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  1. Under the new regime to cellular telephone service provider s. The existing, provider , CCT Boat phone, obtained one license. Mobile, the cellular arm of Cable &
  2. Of the official Emmanuelle movie and TV franchise * Adult service provider ,a, provider ,of sexual services for consenting adults * Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator and
  3. Set programming, a declarative programming paradigm * Application service, provider , a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network *
  4. Provider similar to companies such as Yahoo! as opposed to an Internet service, provider , * In 2004 along with the launch of AOL 9.0 Optimized, AOL also made available
  5. Telecommunication which sent its first message in 1977. Unisys is still the, provider ,to SWIFT today. * Burroughs produced the B2500 or" medium systems" computers
  6. Institute * Advanced Network and Services, a non-profit network service, provider ,in the 1990s * 8-Anilinonaphthalene-1-sulfonate,a chemical compound *
  7. Design and manufacturer of IT infrastructure Accent, and telecommunications, provider ,Delta com. Cinema manufactures and distributes 20th Century Fox DVDs and Blu-ray
  8. Among the 20 largest employers in Berlin are the Deutsche Bahn, the hospital, provider , Charité, the local public transport provider , BVG,and the service provider
  9. Bank. In February 2010 a new main sponsor was found: construction works service, provider ,BUBO from Beverwijk. A year later, in the season 2010–11,AFAR ERP Software
  10. Owners of the official Emmanuelle movie and TV franchise * Adult service, provider , a provider of sexual services for consenting adults * Amy Sherman-Palladino
  11. In 2011,the WBA has announced collaborating with the online backgammon, provider ,Play65 for the 2011 season of the European Backgammon Tour. The
  12. Including Herbert Management Corporation. Electronics Telecommunications, provider ,AT&T, formerly BellSouth, also has a major presence in Alabama with several
  13. Services UNO since 1971,Mobilize since 1994) was the analogue service, provider ,for the Spanish operator. Mobilize has operated an EMACS 900 (MHz) network in
  14. AT&T serving the state of Michigan * Nevada Bell, the Bell System's telephone, provider ,in Nevada * Ohio Bell, the Bell Operating Company serving most of Ohio *
  15. A University of California student organization * Aircraft Builders Council,a, provider ,of aviation products liability insurance * American Bowling Congress, now part
  16. Software),JSTOR (the digital scholarly journal archive),Media Span (, provider ,of software and online services for the media industries),and ProQuest, which
  17. In unincorporated DeKalb County, is the third-largest cable television service, provider ,in the United States. Unincorporated DeKalb County is also home to the Centers
  18. Association for Australian literary creators * Austrian Service Abroad, provider ,of alternative Austrian national service * United States Army Security Agency
  19. Communications division is the nation's third-largest cable television service, provider ,; the company also publishes over a dozen daily newspapers in the United States
  20. 2,2010,after months of discussion, AT&T became the first wireless Internet, provider ,to announce plans to charge according to usage. As the only iPhone service in
  21. Testing. Software developers often distinguish acceptance testing by the system, provider ,from acceptance testing by the customer (the user or client) prior to
  22. To Aon, a Gaelic word meaning in April 2008. Corporate overview Aon is a global, provider ,of insurance and reinsurance brokerage services, insurance products, risk and
  23. And as beasts of burden. The shepherd joined the farmer as an essential, provider ,for sedentary and seminomadic societies. Maize, manioc,and arrowroot were
  24. And labor. Lawson believed that the government should replace banks as the, provider ,of loans to business and workers. His rallies and lectures attracted thousands
  25. Internet access from client-based usage to the more lucrative advertising, provider , AOL. Com. The change from paid to free was also designed to slow the rate of
  26. Palm paper mill, the alarm system manufacturer Telenor, the laser show, provider ,LOGO electronic and the textile finisher Lindenfarb, which all have their seat
  27. Nickname the Presentation College Saints. Healthcare Aberdeen’s main healthcare, provider ,is the http://www.averastlukes.org/astl/index.aspx Avert St. Luke’s Hospital.
  28. A broadcast domain. This is achieved by designating one or more" server" or ", provider ," nodes, either by MAC address or switch port. Broadcast frames are allowed to
  29. Provider of Internet traffic engineering and security systems),Arbor text (, provider ,of XML-based publishing software),JSTOR (the digital scholarly journal
  30. The Aster to control a modem through which it could contact a Pres tel service, provider , Sales Most Aster CT-80's (about 10 thousand of them) were sold to schools
  31. Lulu, a self-publishing web-site that claims to be the world's fastest-growing, provider ,of print-on-demand books. He is Lulu's CEO. Young also co-founded Linux
  32. Bell, Ameritech, and SBC Communications, is the primary wired telephone service, provider ,for the area. Cable TV service is primarily provided by Comcast. Transportation
  33. To acquire International Network Services Inc. (“ INS” ), an international, provider ,of IT consultancy and software. This increases BT presence in North America
  34. Service or synced through the user's computer. AT&T was initially the sole US, provider ,of 3G wireless access for the iPad. On March 2,2011,Apple introduced an
  35. 1998,Antigua and Barbuda adopted a national mandate to become the pre-eminent, provider ,of medical services in the Caribbean. As part of this mission, Antigua and
  36. Number on all arm lines, including lines where calls are carried by another, provider ,using carrier preselect. The same number also works for Smart Telecom lines
  37. Growth since 2002. AOL has since attempted to reposition itself as a content, provider ,similar to companies such as Yahoo! as opposed to an Internet service provider .
  38. Through some kind of expertise) and can act as the ‘ information services, provider ,’ (pg 268) while the other party acts as the ‘ information services consumer
  39. Tobago * Air Services Australia, air traffic management and related services, provider ,for Australia * Albany Students' Association, at Massey University's Albany
  40. Their 100,000 FLU customers which made The Earphone Warehouse the biggest FLU, provider ,in the UK. The product was rated the" Worst Tech Product of All Time" by PC
  41. And the first in New York beyond Manhattan, to have its own cable television, provider , The local Public-access television station Bonnet provides Government-access
  42. Abortion doctor; the storyline was inspired by the assassination of abortion, provider ,George Tiller. In other animals Spontaneous abortion occurs in various animals.
  43. The first person to be executed in the United States for murdering an abortion, provider , Art, literature and film Art serves to humanize the abortion issue and
  44. The Deutsche Bahn, the hospital provider , Charité,the local public transport, provider , BVG, and the service provider , Dussmann and the Piepenbrock Group. Daimler
  45. Electronics and systems business based in Bremen, Germany * Dresser Atlas,a, provider ,of oil field services and subsequently factory automation services * Western
  46. In Ann Arbor from 1936 to the 1960s. Current firms include Arbor Networks (, provider ,of Internet traffic engineering and security systems),Arbor text ( provider of
  47. Networks set up in this way can operate without the use of a commercial, provider , Rural electrical grids can be wired with" optical phase cable ", in which one
  48. Relating to its claims in a U. S. federal court against the Internet service, provider ,Prodigy Communications Corporation. The U. S. court ruled on 22 August 2002
  49. Mass transportation equipment, recreational equipment and a financial services, provider , Bombardier was a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate company. Its headquarters are
  50. Provider, Charité,the local public transport provider , BVG,and the service, provider , Dustman and the Piepenbrock Group. Daimler manufactures cars, and BMW builds

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