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  1. Most common now. Many more of the control codes have been given meanings quite, different ,from their original ones. The" escape" character (ESC, code 27),for
  2. One culture's norms for behaviors like eye contact may be inappropriate for a, different ,culture. Although genetic screening for autism is generally still impractical
  3. Can be the cause of contrary effects; its presence and absence may result in, different ,outcomes. Simply it is the goal or purpose that brings about an event (not
  4. Of locomotion. When used in the broader sense, the term can include many, different ,groups. One source includes 97 different genera. Others include far fewer. In
  5. The harmony of man the microcosm and Nature the macrocosm. He took an approach, different ,from those before him, using this analogy not in the manner of
  6. Conducted in 2007 at the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina suggests a, different ,view," that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world
  7. On the other fields, the different methods and focuses of these fields lead to, different ,perspectives on altruism. Scientific viewpoints Anthropology Marcel Mauss's
  8. Sense, the term can include many groups. One source includes 97, different , genera. Others include far fewer. In older classification systems, amoeboids
  9. Harmoniously. (This contrasted with Malinowski's functionalism, and was quite, different ,from the later French structuralism, which examined the conceptual structures
  10. An organizational alternative to platformism which tries to join anarchists of, different ,tendencies under the principles of anarchism without adjectives. In the 1920s
  11. Of science, have been strongly influenced by several distinct and radically, different ,interpretations. Hundreds of books including adulterated translations of
  12. And agricultural science The two terms are often confused. However, they cover, different ,concepts: *Agriculture is the set of activities that transform the environment
  13. They conducted or wrote detailed studies of the customs of peoples considered ", different ," from themselves in terms of geography. John of Plano Carping reported of his
  14. The 1970s,it became clear that the clocks participating in TAI were ticking at, different ,rates due to gravitational time dilation, and the combined TAI scale therefore
  15. Has different capabilities and capacities to practice and therefore accepts, different ,levels of compliance for ascetics and householders. The" great vows" (
  16. Fields that include references to food production as something essentially, different ,from non-essential economic 'goods '. In fact, the interaction between these
  17. In the former, the encounter with multiple, distinct cultures, often very, different ,in organization and language from those of Europe, has led to a continuing
  18. Amongst the Western colonial powers (mentioned above) has generally taken a, different ,path than that in the countries of southern and Central Europe (Italy, Greece
  19. It did not make any additional codes available, so the same code points encoded, different ,characters in different countries. Escape codes were defined to indicate which
  20. Publication Liberty. From these early influences individualist anarchism in, different ,countries attracted a small but diverse following of Bohemian artists and
  21. During his lifetime. In some cases, the Aristotelian texts were likely left in, different ,versions and contexts (as in the overlapping parts of the Endemic Ethics and
  22. For theories of cultural diffusionism, stating that there are three ways that, different ,groups can have similar cultural forms or technologies:" independent invention
  23. The" jury" was selected from members of the audience, and one of the two, different ,endings, depending on the jury's" verdict ", would then be performed. In 1941
  24. Ideas about altruism from one field can have an impact on the other fields,the, different ,methods and focuses of these fields lead to different perspectives on altruism.
  25. As" science ". Note, however,that his use of the term science carries a, different ,meaning than that covered by the term" scientific method ". For Aristotle,"
  26. Even to microscopic organisms. Jainism acknowledges that every person has, different ,capabilities and capacities to practice and therefore accepts different levels
  27. Was not to know that complex invertebrates do make use of hemoglobin, but of a, different ,kind from vertebrates). Animals with blood were divided into live-bearing (
  28. Suggested that the reason for anything coming about can be attributed to four, different ,types of simultaneously active causal factors: *Material cause describes the
  29. The International Astronomical Union comprises almost 10,145 members from 70, different , countries who are involved in astronomical research at the PhD level and beyond
  30. Ethics),or in smaller units that could be incorporated into larger books in, different ,ways. Because of this, a posthumous compiler and publisher may sometimes have
  31. The brain that deal with language. Because anthropology developed from so many, different ,enterprises (see History of Anthropology),including but not limited to
  32. Speech and action. The degree to which these principles are practiced is, different ,for householders and monks. They are: # Non-violence (AHIMA) # Truthfulness
  33. Codes available, so the same code points encoded different characters in, different ,countries. Escape codes were defined to indicate which national variant applied
  34. The word for an Alabama person is Alabama (or variously Alabama or Alamo in, different ,dialects; the plural form" Alabama persons" is Altamaha). The word Alabama
  35. Diversity in anarchism has led to widely different use of identical terms among, different ,anarchist traditions, which has led to many definitional concerns in anarchist
  36. XML documents. Variants As computer technology spread throughout the world, different ,standards bodies and corporations developed many variations of ASCII to
  37. Some fields of history) does not easily fit into one of these categories, and, different , branches of anthropology draw on one or more of these domains. Anthropology as
  38. Traditions, individualist anarchism and social anarchism, which have some, different ,origins, values and evolution. The individualist wing of anarchism emphases
  39. Physical traits? "," How do humans behave? "," Why are there variations among, different ,groups of humans? "," How has the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens influenced
  40. The International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam gathered delegates from 14, different , countries,among which important figures of the anarchist movement, including
  41. Common modern understanding of a political community as a modern state is quite, different ,to Aristotle's understanding. Although he was aware of the existence and
  42. Academy membership is divided into different branches, with each representing a, different ,discipline in film production. Actors constitute the largest voting bloc
  43. Guru in Sikhism),was in war with the Mogul rulers to protect the people of, different ,faiths, when a fellow Sikh, Bhai Kannada, attended the troops of the enemy. He
  44. Maintains a voting membership of 5,835. Academy membership is divided into, different ,branches, with each representing a different discipline in film production.
  45. Rigorous data to support the theory that autistic children have more or, different ,GI symptoms than usual; studies report conflicting results, and the
  46. Atomic timescale, not synchronized to TAI or to anything else. The clocks at, different ,institutions are regularly compared against each other. The International
  47. Both professional and amateur astronomers as well as educators from 70, different , nations. Like any hobby, most people who think of themselves as amateur
  48. Ideas or concepts shared by virtually all human cultures) They use many, different ,methods of study, but modern population genetics, participant observation and
  49. Use amoebic gametes, as well. Diversity They have appeared in a number of, different ,groups. Some cells in multicellular animals may be amoebic, for instance human
  50. While others do so by local ones. The diversity in anarchism has led to widely, different ,use of identical terms among different anarchist traditions, which has led to

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