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  1. Amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness, which is, why ,wine goblets were often carved from it. In Greek mythology, Dionysus,the god
  2. Japan's atrocities in China ... If Clark can apologize for bombing Nagasaki, why ,can't Granny apologize for the raid on Pearl Harbor? " A number of critics
  3. God told Abimelech that he did indeed have a blameless heart and that is, why ,he continues to exist. However, should he not return the wife of Abraham back
  4. A jury of your peers of the offense of XYZ. Do you have anything to say as to, why ,the sentence of this Court should not now be passed upon you? ". The defense
  5. And James Clifford pondered ethnographic authority, in particular how and, why ,anthropological knowledge was possible and authoritative. They were reflecting
  6. Same shape as the p0,since they are pure spherical harmonics. Understanding, why ,atomic orbitals take these shapes The shapes of atomic orbitals can be
  7. Unifying them. James Baker also acknowledged this force when he explained, why ,he chose" Amazing Grace" to represent a collection of anti-slavery poetry: "
  8. In the 6th century BC, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras wanted to know why , some musical intervals seemed more beautiful than others, and he found answers
  9. Being taxing and borrowing. Therefore, Austrians often seek to identify reasons, why ,the state resorts to allowing the creation new money (whether fiat paper or
  10. Poetry along with everyone else literate, he would have known perfectly well, why ,places received female names. Athens, Mycenae,Thebes and many other locations
  11. He feels a monopolistic unitary thing about it. Watts: I'll tell yo, why ,I think he feels it. The mantras, the images of Krishna have in this culture no
  12. Be dissolved in water, and these two definitions are most relevant. The reason, why ,pHs of acids are less than 7 is that the concentration of hydronium ions is
  13. Amber). Heating amber will soften it, and eventually it will burn, which is, why ,in Germanic languages the word for amber is a literal translation of burn-Stone
  14. Is required to calculate planetary positions for an ephemeral, which explains, why ,Epimenides are calculated in astronomical units and not in SI units. The
  15. Invented letter ". Plutarch, in Moravia, presents a discussion on, why ,the letter alpha stands first in the alphabet. Ammonium asks Plutarch what he
  16. Of the royal touch—he acted instead like an anthropologist in asking why , people believed it and how it shaped relations between king and commoner. The
  17. To their current location. Migration from the homeland It is not entirely clear, why ,the Ancestral Puebloans migrated from their established homes in the 12th and
  18. Not guilty ", and the peremptory pleas (or pleas in bar) setting out reasons, why ,a trial cannot proceed. Pleas of" solo contender" ( no contest) and the "
  19. Meeting matter is an explosion. There is considerable speculation as to, why ,the observable universe is apparently composed almost entirely of matter (as
  20. By a lawyer (or parties when representing themselves) of the legal reasons, why ,they should prevail *Closing argument, in law, the concluding statement of each
  21. His decision to stick to the facts and avoid subjectivity. This also explains, why ,the style of The Plague often gives the impression of distance and detachment.
  22. Create works that are only understood by the elite who have been educated as to, why ,an idea or video or piece of apparent garbage may be considered art. The marker
  23. Viewed freed slaves as competition for scarce jobs, and as the reason, why ,the Civil War was being fought. Name "/JJ"> americanheritage"/> Many Catholics
  24. Convention was convened," As the present Constitution is so defective, why ,do not your great men call the people together and tell them so; that is, too
  25. Of Belgium's occupation by Germany (which provided a valid explanation of, why ,such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to solve mysteries
  26. Wish to lend their money to others without compensation, so there is no reason, why ,this would change just because banking was unregulated. Also, Tucker held a
  27. On absolutist natural law grounds but also gives economic explanations of, why ,he thinks anarcho-capitalism is preferable on pragmatic grounds. Friedman says
  28. Ajax (Ajax the greater). They competed for it by giving speeches on, why ,they were the bravest after Achilles to their Trojan prisoners, who after
  29. Synaptic development may also contribute to epilepsy, which may explain, why ,the two conditions are associated. Interactions between the immune system and
  30. In contrast to Greece and Egypt. Herodotus comments that he is puzzled as to, why ,three women's names were" given to a tract which is in reality one" ( Europa
  31. Celibacy In a passage of Augustine's Confessions in which Augustine wonders why , he could not share his burden with Ambrose, he makes a comment which bears on
  32. This leaves one to share with one of its two neighboring carbon atoms, which is, why ,the benzene molecule is drawn with alternating single and double bonds around
  33. Interest in drag racing. People do not understand why the slower car wins or, why ,somebody needs to hit the brakes to avoid going too fast. Many local tracks
  34. Agnostic. " In an 1896 lecture titled Why I Am An Agnostic, Ingersoll related, why ,he was an agnostic: In the conclusion of the speech he simply sums up the
  35. Of cards and time," wrote Henry Babbage in 1888," ... and there is no reason, why ,(twenty thousand) cards should not be used if necessary, in an Analytical
  36. And the proton is more easily removed by a base. This partially explains, why ,hydrofluoric acid is considered a weak acid while the other hydrophilic acids (
  37. Of 1862,Lincoln apparently attempted to put on paper his private thoughts on, why , from a divine standpoint, the severity of the war was necessary. He wrote at
  38. By simple algebra: T = 751 That's 751 Kelvins, or 477 °C, or 892 °F. This is, why ,a high compression engine requires fuels specially formulated to not
  39. Attempt to subvert the trial by using his anchorites, rudely demanded to know why , Augustus had turned up to a trial to which he had not been called; Augustus
  40. Is faster (it arrives at HALT in fewer steps). Algorithm analysis indicates, why ,this is the case:" Elegant" does two conditional tests in every subtraction
  41. Concepts and that (2) reason seeks the unconditioned or ultimate answer to ", why , "). Schopenhauer said that Kant's mistake regarding perception resulted in
  42. With risk of comorbidity with other anxiety disorders and depression” which is, why ,immediate treatment is so important. Generalized anxiety disorder can be
  43. Cause of the loss of public interest in drag racing. People do not understand, why ,the slower car wins or why somebody needs to hit the brakes to avoid going too
  44. Are formed by taking linear combinations of the p+1 and p-1 orbitals (which is, why ,they are listed under the m=±1 label). Also, the p+1 and p-1 are not the same
  45. To their struggle on the battlefield. " What were you doing, and, why , " Asked the Guru. " I was giving water to the wounded because I saw your face
  46. The States' behavior validated the Federalist analysis. This helps explain, why ,the Articles of Confederation needed reforms. Foreign policy Even after peace
  47. Exactly the same properties as a hydrogen atom. This leads to the question of, why ,the formation of matter after the Big Bang resulted in a universe consisting
  48. The fluctuation size is much smaller than the wavelength, and which explains, why ,the sky is blue. Einstein quantitatively derived critical opalescence from a
  49. Salem, though he lacked an education, powerful friends, and money, which may be, why ,he lost. He advocated navigational improvements on the Salmon River. Before
  50. Refused to cancel the account unless the 30-year-old Ferrari explained, why ,AOL hours were still being recorded on it. Ferrari insisted that AOL software

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