mostly also available for students coming
  19. Research or for other purposes. A scale model is a replica of some larger, design , Alfred Bernhard Nobel () (21 October 1833 – 10 December 1896) was a Swedish
  20. And Control Conference paper, that the problem was actually due to a hardware, design ,bug that had been seen previously on testing of the first unmanned LM for
  21. ANOVA There are several types of ANOVA. Many statisticians base ANOVA on the, design ,of the experiment, especially on the protocol that specifies the random
  22. Occurred in 1867. Forty years later, the state appointed Elisabeth Na to, design ,a monument and sculpture of him to be erected at his graveside. The Texas
  23. Of his" A Clockwork Orange" starred K. Todd Freeman as Alex. The stage, design ,featured an extremely tall wall that housed the musicians. In 2001,UNI Theatre
  24. Technology yields great rewards to the typical user as well; good accessible, design ,is universal design . One example is the" curb cuts" ( or dropped curbs) in
  25. Animation, the production processes of story boarding, voice acting, character, design , CEL production and so on still apply. With improvements in computer technology
  26. 2003. After that, a year later, they made a couple of major improvements to the, design , The robot features an elastic mask made from the average head dummy. It uses a
  27. At the same time, the latter task was delegated to the DVG. The original, design ,concepts of the DVG came out of Atari's off-campus research lab in Grass
  28. 14, 1876,Gray filed a caveat with the U. S. Patent Office for a telephone, design ,that used a water transmitter. That same morning,Bell's lawyer filed Bell's
  29. For years, like the aluminum space frame which was a first in production car, design , In the A2 Audi further expanded their TDI technology through the use of frugal
  30. Even the makers of AT technologies will often still argue that universal, design ,is preferable to the need for AT and that universal design projects and
  31. Eighth century B. C. on. Its wide use can be attributed to its simplicity of, design ,and make, and the economy of creating it. A distinction is sometimes made
  32. The result in a gallery as work of art. First came up with the conceptual, design ,for the artwork but has left most of the eventual creation of many works to
  33. To look like widened mouth, L sound to look like tongue pulled in, etc.); its, design ,was planned by the government of the time; and it places individual letters in
  34. As the network access company ADRIAN, computer graphics company Intergraph, design ,and manufacturer of IT infrastructure Accent, and telecommunications provider
  35. In getting his telephone to work, using a liquid transmitter similar to Gray's, design , Vibration of the diaphragm caused a needle to vibrate in the water, varying
  36. Few years later, the patch design provided the eagle for its reverse side. The, design ,was retained for the smaller Susan B. Anthony dollar which was unveiled in 1979
  37. 1915),whose name is associated with the Bosnian telescope, a simplified, design ,for Newtonian reflecting telescopes. *Robert Owen Evans is a minister of the
  38. Permutation test's p-values: The approximation is particularly close when the, design ,is balanced. Such permutation tests characterize tests with maximum power
  39. Insignia was developed by Jim Lovell. Lovell reportedly sketched the initial, design ,while riding in the backseat of a T-38 flight from California to Houston
  40. Of successfully rejecting the null hypothesis if we assume a certain ANOVA, design , effect size in the population, sample size and alpha level. Power analysis can
  41. Who also did the Muse Fountain at the Hollywood Bowl) sculpted Gibbons's, design ,in clay and Şahin Smith cast the statuette in 92.5 percent tin and 7.5 percent
  42. Randomized experiments, where it is a necessary consequence of the randomized, design ,and the assumption of unit treatment additivity. If the responses of a
  43. User group must be involved in the design process to make sure that the, design ,is accessible and usable. In the example above, a voice message could be used
  44. Be considered commercial art instead of fine art. On the other hand, crafts and, design ,are sometimes considered applied art. Some art followers have argued that the
  45. Great rewards to the typical user as well; good accessible design is universal, design , One example is the" curb cuts" ( or dropped curbs) in the sidewalk at
  46. To all those Americans who built the spacecraft; who did the construction, design , the tests, and put their hearts and all their abilities into those craft. To
  47. The population, sample size and alpha level. Power analysis can assist in study, design ,by determining what sample size would be required in order to have a reasonable
  48. The re- design ation of the flight to become a lunar orbital mission. The graphic, design ,of the insignia was done by Houston Artist and animator, Bill Bradley. This
  49. Director Cedric Gibbons, one of the original Academy members, supervised the, design ,of the award trophy by printing the design on a scroll. In need of a model for
  50. People with dementia or any other identified user group must be involved in the, design ,process to make sure that the design is accessible and usable. In the example

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