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  1. Number 3 in 1965," Sunny Girl "," Wedding" and" Consolation ", all of which, hit ,number 1 in 1966. Andersson also had a fruitful songwriting collaboration with
  2. Accustomed to watching Bollywood films from India and listening to its film, hit ,songs. Many of the Bollywood film stars have roots in Afghanistan, including
  3. Coincidentally, Alaska repealed its state income tax. In 1989,the Exxon Valdez, hit ,a reef in the Prince William Sound, spilling over of crude oil over 1,100 miles
  4. Also released in the United States was the title track of The Visitors, which, hit , the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Last recording sessions
  5. ABBA's second number 1 on the RPM Adult Contemporary chart, after " Fernando ", hit ,the top previously. Later that year, the group released their second
  6. Merry Sixties" ), recorded by Rita Borg and The Hep Stars' 1969, hit ," Spellman" (" Fiddler" ). Andersson wrote and submitted the song" He
  7. Announcement of the iPhone and the Apple TV. The following day, Apple shares, hit ,$97.80,an all-time high at that point. In May,Apple's share price passed the
  8. Express, and mostly appreciative notices from American critics. Hit after, hit ,flowed from Arrival:" Money, Money,Money ", another number 1 in Germany and
  9. Was also possible to hide the ship in the score area indefinitely without being, hit ,by asteroids. Technical description The Asteroids' arcade machine is a vector
  10. New track:" Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) ", another number 3, hit , in both, the United Kingdom and Germany. In Russia during the late 1970s,they
  11. S Something Going On" in autumn of that year. The single became a number 1, hit , in France, where it spent five weeks at the top, Belgium,Switzerland and Costa
  12. Man ", a song about an old Salvation Army soldier, became the quartet's first, hit , The record was credited to Bjorn & Benny and reached number 5 on the sales
  13. Paintings presenting Achilles' death, the arrow (or in many cases, arrows ), hit ,his body. Pele us entrusted Achilles to Chiron the Centaur, on Mt. Period, to be
  14. To Sting Anderson," People Need Love" could have been a much bigger American, hit , but a small label like Playboy Records did not have the distribution resources
  15. To perform. The song won third place, encouraging Sting Anderson, and became a, hit ,in Sweden. The first signs of foreign success came as a surprise, as the
  16. For that time). The film received positive critical reaction and became a big, hit , quickly making back the money invested in it and providing the studio with a
  17. Germany and Top 20 in many other countries. The last single," Under Attack ", hit ,the top 10 in about 3 European countries. " I Am the City" and" Just Like
  18. Negative reviews, except for the performance of the Andersson and Slaves, hit ," He, gamle man" (" Hello, Old Man" ); the first Bjorn and Benny recording
  19. It was implemented on hardware developed by Howard Delmar. Asteroids was a, hit ,in the United States and became Atari's best-selling game of all time. Atari
  20. Single" SOS" brought back their chart presence in the UK, where the single, hit ,number 6 and the album peaked at number 13. " SOS" also became ABBA's second
  21. Sting Anderson felt the true breakthrough could only come with a UK or US, hit , Official naming In early 1973,Sting Anderson, tired of unwieldy names, started
  22. For his band, many of which became major hit s including" No Response" that, hit ,number 3 in 1965," Sunny Girl "," Wedding" and" Consolation ", all of which
  23. Album, called Ring Ring. The album did well and the" Ring Ring" single was a, hit ,in many parts of Europe and also in South Africa. However, Stig Anderson felt
  24. Particularly Mexico, Chile and Argentina) and recorded a collection of their, hit ,songs in Spanish. During the band's active years, Fältskog and Slaves were a
  25. Were a cover band now because they cover all their own stuff. I think that, hit ,the nail on the head. " However, on 3 January 2011,Fatso, who has been long
  26. Frida ENSAM, which included the original Swedish rendition of" Fernando ",a, hit ,in Scandinavia before the English version was recorded. First live performance
  27. And destroy asteroids and saucers while not colliding with either, or being, hit ,by the saucers' counter-fire. Description The game was conceived by Lyle Rains
  28. Some retelling also state that Achilles was scaling the gates of Troy and was, hit ,with a poisoned arrow. All of these versions deny Paris any sort of valor
  29. In October and November 2007 with an audience of 14,000., singing their 1966, hit ," Marianne ". Andersson and Slaves are highly involved in the worldwide
  30. And" Love Has Its Ways" ( a song they wrote with Chichi Morita). First, hit ,as Bjorn, Benny,Agatha & Anti-fraud Slaves and Andersson persevered with
  31. Behind schedule and opened in Tokyo in April 1980. It quickly became a massive, hit ,in Japan. The film was also a critical and box office success abroad, winning
  32. Module, the astronauts were committed to re-entry. Six minutes before they, hit ,the top of the atmosphere, the crew saw the Moon rising above the Earth's
  33. UNICEF's Year of the Child. ABBA donated the copyright of this worldwide, hit ,to the UNICEF; see Music for UNICEF Concert. The single was released the
  34. With the actor carefully following chalk marks on the ground to avoid being, hit , (Some arrows missed him by an inch; the actor, who admitted that he
  35. Night City" were an uphill struggle, but upon release the song became another, hit ,for the group. The track would set the stage for ABBA's foray into disco with
  36. Started slowing down, and the deceleration peaked at 6 g (59 m/s2). When it, hit ,the water, the parachutes dragged the spacecraft over and left it upside down
  37. Of a point, Agassi would often pass up an opportunity to attempt a winner and, hit ,a conservative shot to minimize his errors, and to make his opponent run more.
  38. Top 20 in the United Kingdom, though " The Day Before You Came" became a Top 5, hit , in many European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The
  39. Is the site of" Alabama's greatest natural disaster ". A -wide meteorite, hit ,the area about 80 million years ago. In 2002,Christian Robert with the
  40. Tom Down. The album topped the charts across Europe and in Japan and Mexico, hit ,the Top 10 in Canada and Australia and the Top 20 in the United States. None of
  41. Slaves. " One day the pair of you will write a song that becomes a worldwide, hit ,", he predicted. Sting Anderson encouraged Slaves and Andersson to write a song
  42. 3 in Austria, the Netherlands, Norway,Sweden and Poland, and was also a Top 10, hit , in Germany, Italy,South Africa and Finland. In the United States, the single
  43. Into smaller asteroids that frequently move faster and are more difficult to, hit , Smaller asteroids also score higher points. Periodically, a flying saucer
  44. Occasion that he charged the net, Agassi liked to take the ball in the air and, hit ,a swinging volley for the winner. Agassi continually put pressure on opponents
  45. S horizon, just as had been predicted by the trajectory specialists. As they, hit ,the thin outer atmosphere they noticed it was becoming hazy outside as glowing
  46. Released through Epic Records in Japan in March 1972,giving the duo a Top 10, hit , Two more singles were released in Japan," En Carousel" (" En Russell" in
  47. Phil Collins to produce the album Something's Going On and unveiled the, hit ,single and video" I Know There's Something Going On" in autumn of that year.
  48. America, Australia and New Zealand, and fittingly became ABBA's final Top 40, hit , in the US (debuting on the US charts on 31 December 1981),while also
  49. By Alain Public. The next single from the album," Super Trouper ", also, hit , number 1 in the United Kingdom as well as in Germany, becoming the group's
  50. Brought back the buttons of earlier generations. In October 2010,Apple shares, hit ,an all-time high, eclipsing $300. Additionally, on October 20,Apple updated

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