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  1. Theatre) and with a dispensary and sterilizing room in spaces below the, broad ,eaves. The waiting room and dormitory (42 by 20 feet),were built like native
  2. The pleasure of the president. The Constitutional Law of 1992 established the, broad ,outlines of government structure and the rights and duties of citizens. The
  3. Is skilled at some activity. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the older, broad ,meanings of the term" artist ":: :* One who pursues a practical science
  4. To its length. Extending in longitudinal dimensions., it is not more than., broad , Stern Premonstratensian canons wanted no congregations, and cared for no
  5. Via the growth cone, which is at the tip of the axon. The growth cone has a, broad ,sheet like extension called lamellipodia which contain protrusions called
  6. Activity; in this classification, antibacterials are divided into two, broad ,groups according to their biological effect on microorganisms: bactericidal
  7. 2002,the Azerbaijani government established the Ministry of Transport with a, broad ,range of policy and regulatory functions. In the same year, the country became
  8. Version of the Thole taxonomy with 24 different types. Both systems have three, broad ,categories of C, S,and X asteroids, where X consists of mostly metallic
  9. Passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving US President Lyndon B. Johnson, broad ,war powers to deal with North Vietnamese attacks on American forces. *1964 –
  10. Polyatomic molecule to be so detected. The sensitivity of the molecule to a, broad ,range of excitations and the ease with which it can be observed in a number of
  11. South, is the Cumberland Plateau, or Tennessee Valley region, broken into, broad ,tablelands by the dissection of rivers. In the northern part of this plateau
  12. Battles, it is also known as the Golden Age of Chinese philosophy because a, broad ,range of thoughts and ideas were developed and discussed freely. The thoughts
  13. The pleasure of the president. The Constitutional Law of 1992 establishes the, broad ,outlines of government structure and delineates the rights and duties of
  14. Varied with individual size; James Madsen estimated about 50,The rib cage was, broad , giving it a barrel chest, especially in comparison to less derived theropods
  15. The world's the earliest sites of agricultural activity. Environmental Problems A, broad ,public discussion of environmental problems began in the mid-1980s,when the
  16. Bond. Arsenals acid is genuinely Triassic, whereas phosphoric acid is not. A, broad ,variety of sulfur compounds of arsenic are known. Orient (As2S3) and
  17. Political Rights. The decision was issued on March 27, 1997,and because of the, broad ,implications for Ainu rights, the plaintiffs decided not to appeal the decision
  18. Diameter. It has several strap-shaped, green leaves,30–50 cm long and 2–3 cm, broad , arranged in two rows. The leaves are produced in the autumn or early spring in
  19. In the British Manchester School of the 1950s. Agricultural science is a, broad ,multidisciplinary field that encompasses the parts of exact, natural,economic
  20. And patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this, broad ,land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely
  21. Academic disciplines have often been institutionally divided into three, broad ,domains. The natural and biological sciences seek to derive general laws
  22. To the west and north of it. The central aspen parkland region extending in a, broad ,arc between the prairies and the forests, from Calgary, north to Edmonton, and
  23. Those cutting back through the Poetic Alps, have tributaries that flow in, broad , elevated basins. Access inland from the coast is limited to a few narrows
  24. Castor: :And Poly deuces;: :You who get about on swift-footed horses, : :Over the, broad ,earth, over all the ocean, : :Easily bringing men deliverance from: :Death's
  25. Optimization of resource consumption in industry, but is now used in solving a, broad ,range of problems in many fields. By complexity Algorithms can be classified by
  26. Example,NDM-1 is a newly identified enzyme conveying bacterial resistance to a, broad ,range of beta-lactam antibacterials. In agriculture, antibacterials are often
  27. A 'Euripidaristophanist' addicted to hair-splitting niceties. There were three, broad ,poetic forms: iambic dialogue, tetrameter verses and lyrics: *Iambic dialogue:
  28. Students. The university campus will have the possibility of seeing setting up, broad ,ranges of buildings of research laboratories and residences. Another project
  29. Opposed to moral systems, cosmology,etc.). Fraser, a Scottish scholar with a, broad ,knowledge of Classics, also concerned himself with religion, myth,and magic.
  30. In parking garages in the Wilmer area, where many have settled. In addition,a, broad ,array of other religious movements have established congregations, including
  31. Of the user interface for the Newton are best understood in the context of the, broad ,history of Pen computing, which is quite extensive. A vital feature of the
  32. From Zeus's head, fully grown and armed, with a shout —" and pealed to the, broad ,sky her clarion cry of war. And Uranus trembled to hear, and Mother Gaia ... "
  33. 499 light-seconds An artist is a person engaged in one or more of a, broad ,spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts and/or
  34. Paradise and the Mosque are located near the Leidseplein. Both focus on, broad ,programming, ranging from indie rock to hip hop, R&B,and other popular genres.
  35. Lmd&z 14&t m Alexander Graham Bell Memorial Park, which features a, broad ,neoclassical monument built in 1917 by public subscription. The monument
  36. Mediterranean climate; with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The, broad , cultivated lowland valleys contain about half of the country's richest
  37. Nation to the indigenous people within its borders. The decision included, broad ,fact-finding that underscored the long history of the oppression of the Ainu
  38. And northeast are usually deep and narrow, but in the Coastal Plain they are, broad ,and in most cases rise in three successive terraces above the stream. The
  39. War. Speer agreed, and over the next several days, provided information on a, broad ,range of subjects. On May 23,two weeks after the surrender of German troops
  40. At Paris, and was engraved by the Chevalier Viscount. " - J. Easby-Smith The, broad ,outlines of the poet's life are well known. He was born into the aristocratic
  41. In the formation of the Continuing movement. While there are high church, broad ,church, and low church Continuing Anglicans, many Continuing churches are
  42. European side marking the shortest point in the Dardanelles, scarcely a mile, broad , The strategic site has been a prohibited zone in the twentieth century. Hero
  43. With him. Today aikido is found all over the world in a number of styles, with, broad , ranges of interpretation and emphasis. However, they all share techniques
  44. Of both primary perspectives vehemently deny these claims. Within the, broad ,scope of the history of Christian theology, Arminianism is closely related to
  45. 12th cent. Biographer) to have been seized by an invisible monster in, broad ,daylight and devoured horribly before many fright-frozen witnesses
  46. During the wet season to or more. The river enters the Atlantic Ocean in a, broad ,estuary about wide. The mouth of the main stem is. Because of its vast
  47. Stem bearing a tuft of long, narrow,arching leaves 10–35 cm long and 1–2 cm, broad , and a central flower stalk 25–60 cm tall, ending in an umbel of 20-30 white
  48. Allosaurus in functional anatomy by having a taller, narrower skull with large, broad ,teeth. Paleo biology Life history The wealth of Allosaurus fossils, from nearly
  49. Sensu strict was recommended but optional; in the 2009 version, only the, broad ,circumscription of the Amaryllidaceae is allowed, with the Alliance reduced to
  50. Aeneas: short, fat,with a good chest, powerful,with a ruddy complexion,a, broad ,face, a good nose, fair skin, bald on the forehead, a good beard, grey eyes. ’

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