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  1. When written sources commenced, about 650 BCE. Apollo became extremely, important ,to the Greek world as an oracular deity in the archaic period, and the
  2. During World War II. Post-war years. Anarchism continued to be influential in, important ,literary and intellectual personalities of the time such as Albert Camus
  3. Algerian Jews continue to live in Algiers. Cities Below is a list of the most, important ,Algerian cities: Health In 2002,Algeria had inadequate numbers of physicians (
  4. S Battle of the Windmill is referred to by Sent Singh Bad as one" of the, important ,episodes which constitute the essence of the plot of the novel. " Harold Bloom
  5. The advantage of ABC, as it now usually occurs during the highly profitable and, important ,February sweeps period. (Some years, the ceremony is moved into early March in
  6. With Plato and Socrates (Plato's teacher),Aristotle is one of the most, important ,founding figures in Western philosophy. Aristotle's writings were the first to
  7. In the Castilian version. Synopsis In order to prepare the role of an, important ,old actress, a theater student interviews three actresses who were her pupils:
  8. Comstock" -- censorship of sexual information. Also, M. E. Lazarus was an, important ,American individualist anarchist who promoted free love. And the openly
  9. A" small" initial investment—would surely lead to that goal. However, it is, important ,to emphasize that the terms" chemical" and" alchemy" were used as synonyms
  10. Kant and exaggerated their differences. In 1976,Rand said that her most, important ,contributions to philosophy were her" theory of concepts, her ethics, and her
  11. Internal disputes have proven perennial within anarchist theory. Free love An, important ,current within anarchism is free love. Free love advocates sometimes traced
  12. Valley containing a large urbanized oasis; also the Cash of Algiers is an, important ,citadel. The only natural World Heritage Sites are the Assisi n'Ajmer, a
  13. The Seven Commandments of Animalism are written on the wall of a barn. The most, important ,is the seventh," All animals are equal. " All the animals work, but the
  14. Factors that have been claimed to contribute to or exacerbate autism, or may be, important ,in future research, include certain foods, infectious disease, heavy metals
  15. During the Permian–Triassic extinction. One group, the metoposaurs, remained, important , predators during the Triassic, but as the world became drier during the Early
  16. It might seem obvious that altruism is central to the teachings of Jesus, one, important , and influential strand of Christianity would qualify this. St Thomas Aquinas in
  17. Many of Rand's capitalist characters, he is a self-made man. He owns the most, important ,steel company in the United States. He invents Rear den Metal, an alloy stronger
  18. Cannot be cooled. The humanization of Achilles by the events of the war is an, important ,theme of the narrative. According to the Iliad (Book 16),Achilles arrived at
  19. Have had more in common than initially appears. Black powder may have been an, important ,invention of Chinese alchemists. Described in 9th century texts and used in
  20. Republic the anarchists Gustav Landauer, Silvio Resell and Erich USAM had, important ,leadership positions within the revolutionary councils structures. In the
  21. Their way to offer sacrifice. To Achilles of Luce were dedicated a number of, important ,commercial port cities of the Greek waters: McMillan in Yessenia (Stephan us
  22. Although the albedo is a very useful first approximation. The albedo is an, important ,concept in climatology and astronomy, as well as in calculating reflectivity of
  23. Of creation. The famous Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook stated that love is the most, important ,attribute in humanity. This is defined as bestowal, or giving, which is the
  24. Enforced them. Lincoln only vetoed four bills passed by Congress; the only, important ,one was the Wade-Davis Bill with its harsh program of Reconstruction. He signed
  25. Christianity as a result of Islamization for over a millennium. Algeria had an, important ,Jewish community until the 1960s. Nearly all of this community emigrated
  26. The Ancient Macedonian word" Ella" ( Ella),stone. The stones played an, important ,part in the cult of the god, especially in the oracular shrine of Delphi (. The
  27. Stoicism and Gnosticism which formed the origin of alchemy’s character. An, important ,example of alchemy’s roots in Greek philosophy, originated by Empedocles and
  28. Assaying and metallurgy were not as neat as in the present day. There were, important ,overlaps between practitioners, and trying to classify them into wizards (
  29. On the coast and formed a majority of the population of Oran (60 percent) and, important ,proportions in other large cities including Algiers and Anna. Almost all of
  30. Purest and most systematic form. ". Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) was an, important ,early influence in individualist anarchist thought in the United States and
  31. As a result he also made the crow sacred and gave them the task of announcing, important ,deaths. Apollo rescued the baby and gave it to the centaur Chiron to raise.
  32. With Eddie Willers in the employee's cafeteria, and leads Eddie to reveal, important ,information about Deign Haggard and Haggard Transcontinental. Only Eddie's
  33. A series of books on botany—the History of Plants—which survived as the most, important ,contribution of antiquity to botany, even into the Middle Ages. Many of
  34. And noting that" religion" has many components, of which he believed the most, important ,to be belief in supernatural beings (as opposed to moral systems, cosmology
  35. And may be violently removed if he attempts to abuse this position. The most, important ,French social theorist since Foucault and Lévi-Strauss is Pierre Bourdieu, who
  36. Of Amsterdam gathered delegates from 14 different countries, among which, important ,figures of the anarchist movement, including Enrico Latest, Pierre Monte
  37. A senior fellow at the Cato Institute, considers Rand one of the three most, important ,women (along with Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Paterson) of modern American
  38. Arcadocypriot: Ἀπείλων, Apeilōn; Atomic: Ἄπλουν, Aploun;) is one of the most, important ,and diverse of the Olympian deities in Greek and Roman mythology. The ideal of
  39. Chemists) and craftsmen (metallurgists) is anachronistic. The most, important ,name in this period is Philip pus Aureoles Paracelsus, ( Theophrastus Bombast us
  40. Congressmen and senators who had opposed the measures in the 1850s. Other, important ,legislation involved two measures to raise revenues for the Federal government:
  41. James Haggard The President of Haggard Transcontinental and the book's most, important ,antagonist. Haggard is an expert influence peddler who is, however,incapable
  42. And Ah lam Mosteghanemi while Asia Debar is widely translated. Among the, important ,novelists of the 1980s were Rashid Amount, later vice-president of Amnesty
  43. Conversely, spontaneous changes on the mind of Western people undergoing any, important ,stage in individuation seems to produce, on occasion, imagery known to Alchemy
  44. Was the most famous group to embrace illegalism. However, as soon as 1887, important , figures in the anarchist movement distanced themselves from such individual
  45. As separators were placed before digits. The committee decided it was, important ,to support upper case 64-character alphabets, and chose to pattern ASCII so it
  46. Within anarchism which puts an emphasis on environmental issues, with an, important ,precedent in anarcho-naturism and whose main contemporary currents are
  47. Then rejecting the world led to his conviction that experimentation was more, important ,than reasoning:" Of the three ways in which men think that they acquire
  48. And altruistic projects impede that goal. It is not until she sees the man most, important ,to her in the world - John Salt - strapped to a torture machine, about to be
  49. Good kind have been influenced by her. Other artists who have cited Rand as an, important ,influence on their lives and thought include comic book artist Steve Ditto and
  50. Most, if not all, of the world's religions promote altruism as a very, important ,moral value. Buddhism, Christianity,Hinduism, Islam,Jainism, Judaism and

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