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  1. a hundred years, and in fact may have reached its apogee in the 18th century. As, late ,as 1781 James Price claimed to have produced a powder that could transmute
  2. By teaching at universities across the British Commonwealth. From the, late ,1930s until the postwar period appeared a string of monographs and edited
  3. Impact over the past 150 years. With the rapid rise of mechanization in the, late ,19th century and the 20th century, particularly in the form of the tractor
  4. No doubt also served to hamper philosophical pursuits in general. In the, late ,14th century, Piers the Plowman and Chaucer both painted unflattering
  5. Appropriated into hermetical science, continued to be assimi late d during the, late ,7th and early 8th centuries. In the late 8th century, Jabir in Aryan (known
  6. America the Beautiful" is the setting for band and symphonic orchestra by the, late ,arranger/conductor/composer Carmen Dragon. Performed thousands of times in
  7. League, that acted more openly to suppress black voting. Regaining power by the, late ,1870s,in the last decade of the 19th century, white Democrats passed electoral
  8. To divinity. Sikhism Altruism is essential to the Sikh religion. In the, late ,17th century, Guru Go bind Singh Hi (the tenth guru in Sikhism),was in war
  9. Contain the earliest known formal study of logic, which was incorporated in the, late ,19th century into modern formal logic. In metaphysics, Aristotelianism had a
  10. It deprives our republican example of its just influence in the world ..." In, late ,1854,Lincoln ran as a Whig for the U. S. Senate seat from Illinois. At that
  11. British recognition of the Confederacy by skillfully handling the Trent affair, late ,in 1861. He issued his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and promoted the
  12. Sites remain popular tourist attractions, but crowds have thinned. In the, late ,1960s,650,000 people a year visited the home in Springfield, slipping to
  13. With the Alaska State Fair in Palmer the largest),are held mostly in the, late ,summer. The fairs are mostly located in communities with historic or current
  14. A lifeless-masses, but like something full of life. The Greeks maintained to a, late ,day an early almost animistic idea that the statues are in some sense alive. A
  15. Looked for them far away and started to look" across the tracks" only in, late ,1960s. Now there exist many works focusing on peoples and topics very close to
  16. Increase in precipitation from September through December, a decrease in the, late ,winter and spring months, and a near absence of rainfall during the summer
  17. Boeotia alone. The last stage in the development of the Hours type is the, late ,archaic period (520-485 BC),in which the Greek sculpture attained a full
  18. The Roman numeral system. This system of 'counter casting' continued into the, late ,Roman Empire and in medieval Europe, and persisted in limited use into the
  19. Suburb of Centocelle is identified as an Apollo by modern scholars. In the, late ,2nd century CE floor mosaic from El Deem, Roman Thaddeus, he is identifiable as
  20. Then, each form is checked and put in a Reminder List of Eligible Releases. In, late ,December ballots and copies of the Reminder List of Eligible Releases are
  21. And free slaves who were used to support the Confederate war effort. In, late ,August 1861,General John C. Fremont created controversy on the Republican side
  22. The Apollo Belvedere is a marble sculpture that was rediscovered in the, late ,15th century; for centuries it epitomized the ideals of Classical Antiquity for
  23. The First Battle of Bull Run and the retirement of the aged Winfield Scott in, late ,1861,Lincoln appointed Major General George B. McClellan general-in-chief of
  24. Before him, especially as regarded the philosopher's stone. Through the, late ,Middle Ages (1300–1500) alchemists were much like Flame: they concentrated
  25. Entombed them. Consorts and children Love affairs ascribed to Apollo are a, late ,development in Greek mythology. Their vivid anecdotal qualities have made
  26. Over 40,000 troops from Maryland, Kentucky,and Missouri. The Trent Affair of, late ,1861 threatened war with Great Britain. The U. S. Navy illegally intercepted a
  27. Period to the representation of motion in a relative harmonious whole in, late ,archaic period. In classical Greece the emphasis is not given to the illusive
  28. The benefits of involving parents in active programs of therapy. As, late ,as the mid-1970s there was little evidence of a genetic role in autism; now it
  29. Of: C digraphs were created to solve this problem for ANSI C, although their, late ,introduction and inconsistent implementation in compilers limited their use.
  30. To the revival of North American anarchism. European anarchism of the, late ,20th century drew much of its strength from the labor movement, and both have
  31. To this view, the cryptic alchemical symbols, diagrams,and textual imagery of, late ,alchemical works typically contain multiple layers of meanings, allegories,and
  32. As a fundamental manifestation of compulsory government. It was inspired by the, late ,19th century writings of early feminist anarchists such as Lucy Parsons, Emma
  33. That Southern institutions be transformed overnight by outsiders. " By the, late ,1960s liberals were having second thoughts, especially regarding Lincoln's
  34. Continued to be assimi late d during the late 7th and early 8th centuries. In the, late ,8th century, Jabir in Aryan (known as" Weber" in Europe) introduced a new
  35. To as" refined bitumen ". Etymology The word asphalt is derived from the, late ,Middle English, in turn from French asphalt, based on Late Latin asphalt on
  36. Itself was expressive of this application. From the Greek, the word passed into, late ,Latin, and thence into French (" asphalt" ) and English (" asphaltum" and
  37. The critical theory of the Frankfurt School, Derrida and Lacey. In the, late ,1980s and 1990s authors such as George Marcus and James Clifford pondered
  38. Designed to keep both the moderate and Radical factions in harness. To fill the, late ,Chief Justice Taney's seat on the Supreme Court, he named the choice of the
  39. Popular image of the alchemist-charlatan. Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in the, late ,16th century, sponsored various alchemists in their work at his court in Prague
  40. 2004,Academy Award nomination results have been announced to the public in, late ,January. Prior to 2004,nomination results were announced publicly in early
  41. Several more of her closest associates parted company with her and during the, late ,1970s her activities within the Objectives movement declined, especially after
  42. As such, anthropology has been central in the development of several new (, late ,20th century) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive science, global
  43. As a man of outstanding ability. Lincoln's reputation grew slowly in the, late ,19th century until the Progressive Era (1900-1920s) when Lincoln emerged as
  44. Of being held in late March or early April, the ceremonies were moved up to, late ,February or early March starting in 2004 to help disrupt and shorten the
  45. To do so through the year 2020. After more than sixty years of being held in, late ,March or early April, the ceremonies were moved up to late February or early
  46. In the United States for use as a paving material, primarily during the, late ,1800s. Asphalt can be separated from the other components in crude oil (such
  47. Lincoln's image suffered" erosion, fading prestige, benign ridicule," in the, late ,20th century. Donald in his 1996 biography opined that Lincoln was distinctly
  48. Of autism as an infant's response to" refrigerator mothers ". Starting in the, late ,1960s autism was established as a separate syndrome by demonstrating that it is
  49. Mainstream technological developments include genetically modified food. In, late ,2007,several factors pushed up the price of grains consumed by humans as well
  50. Primitives" overseen by colonial administrations. There was a tendency in, late ,18th century Enlightenment thought to understand human society as natural

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