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  1. Actress, a theater student interviews three actresses who were her pupils: an, international ,diva (Gloria Marc, played by Núria Expert),a television star (Assumed Rock
  2. In the last decade, which is due to the infusion of multi-billion dollars in, international ,assistance and investments as well as remittances from expats. According to the
  3. S. Standards international ly, advocates U. S. policy and technical positions in, international ,and regional standards organizations, and encourages the adoption of
  4. And the struggle for the eight-hour day. In 1890 a second attempt, this time, international ,in scope, to organize for the eight-hour day was made. The event also had the
  5. Of any LRT system in North America. Alberta is well-connected by air, with, international , airports in both Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary International Airport and
  6. By simply associating the alphabet with the national standard. However, with an, international ,language with wide variations in its dialects, such as English, it would be
  7. Policy of supporting militant separatists in Angola's Cabinet province and the, international ,Angola gate scandal embarrassed both governments by exposing corruption and
  8. Paraguay and other countries where local legislature allows such purchases, international ,investors buy thousands of hectares of farmland or raw land at prices of a few
  9. Elapsed between the publication of ASCII-1963 and ISO's first acceptance of an, international ,recommendation during 1967 caused ASCII's choices for the national use
  10. Product or personnel certification in accordance with requirements defined in, international ,standards. The organization's headquarters are in Washington, DC. ANSI's
  11. Airways, TAP Air Portugal and several regional carriers. In 2003,domestic and, international ,carriers carried 198,000 passengers. There are airstrips for domestic transport
  12. The Institute is the official U. S. representative to the two major, international ,standards organizations, the International Organization for Standardization (
  13. ASCII was intended to be just one of several national variants of an, international ,character code standard, ultimately published as ISO/IEC 646 (1972),which
  14. The Ban ff Center hosts a range of festivals and other events including the, international ,Mountain Film Festival. These cultural events in Alberta highlight the province
  15. Was critically acclaimed and released worldwide; as a result, Mala became an, international ,movie star. Eskimo won the first Oscar for Best Film Editing at the Academy
  16. In Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore,Tokyo, London and Shanghai. Around 68 percent of, international ,firms have office in Hong Kong. In the late 1990s and early 2000s,the
  17. Ravaged infrastructure and weakened political and social institutions. High, international ,oil prices and rising oil production have led to a very strong economic growth
  18. And regional standards organizations, and encourages the adoption of, international ,standards as national standards where appropriate. The Institute is the
  19. Larger number of seats available on the Space Shuttle, the U. S. began taking, international ,astronauts. In 1983,UHF Jerrold of West Germany became the first non-US
  20. Arrested and charged with the murder of the deceased officer. The men became, international ,political celebrities among the labor movement. Four of the men were executed
  21. Required redistricting in 1972. Alabama state politics gained nationwide and, international ,attention in the 1950s and 1960s during the American Civil Rights Movement
  22. 43 airports as of 2004,of which 31 had paved runways as of 2005. There is an, international ,airport at Luanda. International and domestic services are maintained by TAG
  23. As well as tourists from other parts of Canada, the United States, and many, international ,countries. Alberta's Rocky Mountains include well known tourist destinations
  24. Is only a spokesperson for the group when it has to deal with other groups (", international ,relations" ) but has no inside authority, and may be violently removed if he
  25. Membership dues and fees, accreditation services, fee-based programs, and, international , standards programs. History ANSI was originally formed in 1918,when five
  26. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) leads, international ,efforts to defeat hunger and provides a neutral forum where nations meet as
  27. All routinely are included in the Engineering News-Record lists of top design, international ,construction, and engineering firms. (Rust International was acquired in 2000
  28. Of fiction, a lengthy monologue delivered by Salt. Atlas Shrugged became an, international ,bestseller, and in an interview with Mike Wallace, Rand declared herself" the
  29. Period of vote counting and fraud investigation. Two months later, under, international , pressure,a second round run-off vote between Karma and remaining challenger
  30. Steadfast partners as both transitioned from Cold War-era foreign policies of, international ,communism to pro-Western pragmatism following the fall of the Soviet Union.
  31. Org, an online resource for facilitating more open and efficient trade between, international ,markets in the areas of standards, conformity assessment, and technical
  32. Mall, Calgary Stampede, outdoor festivals, professional athletic events, international ,sporting competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games, as well
  33. USSR, and began to make organized demands for self-determination, especially in, international ,forums such as the Non-Aligned Movement. The Portuguese regime, meanwhile
  34. In early 2001 Massed addressed the European Parliament in Brussels asking the, international ,community to provide humanitarian help to the people of Afghanistan. Recent
  35. Of the Civil War the regime came under pressure from within as well as from the, international ,environment, to become more democratic and less authoritarian. Its reaction was
  36. In the United States. The organization also coordinates U. S. standards with, international ,standards so that American products can be used worldwide. For example
  37. Falkland Banks. Eel, lobster,and whales appear in great quantities. Various, international ,treaties attempt to reduce pollution caused by environmental threats such as
  38. That creates sterile seeds. Terminator seeds are currently under strong, international ,opposition and face continual efforts of global bans. Another controversial
  39. United States, Australia and other parts of the world. Faced with mounting, international ,pressure and great number of casualties on both sides, the Soviets withdrew in
  40. Elphinstone. Afghanistan was officially recognized as a sovereign state by the, international ,community after the signing of the 1919 Treaty of Rawalpindi. Geography A
  41. Petrels, auks ), hastening the fish stock decline and contributing to, international ,disputes. Municipal pollution comes from the eastern United States, southern
  42. By the magnetic tape and paper tape standards when these media are used. Other, international ,standards bodies have ratified character encoding such as ISO/IEC 646 that are
  43. Continues to contest the porous and poorly-marked Durand Line as its, international ,border with Pakistan, and has repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting the
  44. Rand's influence has been greatest in the United States, there has been, international ,interest in her work. Rand's contemporary admirers included fellow novelists
  45. Emma Goldman. Bombings were associated in the media with anarchists because, international ,terrorism arose during this time period with the widespread distribution of
  46. Of International Workers' Day on May Day had become firmly established as an, international ,worker's holiday. In 1907,the International Anarchist Congress of Amsterdam
  47. Of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as well as other subject-focused national and, international ,accreditation agencies such as the Association for Biblical Higher Education (
  48. Sympathies in the border slave states and keeping the war from becoming an, international ,conflict. The war effort was the source of continued disparagement of Lincoln
  49. IEC, through ANSI or the UNC, where they are adopted in whole or in part as, international ,standards. Standard panels The Institute administers five standards panels:
  50. Comprises government agencies, organizations,corporations, academic and, international ,bodies, and individuals. In total, the Institute represents the interests of

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