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  1. Vs." he kissed. " Syllable structure Arabic has two kinds of syllables:, open ,syllables (CV) and (CVV)—and closed syllables (CVC),(CVVC),and (CVCC
  2. An under determined system (of equations or logic) – for example, X Y leaves, open ,what the value of X is – while its opposite is a self-contradiction, also
  3. Importance of the electromechanical relay (with its two" binary states ", open ,and closed):: It was only with the development, beginning in the 1930s,of
  4. Spencer repeating rifle, soldiers were mowed down when standing in lines in the, open , This led to the adoption of trench warfare, a style of fighting that defined
  5. The American National Standards process involves: *consensus by a group that is, open ,to representatives from all interested parties *broad-based public review and
  6. The Greek Anatolia, from Ana: separate, apart from, and terrain, to cut up, cut, open , ) is a branch of biology and medicine that is the consideration of the
  7. The TRS-80 and Commodore PET, because it came with color graphics and an, open ,architecture. While early models used ordinary cassette tapes as storage
  8. A dry continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The province is, open ,to cold arctic weather systems from the north, which often produce extremely
  9. Theorem about complete metric spaces, and its consequences, such as the, open ,mapping theorem and the closed graph theorem. **On every infinite-dimensional
  10. Some subsets of the real numbers do not have the least elements. For example,the, open ,interval (0,1) does not have the least element: if x is in (0,1),then so is
  11. It is a small (15–17 inches) Arctic grouse that lives among willows and on, open ,tundra and muskeg. Plumage is brown in summer, changing to white in winter. The
  12. Died in 1978,but the rule of his successor, Chadli Bendjedid, was little more, open , The state took on a strongly bureaucratic character and corruption was
  13. 1981),depicts a female nude, hooded detainee strapped to a chair, her legs, open ,to reveal her sexual organs, surrounded by two tormentors dressed in everyday
  14. Lee who was in Madrid trying to persuade the Spanish government to declare an, open ,alliance. Grimaldi told Lee that" You have considered your own situation, and
  15. Independent of, but influenced by, various Western religions. It is still an, open ,question whether these three strands share a common origin, or to what extent
  16. Or" Live and let live" summarizes the Dutch and especially the Amsterdam, open ,and tolerant society, the increased influx of many races, religions,and
  17. After the Second World War. These suburbs contained many public parks and wide, open ,spaces, and the new buildings provided improved housing conditions with larger
  18. Www. StandardsPortal. Org, an online resource for facilitating more, open ,and efficient trade between international markets in the areas of standards
  19. To court. The pleading in the criminal case, which is entered on the record in, open ,court, is usually either guilty or not guilty. Generally speaking in private
  20. Relocated from the Paulus Potterstraat to the Museum Square itself. It will be, open ,again to public in the end of 2011. Amsterdam contains many other museums
  21. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure," arraignment shall ... consist of an, open ,... reading of the indictment ... to the defendant ... and call on him to plead
  22. Spelled as χημεία, and the original meaning forgotten. The etymology is still, open , and recent research indicates that the Egyptian derivation may be valid.
  23. Entrance for the museum created. Only one wing of the Rijksmuseum is currently, open ,to the public, with a selection of masterpieces on display. The full museum
  24. Of my death. It is well known that the book Oupnekhat (Upanishads) always lay, open ,on his table, and he invariably studied it before sleeping at night. He called
  25. Used as the logo of the city for a long time. Parks Ankara has many parks and, open ,spaces mainly established in the early years of the Republic and well
  26. Double their previous tribute of 350 Roman pounds (ca. 115 kg) of gold, to, open , their markets to Finnish traders, and to pay a ransom of eight solidi for each
  27. The Oscar is under the ownership of the recipient, it is essentially not on the, open ,market. The case of Michael Todd's grandson trying to sell Todd's Oscar
  28. And one-sixth straw (15 %) by weight. Adobe bricks are made in an, open ,frame, by being a reasonable size, but any convenient size is acceptable. The
  29. After which he moved north into Virginia, leaving the Carolina's and Georgia, open ,to Greene. In January 1781,a British force under Benedict Arnold landed in
  30. Upset at other British actions, and benefited from trade through the port),to, open ,the Second Anglo-Mysore War in 1780. Ali, and later his son Tip Sultan, almost
  31. The opportunity of encircling the American rebels from the south, and kept, open ,a vital conduit for supplies to the American frontier. The Continental Congress
  32. The areal factor has been investigated, the smaller the size of the residue, open ,to the genetic explanation has tended to become. According to many scholars it
  33. Of the Republic. Anıtkabir is open every day, while the adjacent museum is, open ,every day except Mondays.: This museum is opposite the Opera House on ALAT
  34. Passengers. In 1977 Albania's government signed an agreement with Greece to, open ,the country's first air links with non-communist Europe. As a result, Olympic
  35. Supporter of the struggle of the fledgling Colonies, recommending an early and, open ,Spanish commitment to the Colonies. However, he was overruled by José Moving
  36. That Claus, King of Elyria, and King Glacial of the Atlantic were in, open ,revolt against Macedonian authority. Marching west into Elyria, Alexander
  37. Has received his initiation in primeval Indian wisdom, and received it with an, open ,heart, he will be prepared in the very best way for hearing what I have to tell
  38. Comes from the Generation of Animals in which Aristotle describes breaking, open ,fertilized chicken eggs at intervals to observe when visible organs were
  39. Cannot sell the land. Individual Native allotments can be and are sold on the, open ,market, however. Various private interests own the remaining land, totaling
  40. And the Rijksmuseum, which led to a refusal of Protestant King William III to, open ,'that monastery '. In 1924,the Roman Catholic Church of the Netherlands hosted
  41. The mounted hordes of the steppe. However, the lowlands did not have enough, open ,grasslands to support a large housebound force; for this and other reasons, the
  42. The Atlantic is the saltiest major ocean; surface water salinity in the, open ,ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand (3.3 - 3.7 %) by mass and
  43. In the Messier catalog: the globular clusters Messier 2,Messier 72,and the, open ,cluster Messier 73. Two well-known planetary nebulae are located in Aquarius:
  44. Provisions of AN CSA allowing the corporations' land holdings to be sold on the, open ,market starting in 1991 were repealed before they could take effect.
  45. One of these early writings has been deciphered, and their exact nature remains, open ,to interpretation. Based on letter appearances and names, it is believed to be
  46. According to Rules 2 and 3 of the official Academy Awards Rules, a film must, open ,in the previous calendar year, from midnight at the start of January 1 to
  47. Was renewed. What is more important, the victory encouraged France to make an, open ,alliance with the Americans, after two years of semi-secret support. For the
  48. For" capitulating" to consumerism. Critics were scandalized by Warhol's, open ,embrace of market culture. This symposium set the tone for Warhol's reception.
  49. Moments in his life and during the establishment of the Republic. Anıtkabir is, open ,every day, while the adjacent museum is open every day except Mondays.: This
  50. The third theater space, to be operated jointly with next door Mosque, will, open , in late 2009 or early 2010. Other theaters are: Royal Theatre Care, Bellevue

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