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  1. Al-Shehri. He was one of 9 hijackers to open a Entrust bank account with a, cash ,deposit around June 2001. He is believed to have moved in with IAD Jar rah, who
  2. First-half Gross Domestic Product. However, the latter figures only represent, cash ,remittances processed through Armenian commercial banks. According to RFE/RL
  3. With food accounting for 17 % of imports in 1997. Agriculture The main, cash ,crop of Burundi is coffee, which accounted for 78.5 % of exports in 1997. This
  4. Politics" both as a political idea and as a logical consequence of anonymous, cash , Essentially anonymous contributors fund those who can predict the time and
  5. Agriculture accounts for roughly 15 % of Bolivia's GDP. Soybeans are the major, cash ,crop, sold into the Andean Community market. Bolivia's government remains
  6. Evening County, Pennsylvania. In one year, the farm yielded over $1,000,000 in, cash ,dividends, and petroleum from oil wells on the property sold profitably. The
  7. Losses. Counterparty risk As arbitrages generally involve future movements of, cash , they are subject to counterparty risk: if a counterparty fails to fulfill
  8. Along with the owner's credit cards,driver's license, business cards, and, cash , Most also protected the LCD screen. Market reception The original Apple
  9. September 7 flight to Newark at Mile High Travel on Commercial Boulevard—paying, cash ,for their tickets. IAD Jar rah and Ahmed Al-Hamdani also purchased tickets for
  10. Union,AK-47s were sold both openly and on the black market to any group with, cash , including drug cartels and dictatorial states, and more recently they have
  11. System, Congress authorized partial compensation of up to $5 billion in, cash ,subject to review by the Department of Transportation and up to $10 billion in
  12. Unit) (" atm" ), unit of atmospheric pressure *Automated teller machine, cash ,dispenser or cash machine *Azithromycin an Adaline, subclass of Caroline
  13. By Tacitus' statement that it was written out by Augustus himself. Records of, cash , commodities, and transactions were kept scrupulously by military personnel of
  14. Abate first #The residuary estate will abate next #General devises (gifts of, cash ,) will abate next #Demonstrative devises (gifts of stock, or orders to sell
  15. Deal at $450 million, a hobbyist magazine publishing company, and $980 million, cash , for 68.5 million shares of Time Warner stock held by Liberty Media, then worth
  16. Between two or more at any probabilistic or temporal state and a positive, cash ,flow in at least one state; in simple terms, it is the possibility of a
  17. Investment, investment other than stocks, bond (finance),money funds, and, cash , Education * Alternative school, a school geared towards students whose needs
  18. According to the Central Bank of Armenia, during the first half of 2008, cash , remittances sent back to Armenia by Armenians working abroad rose by 57.5
  19. S (to replace Jones) in exchange for RHP Joey Devine, RHP Jamie Richmond and, cash ,considerations. Days later, Wren traded Willy Akbar, outfielder Tom Lindsey
  20. To buy Lincolnshire, Illinois,based Hewitt Associates for $4.9 billion in, cash ,and stock. On July 19, 2011,Aon announced that it bought Westfield Financial
  21. Discount ", as well as a further 2 % discount if North American were to pay in, cash , reduced the total to $312,421.24. North American declined payment, noting that
  22. A deal March 26 to acquire RHP Summary Petite in exchange for Jorge Julio and, cash , 2007: A new look and a return to the playoffs The Diamondbacks announced in
  23. Faces a margin call),the trader may run out of capital (if they run out of, cash ,and cannot borrow more) and go bankrupt even though the trades may be expected
  24. Indemnity.1011 The question of prompt payment of war indemnity of elephants and, cash ,became a source of friction between the Atoms and the Mughal. The first
  25. Aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Congress sought to provide, cash ,infusions to carriers for both the cost of the four-day federal shutdown of the
  26. The last time. He was one of 9 hijackers to open a Entrust bank account with a, cash ,deposit around June 2001,and on June 29 received either a Florida State
  27. Kept scrupulously by military personnel of the Roman army. An account of small, cash ,sums received over a few days at the fort of Vineland circa 110 CE shows that
  28. Systems were sold for many hundreds of Dutch schools. Unfortunately, because of, cash ,flow problems (resulting from growing too fast, insufficient financial backing
  29. And celebrity began to develop, and the beneficiaries of this were not slow to, cash ,in on this by producing autobiographies. It became the expectation—rather than
  30. Settlement was reached, in which Action agreed to provide $4.5 million in, cash ,and $6 million in Nutritive products to disgruntled users of Shape Up. Other
  31. RHP Jair Current from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for SS Edgar Renters and, cash ,considerations. Next, LHP Tom Elaine was signed to a one-year contract. They
  32. Prepared a rationalism (account) which listed public revenues, the amounts of, cash ,in the aquarium (treasury),in the provincial disc (tax officials),and in
  33. Provided by the U. S. and Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. This was in the forms of, cash ,and weapons, which included over two thousand FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air
  34. Unit of atmospheric pressure *Automated teller machine, cash dispenser or, cash ,machine *Azithromycin an Adaline, subclass of Caroline antibiotics People and
  35. Rapid development of the ST and its powerful features Although Atari was out of, cash ,and its employees feared that Trammel would shut the company down, the 520ST
  36. Rights abuses in Sarah and the restoration of fishing rights. They later demand, cash ,multimillion-dollar ransoms. * July 1 - Filipino television evangelist Wilde
  37. The acquisition of ATI Technologies on July 24, 2006. AMD paid $4.3 billion in, cash ,and 58 million shares of its stock for a total of US$5.4 billion. The
  38. Four players. Setup At the beginning of the game, each player receives $6000 in, cash , Each player draws a tile and places it on the board. The player whose tile is
  39. Particular sub—division of the estate. Entries were arranged by sector, with, cash , expenses and gains extrapolated from all the different sectors. Accounts of
  40. The home computing and game console divisions of Atari to Jack Trammel for $50, cash , and $240 million in promissory notes and stocks, giving Warner a 20 % stake in
  41. Had happened after they released Pong. Atari Inc. simply did not have the, cash ,flow to complete the system quickly, given that sales of their own Pong systems
  42. Reports came from Japan that AA and TPG had teamed up and made a $1.5 billion, cash ,offer to JAL, which they might consider doing. On February 9,2010,Japan
  43. The federal government provided $4.6 billion in one-time, subject-to-income-tax, cash , payments to 427 U. S. air carriers, with no provision for repayment
  44. Meet the state quotas. States and local communities offered higher and higher, cash ,bonuses for white volunteers. Congress tightened the law in March 1863. Men
  45. Price on all markets (" the law of one price" ). #Two assets with identical, cash ,flows do not trade at the same price. #An asset with a known price in the
  46. Technology. The staple crops are pearl millet, sorghum,maize, and rice. The, cash ,crops are cotton, groundnuts,karate (Shea nuts),and sesame. Livestock, once
  47. Fort of Vineland circa 110 CE shows that the fort could compute revenues in, cash ,on a daily basis, perhaps from sales of surplus supplies or goods manufactured
  48. It would ultimately outstrip those of the BBC Micro. Following Olivetti's 1985, cash , injection into Acorn the machine was effectively sidelined. With hindsight, the
  49. Mushers from all over the world come to Anchorage each March to compete for, cash , prizes, and prestige. The" Serum Run" is another sled dog race that more
  50. Sums are believed to be transferred through non-bank systems, implying that, cash ,remittances make up approximately 30 percent of Armenia's GDP in the first

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