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  1. Are also involved in under-18 ITF tournaments. Their coach's (Eli Armstrong), daughter , Keishora Armstrong, who will be turning 13 later this year, is the under-18's
  2. The botany and zoology of the island. Aristotle married Hermias's adoptive, daughter ,(or niece) Pythias. She bore him a daughter , whom they named Pythias. Soon
  3. England for good a few days later. Byron did not have a relationship with his, daughter ,and he died in 1824 when she was nine; her mother was the only significant
  4. Microsporogenesis involves a cell dividing twice (meiotically) to form four, daughter ,cells. There are two kinds of microsporogenesis: successive and simultaneous (
  5. Persian satrap (governor) of Maria, Pixodarus, offered the hand of his eldest, daughter ,to Alexander's half-brother, Philip Arrhidaeus. King of Macedon Accession In
  6. II, the King of Macedon. His mother was Philip's fourth wife Olympias,the, daughter ,of Neoptolemus I, the king of Virus. Although Philip had either seven or eight
  7. Sacred to Apollo. Apollo had an affair with a human princess named Leucotomy, daughter ,of Orchards and sister of Lydia. Leucotomy loved Apollo who disguised himself
  8. Brooks, Okotoks, Camrose, Canmore, Cold Lake, and Wetaskiwin. The fourth, daughter ,of Victoria, the Queen of Canada until 1901,and Albert, Prince Consort.
  9. Clytemnestra kills her husband, King Agamemnon because he had sacrificed their, daughter ,Iphigenia to proceed forward with the Trojan war, and Cassandra, a prophetess
  10. Married Hermias's adoptive daughter (or niece) Pythias. She bore him a, daughter , whom they named Pythias. Soon after Hermits' death, Aristotle was invited by
  11. Possibly) ## Linus (possibly) ## Iapetus # Cassandra # Castilian # Delano, daughter ,of Hiatus / Melania / This ## Dolphus # Chine / Pilots / Leucine ##
  12. Conferred great benefits on Admetus. Apollo helped Admetus win Alcestis,the, daughter ,of King Elias and later convinced the Fates to let Admetus live past his time
  13. Priestess employed at Delphi, it is told that Apollo chased a nymph, Daphne, daughter , of the river god Census, who had scorned him. In Ovid's telling for a Roman
  14. With his son Albert, who had also become an architect. According to Speer's, daughter ,Hide," One by one my sister and brothers gave up. There was no communication.
  15. Particles which can be blocked by thin layers of common materials, many of the, daughter ,products emit gamma-rays and neutrons which have a long penetration depth. If
  16. Zeuxippus # Thalia, Muse / Retina, nymph ## The Cervantes # Chemist, daughter ,of Habits of Hyperbola ##Galettes ##Telmessus (? ) # There ## Charon # Urania
  17. Now Mineral County, West Virginia, then part of Virginia. Lucy moved with her, daughter ,to Kentucky, following her sister Elizabeth Hanks Sparrow and her husband
  18. Loyal to Hera's marriage bond that she coolly rejected him. Thesis, although a, daughter ,of the sea-god Nears, was also brought up by Hera, further explaining her
  19. The lesson to be learned from a story)," righteous ", etc." I have a good, daughter ," is not clear about which sense is intended. The various ways to apply
  20. Daphne # Did, daughter of Lyon ## Drops # Dry ope ## Amphibious # Europa (, daughter ,of Lazarus) ## Agrees # Evade, daughter of Poseidon ## Camus # Gone #
  21. Perhaps under the name" Pyrrha" ( the red-haired girl). With Lycopenes ', daughter ,Bavaria, whom in the account of Status he rapes, Achilles there fathers a son
  22. Anchal ## Taxes # Outcome, nymph ## Humorous (possibly) # Ursine, daughter ,of Lucius ## Asclepius (possibly) ## Troops # Babylon ## Arabs # Molina #
  23. Of five. She did, however,have some contact with Elizabeth Fedora Leigh,the, daughter ,of Byron's half-sister Augusta Leigh. Augusta Leigh purposely avoided Lovelace
  24. Was ambushed and killed by Achilles. Apollo also fell in love with Cassandra, daughter ,of Hecuba and Priam, and Troilus' half-sister. He promised Cassandra the gift
  25. The Incident of the Dog's Ball was found in the attic of the author's, daughter , This story was the original version of the novel Dumb Witness. It was
