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  1. Mac OS X. *gawk (GNU AWK) is another free software implementation and the only, implementation ,that made serious attempts at implementing Internationalization and
  2. Angola Verification Mission III and MONA spent USD1.5 billion overseeing, implementation ,of the Lusaka Protocol, a 1994 peace accord that ultimately failed to end the
  3. SECRET information will require use of either the 192 or 256 key lengths. The, implementation ,of AES in products intended to protect national security systems and/or
  4. In 1964. After this was published, the team turned their attention to an, implementation ,of the notation on a computer system. One of the motivations for this focus of
  5. This problem for ANSI C, although their late introduction and inconsistent, implementation ,in compilers limited their use. Eventually, as 8-,16-, and 32-bit computers
  6. Embedding API for C and C++. *Busboy includes a sparsely documented AWK, implementation ,that appears to be complete, written by Dmitry Sakharov. This is a very small
  7. Numbers. It is considered the first algorithm ever specifically tailored for, implementation ,on a computer, and for this reason she is often cited in to be the first
  8. Older version, this version was sometimes known as" new AWK" or hawk. This, implementation ,was released under a free software license in 1996,and is still maintained by
  9. Used by students in a special high school course on elementary functions. This, implementation ,of a portion of the notation was called PAT (Personalized Array Translator).
  10. On September 15, 2010,the Department of Justice issued revised regulations for, implementation ,of Titles II and III, effective March 15, 2011. The rules contain many new
  11. Specifications (the package interface) can be compiled separately without the, implementation ,to check for consistency - this makes it possible to detect problems early
  12. Sockets, Collections,etc.). *Jack (Josh's AWK) is a post-modern and Perry, implementation ,of AWK in Perl, which supports ranges, indexing columns by negative numbers, a
  13. Engine * ATLAS, Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software an optimized BIAS, implementation ,* ATLAS, Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems, a programming language used
  14. With its own merits. By implementation One way to classify algorithms is by, implementation ,means. * Recursion or iteration: A recursive algorithm is one that invokes (
  15. Called Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (APC). Armenia is in the process of, implementation ,of Individual Partnership Action Plans (PAPS),which is a program for those
  16. An early 1978 publication of Rodney Oaks from Sober was A microprogrammed APL, implementation ,ISBN 0895880059 which is the complete, total source listing for the microcode
  17. IBM APL2 was arguably the most influential APL system, which provided a solid, implementation ,standard for the next set of extensions to the language, focusing on nested
  18. Steel design, which acts as the phone's antenna. Because of this antenna, implementation , some iPhone 4 users reported a reduction in signal strength when the phone is
  19. GPL, a more restrictive license than the BSD license. *mark is a very fast AWK, implementation ,by Mike Brennan based on a byte code interpreter. *library is a fork of mark
  20. Program via user-written shared libraries. It was written before the original, implementation ,became freely available, and is still widely used. Many Linux distributions
  21. Is described in the book The AWK Programming Language, published 1988,and its, implementation ,was made available in releases of UNIX System V. To avoid confusion with the
  22. That appears to be complete, written by Dmitry Sakharov. This is a very small, implementation ,suitable for embedded systems. Books * The book's webpage includes downloads
  23. Practiced abstractly without the use of a specific programming language or, implementation , In this sense, algorithm analysis resembles other mathematical disciplines in
  24. Has in turn appealed the court ruling, and the High Court has suspended, implementation ,of its verdict until the appeal is heard. In other scripts and languages in
  25. Properties of the algorithm and not on the specifics of any particular, implementation , Usually pseudocode is used for analysis as it is the simplest and most general
  26. This makes it possible to detect problems early during the design phase, before, implementation , starts. Many compile-time checks are supported to help avoid bugs
  27. The progress made in the NATO-Azerbaijan relations, saying that the successful, implementation ,of the NATO Partnership for Peace program in Azerbaijan has brought the country
  28. 11; procedure Print_and_Increment (j: in out Number); end Example; Package, implementation ,(example. Adb) with Ada. Text_IO; Package body
  29. Followed much later in the early 1990s. Microcomputers The first microcomputer, implementation ,of APL was on the 8008-based MCM/70,the first general purpose personal
  30. FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD or Mac OS X. *gawk (GNU AWK) is another free software, implementation ,and the only implementation that made serious attempts at implementing
  31. Joined the team at IBM Research, they continued their prior work on an, implementation ,programmed in FORTRAN IV for a portion of the notation was done for the IBM
  32. A recent version of gawk, and it is widely recognized as the de facto standard, implementation ,in the Linux world. Gawk version 3.0 was included as AWK in FreeBSD prior to
  33. MUSIC/SP and CICS users. In 1973-1974,Dr. Patrick E. Haggerty directed the, implementation ,of the University of Maryland APL interpreter for the Sperry UNIVAC 1100 Series
  34. Awk, without help from a shell or without the need to know too much about the, implementation ,of the AWK script (as the variable assignment on command line one does),but
  35. Hello world The variations and lack of portability of the programs from one, implementation ,to another is easily demonstrated by the classic hello world program. ALGOL 58
  36. Stacks to solve the given problems. Some problems are naturally suited for one, implementation ,or the other. For example, towers of Hanoi is well understood in recursive
  37. In late 1965 and later known as ISIS (Iverson System). The basis of this, implementation ,was described in detail by Abrams in a Stanford University Technical Report,"
  38. The following program could (and still will) compile and run on an ALGOL, implementation ,for an Unisys A-Series mainframe, and is a straightforward simplification of
  39. For Iverson Notation" in 1966. Like Hellerman's PAT system earlier, this, implementation , did not include the APL character set but used special English reserved words
  40. Comparisons ALGOL 60 (The way the bold text has to be written depends on the, implementation , e.g. 'INTEGER' ( including the quotation marks) for integer; this is known
  41. Three different syntaxes: a reference syntax, a publication syntax, and an, implementation ,syntax. The different syntaxes permitted it to use different keyword names and
  42. There are various ways to classify algorithms, each with its own merits. By, implementation ,One way to classify algorithms is by implementation means. * Recursion or
  43. Of the notation on a computer system. One of the motivations for this focus of, implementation ,was the interest of John L. Lawrence who had new duties with Science Research
  44. The task body specifies the implementation of the task. Depending on the, implementation , Ada tasks are either mapped to operating system tasks or processes, or are
  45. Allows for independent validation of the correct, implementation ,of the AES algorithm at a reasonable cost. Successful validation results in
  46. With dynamically loadable libraries. *QSE AWK is an embedded AWK interpreter, implementation ,included in the QSE library that provides embedding API for C and C++. *Busboy
  47. Approved in March 1966 and published as ASA X3.9-1966. *The original standard, implementation ,of the programming language C was standardized as ANSI X3.159-1989,becoming
  48. Task interface (similar to a type declaration),the task body specifies the, implementation ,of the task. Depending on the implementation , Ada tasks are either mapped to
  49. Or the other. For example, towers of Hanoi is well understood in recursive, implementation , Every recursive version has an equivalent (but possibly more or less complex
  50. Machine description:::" ... prose to describe an algorithm, ignoring the, implementation ,details. At this level we do not need to mention how the machine manages its

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