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  1. Of Soviet/American space cooperation as the USSR released Luna 15's flight, plan ,to ensure it would not collide with Apollo 11,though its exact mission was
  2. The preferred method of movement. The astronauts reported that they needed to, plan ,their movements six or seven steps ahead. The fine soil was quite slippery.
  3. Asking for half of the western Empire as dowry. When Palestinian discovered the, plan , only the influence of his mother Galley Placid convinced him to exile, rather
  4. States that a more radical type of emancipation would happen if his gradual, plan ,based on compensated emancipation and voluntary colonization was rejected.
  5. The capture of the Mississippi River would split the South. Lincoln adopted the, plan ,in terms of a blockade to squeeze to death the Confederate economy, but
  6. Reconstruction. Shortly before his assassination Lincoln announced he had a new, plan ,for southern Reconstruction. Discussions with his cabinet revealed Lincoln
  7. Company called the Club of the Four Knights (Yonks no Kai). Although the, plan ,was for the four directors to create a film each, it has been suggested that
  8. In particular are often patrolled by Taliban insurgents, and in many cases they, plan ,attacks by using suicide bombers and plan ting improvised explosive devices (
  9. The National Police have implemented a modernization and development, plan ,to increase the capabilities and efficiency of the total force. In addition to
  10. In their homes and in the hospital. Lambert informs Narrow of his escape, plan , but when Narrow tells him that others in the city, including Dr. Room, also
  11. Arguably the most impressive program to tackle these objectives. The, plan ,gives preferential treatment to a series of strategic industries, including
  12. As such, Aldrin chose to refrain from directly mentioning this. He had kept the, plan ,quiet (not even mentioning it to his wife) and did not reveal it publicly for
  13. Of causation. A more simple example of the formal cause is the blueprint or, plan ,that one has before making or causing a human made object to exist. *The
  14. A raw script. Influenced by a discussion with Already Strugatsky he changed his, plan ,and began to work on the script based on Roadside picnic. Work on this film
  15. Ability to purchase title for the freedmen. Lincoln stated that his Louisiana, plan ,did not apply to all states under Reconstruction. Shortly before his
  16. Would freeze tuition and look into ways of reducing schooling costs. So far, no, plan , has been released by the government of Alberta. Culture Summer brings many
  17. Into the mission, the crew was about one hour and 40 minutes behind flight, plan ,due to the issues of moving away from the S-IVB and Lovell's obscured star
  18. To take the German people down with him. Speer's supposed assassination, plan ,subsequently met with some skepticism, with Speer's architectural rival
  19. Borders for two centuries. During the 19th century, Samuel Parfait devised a, plan ,based on the grandeur of Paris and London at that time. The plan envisaged the
  20. The main aim of the plan , however,was to improve public health. Although the, plan ,did not expand the city, it did produce some of the largest public buildings to
  21. In the early 17th century, when immigration was at a peak, a comprehensive, plan ,was developed that was based on four concentric half-circles of canals with
  22. Graduate, railroad executive, and Pennsylvania Democrat, took several months to, plan ,and attempt his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted. The campaign's
  23. Hand, the Radicals denounced his policy as too lenient, and passed their own, plan , the Wade-Davis Bill, in 1864. When Lincoln vetoed the bill, the Radicals
  24. A friend of the Rear den family. He meets with the other Looters to work out a, plan ,to bring Rear den down. James Haggard knows he is friends with Hank Rear den and
  25. Such a diligent, thoughtful,and conventional man to propose so perverse a, plan ,". Johnson notes Swift’s obvious affinity for Tertullian and the bold stylistic
  26. Begins to affect various characters. One character, Raymond Lambert, devises a, plan ,to escape the city to join his lover in Paris after city officials refused his
  27. Buildings and streets just outside the grachtengordel. The main aim of the, plan , however, was to improve public health. Although the plan did not expand the
  28. Alcoholic, and Ivy, a pseudo-Buddhist ascetic, continue to insist that the, plan ,was perfect and that the failure of their father's company was entirely due to
  29. In South Korea, the Ministry of Information and Communication has an ambitious, plan ,to put a robot in every household by 2020. Several robot cities have been
  30. Confidence in their rising. Saratoga and Philadelphia When the British began to, plan ,operations for 1777,they had two main armies in North America: Carleton's
  31. In Louisiana, Lincoln ordered General Nathaniel P. Banks to promote a, plan ,that would restore statehood when 10 % of the voters agreed to it. Lincoln's
  32. Had contacts with the Confederate Secret Service. In 1864,Booth formulated a, plan ,(very similar to one of Thomas N. Conrad previously authorized by the
  33. Of 100 Gigawatts of wind power and 15 Gigawatts of solar power by 2015. The, plan ,also makes sizeable infrastructure investment commitments, such as a US$114bn
  34. Into penitence and remorse" and they would beg to return to his authority. The, plan ,meant destruction for the Loyalists and loyal Native Americans, an indefinite
  35. Devised a plan based on the grandeur of Paris and London at that time. The, plan ,envisaged the construction of new houses, public buildings and streets just
  36. Karma of the International Water Management Institute lay down a six-point, plan ,of action for addressing the global challenge of producing sufficient food for
  37. To avoid military defeat. The Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox before this, plan ,could be implemented. Historian John D. Winters, in
  38. The 1979 film Agatha (with Vanessa Redgrave, where she sneaks away to, plan ,revenge against her husband) and the Doctor Who is a episode" The Unicorn and the
  39. That was formed to implement the ex-situ conservation recommendations of this, plan , and they have been working with zoos and Aquarian around the world encouraging
  40. Of the kind in mind when, in the fifth book of his Republic, he explained his, plan ,for increasing and improving his warrior caste. If we could castrate all
  41. By the indefinite prolongation of a war which promised to be eternal. " His, plan ,was to keep the 30,000 men garrisoned in New York, Rhode Island, Quebec,and
  42. American shot" is a translation of a phrase from French film criticism,", plan ,American" and refers to a medium-long (" knee" ) film shot of a group of
  43. Buildings proceeded slowly. The eastern part of the concentric canal, plan , covering the area between the Hostel river and the IJ bay, has never been
  44. More at Algorithm characterizations. But not to be outdone he too presented" a, plan ,somewhat analogous, I apprehend, to Prof. Jevon's abacus ... And again
  45. General Ulysses S. Grant would be attending Ford's Theatre, Booth formulated a, plan ,with co-conspirators to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of
  46. A nuclear power plan t at Lake Shooter, close to the border with Montenegro,a, plan ,that has gathered criticism from the latter due to basicity in the area. In
  47. And selling of equipment, occurs online. Many amateurs use online tools to, plan ,their nightly observing sessions using tools such as the Clear Sky Chart.
  48. Was indicted on all four possible counts: first, participating in a common, plan ,or conspiracy for the accomplishment of crime against peace, second, plan ning
  49. Name "/IN"> mcpherson64"/> Only the District of Columbia accepted Lincoln's gradual, plan , which was enacted by Congress. When Lincoln told his cabinet about his
  50. From the states in the Second Continental Congress out of a need to have" a, plan ,of confederacy for securing the freedom, sovereignty,and independence of the

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