  26. Exist). In successive microsporogenesis, walls are laid down separating the, daughter ,cells after each division. In simultaneous microsporogenesis, there is no wall
  27. Possibly) ## Augustus # Daniel, Cretan nymph ## The Curates # Daphne # Did, daughter ,of Lyon ## Drops # Dry ope ## Amphibious # Europa ( daughter of Lazarus) ##
  28. Children #Acacallis / Area, daughter ,of Cloches / Dane ## Miles ## offspring invariably by Catcalls are: ###
  29. Only see the future tragedies and that no one would ever believe her. Coronas, daughter ,of Pleas, King of the Faiths, was another of Apollo's liaisons. Pregnant
  30. Possibly) # Hypostyle #Hyria (Syria) ## Cygnus # Lucia, nymph or, daughter ,of Malthus ## Radius ## Papyrus # Mango ## Mops us # Marissa # Media ##
  31. At the age of 49. In addition to losing her husband, Lyngstad had also lost her, daughter ,Lise-Lotte in a car crash a year earlier. On 15 November 2005,Lyngstad's 60th
  32. War in retribution for Agamemnon's insult to Chooses, a priest of Apollo whose, daughter ,Chrysalis had been captured. He demanded her return, and the Achaeans complied
  33. Rule and keeping his empire together. And Stature II, a Persian princess and, daughter ,of Darius III of Persia, as a matter of political interest. He apparently had
  34. Dry ope ## Amphibious # Europa ( daughter of Lazarus) ## Agrees # Evade, daughter ,of Poseidon ## Camus # Gone # Hecate ## Scylla (possibly) # Hecuba ##
  35. It to the centaur Chiron to raise. Pleas was irate after the death of his, daughter ,and burned the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Apollo then killed him for what he
  36. On fetal development, or require that parents be contacted if their minor, daughter ,requests an abortion. Other jurisdictions may require that a woman obtain the
  37. About this time (he himself received kidnapping threats directed at his young, daughter , Kazakh). Though not very well known today, High and Low is nevertheless
  38. And children In early 1902,Einstein and Milena Magic (Милева Марић) had a, daughter ,they named Diesel in their correspondence, who was born in Novi Sad where
  39. There ## Charon # Urania, Muse ## Linus (possibly) # Urea, daughter ,of Poseidon ##Oilers # Wife of Engines ## Troponins (possibly) # Unknown
  40. Agatha # Thus ## Leather # Agrippa ## Chaos # Melissa / SSA, daughter ,of Lazarus # Anchal ## Taxes # Outcome, nymph ## Humorous (possibly) #
  41. Persian king, one who was son of Arab the Persian king and Na hid (Lydia), daughter , of Philips. Due to her bad breath, Darab sent back the girl to her homeland and
  42. Vowel harmony. Instead, according to them, vowel harmony originated in each, daughter ,branch as assimilation of the vowel in the first syllable to the vowel in the
  43. Estate, leaving Thomas to make his own way. Lincoln's mother, Nancy,was the, daughter ,of Lucy Hanks, and was born in what is now Mineral County, West Virginia, then
  44. Ball, and former Nuremberg prosecutor Hartley Shaw cross. Sending flowers to his, daughter ,on the day of his release, and putting an end to the denazification
  45. Third, Alexander Lancaster, was spared. Olympias had Cleopatra Eurydice and her, daughter ,by Philip, Europa,burned alive. When Alexander found out about this, he was
  46. Began to emerge, Lovelace never met her younger half-sister, Allegra Byron, daughter ,of Lord Byron and Claire Claremont, who died in 1822 at the age of five. She
  47. On October 22, 2001,and four days later their son, Jaden Gil, was born. Their, daughter , Jazz Elle, was born on October 3,2003. The couple live in the Las Vegas area
  48. Was ". This did not prevent Lovelace's mother from attempting to destroy her, daughter ,'s image of her father, but instead drove her to attack Byron's image with
  49. Being elected governor in 2002,he resigned from the Senate and appointed his, daughter , State Representative Lisa Murkowski as his successor. She won a full six-year
  50. Of Macedon Accession In 336 BC, whilst at Algae, attending the wedding of his, daughter ,by Olympias, Cleopatra,to Olympias's brother, Alexander I of Virus, Philip

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