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  1. Workingmen's Association (sometimes called the" First International" ), united ,diverse revolutionary currents including French followers of Proudhon
  2. Of dorsal exoskeleton features, that Eodiscina and Agnostic are closely, united , and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
  3. Her Ali. In the same year the two island groups, Andaman and Nicobar, were, united , under a chief commissioner residing at Port Blair. The above accounts, written
  4. The rabbis also dwell with special audition on the brotherly sentiment which, united ,Aaron and Moses. When Moses poured the oil of anointment upon the head of Aaron
  5. Expression had hitherto characterized Canova's style; with these were now, united ,more exalted conceptions of grandeur and of truth. The Theseus was regarded
  6. Abeyance is the earldom of Arlington and the viscountcy of Stretford, which are, united , and (briefly) the earldom of Romantic. Titles in the Peerage of Scotland
  7. Lutheran Church in America, North America's largest Lutheran body, became, united , in the historic episcopate of the Episcopal Church in 2000,upon the signing of
  8. Depends on the distance of the objects. On this account the lines D and G' are, united ,for ordinary photographic objectives; the optical as well as the actinic image
  9. And most soldiers openly for Lincoln. By contrast, the National Union Party was, united ,and energized as Lincoln made emancipation the central issue, and state
  10. Of the image If the above errors be eliminated, the two astigmatic surfaces, united , and a sharp image obtained with a wide aperture—there remains the necessity to
  11. The nineteenth century. Thus, for example two separate quotes by Athens were, united ,by Theodor Berg to form for.362. Three separate sources were combined to form
  12. Motto is Virus Units Portion, a Latin phrase meaning" Virtue is stronger when, united , " The executive branch of the government is composed of the President, the
  13. A Jacobin and began to work for the revolution. The National Assembly in Paris, united ,Corsica to France and pardoned its exiles. Pauli returning in 1790 after 21
  14. Nature of the reproduction consists in the rays proceeding from a point O being, united ,in another point O '; in general, this will not be the case, for ξ ', η ' vary
  15. Reformed their discipline, grown lax, in 1579. In 1589 Pope Sixths V, united ,to the Congregation of St Ambrose the monasteries of a group known as the "
  16. In the 19th century, other Lutheran and Reformed congregations merged to form, united ,church bodies in some other 39 states of the German Confederation, e. g.
  17. And the remainder formed the Canton of Baden. In 1803,the two halves were, united ,under the name of canton of Aargau, which was then admitted as a full member of
  18. Called Anglo-Saxons by the Normans, the West Saxon kingdom having conquered, united ,and founded the Kingdom of England by the 10th century. The regions of East
  19. Home of the chief justice, Thomas Hutchinson. Several legislatures called for, united ,action, and nine colonies sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress in New York
  20. The Moorsand greatly feared yet greatly loved by all, a quality rarely found, united ,in one captain. He was very valiant and favored by fortune. " In 1572
  21. The king named" Men" ( or Menes in Greek) who was then believed to have, united ,the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt (around 3100 BC). The transition to
  22. Is composed of overlapping bony acutes, each of which is formed of two parts, united ,by a suture. Some authorities further divide this genus into three, splitting
  23. Relations, is adopted. * 1961 – CONCH is founded in Casablanca as a, united ,front of African movements opposing Portuguese colonial rule. *1974 – The Prime
  24. Democratic elections. A conference in three parts was arranged by Massed. He, united ,political and cultural personalities, governors,commanders, clergymen and
  25. Burden of having to contribute to the maintenance of Cargo and Regina, both, united , administratively with the More since the peace, the peninsula not only paid
  26. As the Prime Minister. *1957 – In India, Communists win the first elections in, united ,Kerala and E. M. S. Namboodiripad is sworn in as the first chief minister.
  27. Time he created the Square Nagar (Supervisory Council) which subsequently, united ,130 commanders from 12 Afghan provinces in their fight against the Soviet army.
  28. Veronica Duo. Their houses, scattered throughout Lombardy and Venetian, were, united , into a congregation by St Pius V, under the Rule of St Augustine with a
  29. Year after Hijri. The year 12 Hijri dawned, on 18 March 633,with Arabia, united ,under the central authority of the Caliph at Medina. This phenomenon was later
  30. 150,000 to 200,000; while Stefano Gaspar cautiously judges the peoples, united ,by Albion to be somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000. As a pactum et focus
  31. The sons of his brother Mundane, Attila and Bled (Bud),in control of the, united ,Hun tribes. At the time of two brothers' accession, the Hun tribes were
  32. Close to insurrection in the February 1934 riots, anarchists divided over a, united ,front policy. In Spain, the CNT initially refused to join a popular front
  33. Present to disturb the image, after par-axial rays of different colors are, united ,by an appropriate combination of glasses. If a collective system be corrected
  34. Of Otto and Johann, grandsons of Margrave Albert the Bear, ( later they were, united ,into one city, Berlin ). The emblem of the House of Scania, red eagle and bear
  35. In an oil-bath, amber becomes soft and flexible. Two pieces of amber may be, united ,by smearing the surfaces with linseed oil, heating them, and then pressing them
  36. The Articles entered into force and the United States came into being as a, united , sovereign and national state. Congress had debated the Articles for over a
  37. First needed to be restored to its original meter, a synthesis achieved by the, united ,efforts of Otto Hoffmann, Karl Tried Muller and Franz Heinrich Ludolph Areas.
  38. To be at G '; and to accomplish this the F and violet mercury lines are, united , This artifice is specially adopted in objectives for astronomical photography
  39. The wife of Menelaus, was abducted by Paris of Troy, Agamemnon commanded the, united ,Greek armed forces in the ensuing Trojan War. Upon Agamemnon's return from
  40. Is a member of some such group. These groups consist of municipalities freely, united ,by their economic interests and are often endowed with funds used for external
  41. Posed other problems. Since the colonies covered a large area and had not been, united ,before the war, there was no central area of strategic importance. In Europe
  42. The exiled queen. He assumed the title of Alfonso XII, for although no King of, united ,Spain had borne the name" Alfonso XI ", the Spanish monarchy was regarded as
  43. Community, consisting of anchorites living each in his own little dwelling, united ,together under one superior. Anthony, as Johann August Wilhelm Leander remarks
  44. Later Akkad in early antiquity. The Akkadian Empire of Sargon the Great, which, united , all the Akkadian speaking Semites, including the Assyrians, claimed to
  45. Over a small territory near Warangal. Eventually all the Telugu lands were, united ,by the Kakatiyas. In 1323 CE, Delhi Sultan Heath Alvin Influx sent a large
  46. Do not necessarily see the spiritual nature of everything in existence as being, united ,(monism),the way pantheists do. As a result, animism puts more emphasis on
  47. Certainly have been regional leaders only, and subject to Sargon of Akkad who, united ,all the Akkadian speaking peoples of Mesopotamia under the Akkadian Empire
  48. Some also said he married Medea, and that after both their deaths they were, united ,in the Elysian Fields of Hades – as Hera promised Thesis in Apollonian '
  49. And the collection of the Heimatverein (local history society) were, united ,in 1963 into the Aventine Museum, in the cloister of the former Carmelite
  50. What is known of events in the kingdom of the Franks at that time. Clovis I, united ,the Franks into a single kingdom during the 480s and afterwards, and the Franks

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