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  1. His dialectic. Plato believed that deduction would simply follow from premises, hence ,he focused on maintaining solid premises so that the conclusion would logically
  2. Used in the production of drugs, reducing the need for the use of money and, hence ,avoiding money laundering difficulties. Channel Islands Orders (Halitosis
  3. Black locust in North America, but called by the misnomer 'acacia' in Europe, hence ,this liquid honey which practically doesn't crystallize does not come from
  4. From the Greek prefix a- (" not" ) and the word broths (" mortal" ), hence ,the food or drink of the immortals, has been questioned as coincidental by some
  5. Ethos that it profoundly influences people's ways of perceiving values and, hence ,their behavior. He emphasizes the importance of the agrarian myth in American
  6. And eventually can wither away if one does not practice Islam long enough, hence ,the depth of practicing Islam is good deeds. One may also acquire Basis and
  7. Andrews, John Coin, and others. With the expansion of the British Empire, and, hence , the growth of Anglicanism outside Great Britain and Ireland, the Communion
  8. Waves" ( Psychics of Alexandria; metaphorical use of (AIX) " goat" ), hence ," wavy sea ", cf. also (signals ages (waves) + Hals (sea) ), hence
  9. Will spare no effort to make sure that their whereabouts are spider-free, hence ,they would have had a reduced risk of being bitten in ancestral environments.
  10. The acid dissociation constant (PKA) values of all alkanes are above 60, hence , they are practically inert to acids and bases (see: carbon acids). This
  11. Of its energy requirements from the algae. Examples are as follows. Lichens (, hence ," photoing" is the more accurate term). A photoing may be associated with
  12. Instead tolerating arbitrary-length series of arbitrary consonants, and, hence , Moroccan Arabic speakers are likely to follow the same rules in their
  13. Work does not consent to anyone to using it unless they agree not to copy it, hence ,if it is used this constitutes a contract. Anarcho-capitalist Stephan Kinsella
  14. Of this work has only recently been discovered, with much of it still missing, hence ,the work has not yet been published in modern times. Following on from his
  15. Case endings in the construct state, the nominative is used everywhere, hence ," father of "," brother of ". ) **Feminine plural endings in verbs and critic
  16. However, both initial salvation and eternal security are" by faith alone ";, hence ," by faith first to last ". Belief through faith is the condition for entrance
  17. And its negative have the same absolute value, it is an even function, and is, hence ,not invertible. The complex absolute value function is continuous everywhere
  18. The park was named after. It was inspired by the English garden city movement;, hence ,the original English name Park (in the Catalan language spoken in Catalonia
  19. Are independent and there is no repetition, memoization does not help;, hence ,dynamic programming is not a solution for all complex problems. By using
  20. Syllable may not carry stress more than two syllables from the end of a word, hence ," school "," Cairo ". This also affects the way that Modern Standard Arabic is
  21. Also mentions Abraham as one whom God took as a friend (Khalil; 4: 125), hence ,Abraham's title in Islam, Khalil-Allah (Friend of God) (The term, however
  22. As the slayer of the Python led to his association with battle and victory;, hence ,it became the Roman custom for a paean to be sung by an army on the march and
  23. Greek language the first two letters of which were A (Alpha) and B (Beta), hence , Alphabeta. In Arabic, A (), B (), ( ), D () make the word" Ahead" which
  24. Sublimation of the natural mineral stibnite to form antimony sulfide Sb2S3 (, hence ,the essence or" spirit" of the substance),which was used as an antiseptic
  25. The theory of the via media, as essentially historicist and static; and, hence ,unable to accommodate any dynamic development within the church. The Tractarian
  26. Of comparing Eastern and Western alchemical imagery and core concepts and, hence ,its possible inner sources (archetypes). Jung saw alchemy as a Western
  27. The name comes from the Latin word for" south" and the Greek name of Asia, hence ," South Asia ". Among these languages, only Khmer, Vietnamese,and Mon have a
  28. Who had been left behind by Attila to safeguard their home territories. Attila, hence , faced heavy human and natural pressures to retire" from Italy without ever
  29. V (1+a) \LE 1 \text a \in F. An absolute value which satisfies any (, hence ,all) of the above conditions is said to be non-Archimedean, otherwise it is
  30. This is the region of Alaska closest to the rest of the United States, and, hence , was where most initial non-Native settlement occurred following the Alaska
  31. Metrically simple stanzas or 'strophes' which they re-used in many poems -, hence ,the 'Altaic' and 'Sapphire' stanzas, named after the two poets who perfected
  32. Minor was the second daughter born to Octavia Minor and triumvir Mark Antony, hence ,Antonia’s maternal uncle was Augustus. Germanic us was a popular general and
  33. Which in turn comes from (axis),meaning" being in balance ", and, hence ," having (the same) value (as) "," worthy "," proper ". Among the ancient
  34. Objects of exchange," unlike final goods. Therefore, they were unpriced and, hence ,the system would be necessarily inefficient since the central planners would
  35. To A. Atoms having the same atomic number Z but different neutron number N, and, hence , different atomic mass, are known as isotopes. Most naturally occurring elements
  36. That the" virtual ticket counter" of the website was a virtual construct and, hence ,not a" public place of accommodation. " As such," To expand the ADA to cover
  37. Pi and e are not algebraic numbers (see the Lineman–Weierstrass theorem);, hence ,they are transcendental. * The constructive numbers (those that, starting
  38. Whereas the scripting language of the container is an interpreted language, hence ,the greater performance or functionality of the applet. Unlike a" subroutine "
  39. Nomenclature, IUPAC recommendations prefer the name Zane to ammonia:, hence ,chlorine would be named chlordane in substitute nomenclature, not
  40. That typically marks feminine nouns),but pronounced as -ā in other nouns (, hence ,it's writing in this fashion in the Arabic script). *The tax Martha itself (
  41. Hence" wavy sea ", cf. also (signals ages (waves) + Hals (sea) ), hence ,meaning" sea-shore ". History The current coastline dates back to about 4000
  42. B) \to (C \to (A \to \not B) ) are both instances of axiom schema 1,and, hence ,are axioms. It can be shown that with only these three axiom schemata and modes
  43. Thought. Orchid clade Orchidaceae is the largest family of all angiosperms and, hence ,by far the largest in the order. The Dahlgren system recognized three families
  44. 1998) write that" B. C. E. /C. E. …do not presuppose faith in Christ and, hence ,are more appropriate for interfaith dialog than the conventional B. C. /A. D. "
  45. Diphthong tends to be fronted even more than elsewhere, often pronounced or:, hence ," sword" but" summer" ). However, in accents with no emphatic allophones of
  46. Him as leader of the Silesia colony to Apollonian on the Black Sea coast, and, hence , some have inferred that he was a prominent citizen. Indeed, Various History (
  47. Limestone and marl formations, especially adapted to the production of cotton;, hence ,the region is also called the Cotton Belt. Between the Cotton Belt and the
  48. Numbers, or signals does not constitute" processes" ( USPTO 2006),and, hence ,algorithms are not patentable (as in Gottschalk v. Benson). However
  49. Of his Turing Award speech to criticize Ada for being overly complex and, hence ,unreliable, but subsequently seemed to recant in the foreword he wrote for an
  50. When introducing new provinces, the numbers of old provinces are kept, hence ,the non-alphabetical order. With their official numbers, currently (since 1983

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