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  1. Weld and Downland Open Air Museum – Weatherboard – Wedding-cake style – Weep, hole ,– Meeting – Weigh bridge – Westminster Arcade – West work – Whispering gallery –
  2. In the violin family, usually with an f- hole rather than a round sound, hole , These guitars are most commonly used by swing and jazz players and often
  3. Carbide. Having one fewer valence electron than the host atom, it donates a, hole ,resulting in p-type conductivity. Traditional method of introducing boron into
  4. Of a flute. Consequently, the Sun was the fire that one could see through a, hole ,the same size as the Earth on the farthest wheel, and an eclipse corresponded
  5. An anticollapse, which are an alternative to the couple black hole and white, hole ,in the worm hole theory. Sakharov also proposed the idea of induced gravity as
  6. Readjust their rifle scope by measuring the distance in inches the bullet, hole ,is from the desired impact point, and adjusting the scope that many MOAS in the
  7. Used" Beehive" style houses (small circular single roomed dwellings with a, hole ,in ceiling to let out smoke). Many of the oldest and most picturesque
  8. At the bottom of one end, and a hard spite or other implement is used to open a, hole ,in the side of the cask, which is now uppermost. The act of still aging and then
  9. In a fierce competition. He was invited by Dave Funkenklein to enter the lions, hole ,in New York. He made history in the Big Apple of Hip-hop by being the first non
  10. The mechanical analogy of an iron ball thrown at a thin slate covering a wide, hole ,in a metal sheet. A perpendicular throw would break the slate and pass through
  11. A positive-energy particle. But, when lifted out, it would leave behind a, hole ,in the sea that would act exactly like a positive-energy electron with a
  12. Notch on the side of the disk using a" disk notcher" ( although a simple, hole ,puncher would do) and inserting the disk flipped over. Early on, diskette
  13. Law. So Einstein proposed that the path of a singular solution, like a black, hole , would be determined to be a geodesic from general relativity itself. This was
  14. S a version for the Elliott 803 Algol (A104) The standard Elliott 803 used 5, hole , paper tape and thus only had upper case. The code lacked any quote characters
  15. Aristotle's apparatus contained a dark chamber that had a single small, hole , or aperture, to allow for sunlight to enter. Aristotle used the device to make
  16. A collapse and an anticollapse, which are an alternative to the couple black, hole ,and white hole in the worm hole theory. Sakharov also proposed the idea of
  17. Canister of compressed air on the passenger-side floor, linked via a hose to a, hole ,drilled into the transmission. CBS did not acknowledge the test results of
  18. Anna's popularity has extended into Texas Hold 'em lingo, where the, hole ,cards Ace–King (unsuited) are sometimes referred to as an" Anna Kournikova "
  19. A thin plate placed between, before,or behind the lenses of the system. This, hole ,is termed the stop or diaphragm; Abbé used the term aperture stop for both the
  20. Device to make observations of the sun and noted that no matter what shape the, hole ,was, the sun would still be correctly displayed as a round object. In modern
  21. A lump of energy made out of pure gravitational fields, like a black, hole , would move on a trajectory which is determined by the Einstein equations
  22. The Diamondbacks acquired former World Series MVP David Beckstein to fill the, hole ,at second base which was opened after Orlando Hudson was placed on the disabled
  23. Did not allow Speer to go, fearing that Stalin would put Speer in a" rat, hole ," until a new Moscow arose. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941
  24. The angle u, is generally determined by the margin of one of the lenses or by a, hole ,in a thin plate placed between, before,or behind the lenses of the system.
  25. Shoes on small feet. " Another time he watched a mouse being pulled from its, hole ,by a small boy. When the mouse turned around, bit the hand of its captor and
  26. It had to be an ear. Except it needed to be an opening of a part of the body,a, hole ,into something else ... The ear sits on the head and goes right into the mind
  27. Since bosons do not obey the Pauli exclusion principle (only fermions do), hole , theory does not work for them. A unified interpretation of antiparticles is now
  28. Of the Windmill, though,is less clear. " During the battle, Fredrick drills a, hole ,and places explosives inside, and it is followed by" All the animals, except
  29. And Moccasin Creek are both 18 hole courses. Rolling Hills is a combined nine, hole ,course and housing development which opened in 2005. Hockey / Ice Skating
  30. Lunar wheel, whose fire was less intense, eighteen (or nineteen) times. Its, hole ,could change shape, thus explaining lunar phases. The stars and the planets
  31. Shots of Clean daily, and a cardiac catheterization procedure to repair the, hole ,in his heart was scheduled for 5 January 2006. Ten minutes into the journey, a
  32. Of A. Arcturus (now referred to A. sarcophagus),had a 2.5 by 3.5 cm deep, hole ,in the Iliad blade, although the describer of the species did not recognize
  33. The electromagnetic interactions with the sea, until Hermann Was proved that, hole ,theory was completely symmetric between negative and positive charges. Dirac
  34. Of the third toe and the third phalanx of the second. The ilium had" a large, hole ,... caused by a blow from above ". The near end of the first phalanx of the
  35. Partitions and having a fireplace in the center. There was no chimney, only a, hole ,at the angle of the roof; there was one window on the eastern side and there
  36. Earrings). Linear was a metal ring with a ball. Women wore it through a, hole ,in the ear. Matanpushi and linear were originally worn by men. However, women
  37. Who suffered a fractured kneecap when the GSE cart overturned on him. A, hole ,was blown in the NAS hangar roof 250 feet above, and about 40 windows in the
  38. Paramedics and firefighters located the two black boxes near the punch out, hole ,in the A-E drive, nearly into the building. Personal effects belonging to
  39. As the position of a mechanical lever or gear, or the presence or absence of a, hole ,at a specific point of a paper card or tape. The first electrical devices for
  40. On the farthest wheel, and an eclipse corresponded with the occlusion of that, hole , The diameter of the solar wheel was twenty-seven times that of the Earth (or
  41. A similar Auger effect which occurs in semiconductors. An electron and electron, hole ,(electron- hole pair) can recombine giving up their energy to an electron in
  42. That conditions for carbon based life are similar to conditions for black, hole ,creation, which would change the a priori distribution of universes such that
  43. Club and Rolling Hills Country Club. Lee Park and Moccasin Creek are both 18, hole , courses. Rolling Hills is a combined nine hole course and housing development
  44. File: Rugbyball2. JPG|Rugby Union File: Goofball. JPG|Golf ball next to a, hole ,File: BaodingQigong. JPG|Banding Balls File: Volleyball. JPG|Volleyball In
  45. All those systems, the medium (card or tape) conceptually carried an array of, hole ,positions; each position could be either punched through or not, thus
  46. Is termed the stop or diaphragm; Abbé used the term aperture stop for both the, hole ,and the limiting margin of the lens. The component S1 of the system, situated
  47. Curanto (a term meaning" hot stone" ). Its preparation involves digging a, hole ,about 150 cm deep in the ground, within which incandescent stones are placed
  48. It off its mountings at the other end, then carried the sign 300 meters to a, hole ,in the concrete wall, where they cut four metal bars blocking the opening.
  49. Work Einstein abandoned the theory in November 1915 after realizing that the, hole ,argument was mistaken. Cosmology In 1917,Einstein applied the General theory
  50. Capsule is made up of microfibrils arranged into twenty plates, each with a, hole ,through which one spine projects, and there is also a microfibrillar cortex

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