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  1. Immense media attention from across Europe and Australia. They continued the, tour ,through Western Europe visiting Gothenburg, Copenhagen,Berlin, Cologne
  2. Unprecedented media attention (" Swedish ABBA stirs box-office in Down Under, tour ,... and the media coverage of the quartet rivals that set to cover the upcoming
  3. Tour to Australia (1882–83) as the quest to regain The Ashes. During that, tour ,a small terracotta urn was presented to England captain IPO Bligh by a group of
  4. Will be cremated and the: ashes taken to Australia. Bligh promised that on the, tour ,to Australia in 1882–83,which he was to captain, he would regain" the ashes "
  5. Appeared at the Boston Music Hall for the performance ninety minutes late. The, tour ,ended with a show in Toronto, Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens before a capacity
  6. Triumphant. " Background Maurice Ravel met Gershwin in New York during Ravel's, tour ,of the United States. In that meeting, Gershwin asked Ravel to be his teacher
  7. They also performed privately at another friend's 40th birthday: their old, tour ,manager, Claes AF Gamertag. They sang a self-composed song titled" Her
  8. Ferreira in the semi-finals. He also announced that he will not be playing the, tour ,on a full-time basis, and played the tour nament as a favor to long-time friend
  9. http://generationabba.com Generation Abbey – Live ABBA tribute concerts on, tour ,in Canada, Europe and Middle-East * Mamma Mia! – Musical stage show based on
  10. Invited to tour the Soviet Union as a guest of the Soviet Union of Writers. The, tour ,disillusioned him, and he subsequently became quite critical of Soviet Communism
  11. Promise that he would regain" the ashes ". As had been the case on Bligh's, tour ,20 years before, the Australian media latched fervently onto the term, and
  12. A single or album, thereby allowing easier and quicker exposure than a concert, tour , Some of these videos became classics because of the 1970s-era costumes and
  13. Styles, was published in 1920. When Archie was offered a job organizing a world, tour ,to promote the British Empire Exhibition the couple left their daughter with
  14. Recent researchers, in particular Ronald Willis and Joy Mungs have studied the, tour ,in detail and concluded that the presentation was made after a private cricket
  15. Gold by RIAA. European and Australian tour In January 1977,ABBA embarked on, tour , The group's status had changed dramatically, and they were clearly regarded as
  16. Andersson for the first time. A few weeks later they met again during a concert, tour ,in southern Sweden, and they soon became a couple. Andersson produced her single
  17. Eleven concerts to full houses, including six shows at Tokyo's Broken. This, tour ,was the last" on the road" adventure of their career. The same year saw the
  18. The Billboard 200 chart and was certified gold by RIAA. European and Australian, tour ,In January 1977,ABBA embarked on tour . The group's status had changed
  19. Diesel technology in 2009,the company began Audi Mileage Marathon. The driving, tour ,featured a fleet of 23 Audi TDI vehicles from 4 models (Audi Q7 3.0 TDI, Audi
  20. A 200-bedded ward devoted exclusively to that disorder. Jakob made a lecture, tour ,of the United States and South America where he wrote a paper on the
  21. They were clearly regarded as superstars. They opened their much anticipated, tour ,in Oslo, Norway,on 28 January, and mounted a lavishly produced spectacle that
  22. Post-Eurovision In November 1974,ABBA embarked on their first European, tour , playing dates in Denmark, West Germany, and Austria. It was not as successful
  23. Of approximately US$1,000,000,000 (one billion US dollars) to do a reunion, tour ,consisting of 100 concerts. For the 2004 semi-final of the Eurovision Song
  24. Of selectors for each country (in 1887–88,two separate English teams were on, tour ,in Australia) and popularity with the fans varied. The 1890s games were more
  25. A" planned experiment ", requested by the ground crew. This time they gave a, tour ,of the spacecraft, showing how an astronaut lived in space. When they had
  26. Known exactly how much of the concert was filmed. After the European leg of the, tour , in March 1977,ABBA played eleven dates in Australia before a total of 160,000
  27. Settings such as museums. For example, Visible Interactive created a walking, tour ,in San Francisco's Chinatown but the most significant effort took place in
  28. Shows, including a sole concert scheduled in Switzerland. The second leg of the, tour , which took them through Scandinavia in January 1975,was different. They
  29. Hall concerts was filmed as a reference for the filming of the Australian, tour ,for what became, though it is not known exactly how much of the concert was
  30. To travel to Australia only twice. The first occasion was in 1988 for a museum, tour ,as part of the Australian Bicentenary celebrations; the second was for the
  31. Asia and later to Palestine, as part of a six-month excursion and speaking, tour , His travels included Singapore, Ceylon,and Japan, where he gave a series of
  32. Not completely clear, but a new album was discussed and the prospect of a small, tour ,suggested. The recording sessions in May and June were a struggle, and only
  33. To take control of organizing tour s themselves, and this led to the first MCC, tour ,of Australia in 1903–04. England won it against the odds, and Plum Warner, the
  34. And the ashes taken to Australia. The English media dubbed the next English, tour ,to Australia (1882–83) as the quest to regain The Ashes. During that tour a
  35. Underground were signed to a Basque record label in 1999 which enabled them to, tour ,Spain extensively and perform in France and Portugal. Other parts of the world
  36. The media coverage of the quartet rivals that set to cover the upcoming Royal, tour ,of Australia ", wrote Variety),and is captured on film in. The Australian
  37. Her the band's" pin-up girl ", a role she disdained. During the Australian, tour , she performed in a skin-tight white jumpsuit, causing one Australian newspaper
  38. Regain" the ashes ". He spoke of them several times over the course of the, tour , and the Australian media quickly caught on. The three-match series resulted in
  39. He established diplomatic relations with major states and, following a 1927–28, tour , of Europe and Turkey, introduced several reforms intended to modernize his
  40. The Ashes legend started later, after the ninth Test, played in 1882. On their, tour ,that year (1882) the Australians played just one Test, at The Oval in London.
  41. Contest. Winning the Eurovision Song Contest gave ABBA the chance to, tour ,Europe and perform on major television shows; thus the band saw the" Waterloo
  42. Medal of Freedom. This celebration was the beginning of a 45-day" Giant Leap ", tour ,that brought the astronauts to 25 foreign countries and included visits with
  43. See Abbey will be well satisfied ", wrote Record World. On 19 October 1979,the, tour ,resumed in Western Europe where the band played 23 sold-out gigs, including six
  44. During the summer of 1975 when ABBA embarked on a sixteen open-air date, tour ,of Sweden and Finland. Their Stockholm show at the Krona Land amusement park
  45. Importance in Alaska's economy. The railroad, though famed for its summer, tour ,passenger service, played a vital role in Alaska's development, moving freight
  46. Writer sympathizing with the cause of communism, he was invited to, tour ,the Soviet Union as a guest of the Soviet Union of Writers. The tour
  47. S veil, casting a further layer of doubt on the matter. However, during the, tour ,of Australia in 2006/7,the MCC official accompanying the urn said the veil
  48. Out to defeat him. This campaign, initially against Bess us, turned into a grand, tour ,of Central Asia, with Alexander founding a series of new cities, all called
  49. Fame, was the one presented to Bligh, later Lord Darnley, during the 1882–83, tour , The precise nature of the origin of this urn is matter of dispute. Based on a
  50. Of Australia ", wrote Variety),and is captured on film in. The Australian, tour ,and its subsequent ABBA: The Movie produced some ABBA lore, as well. Fatso

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