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  1. By a certain percentage of adhesive and cohesive areas. * The alternating, crack ,path type which occurs if the crack s jumps from one interface to the other.
  2. Surrendered, but Booth remained inside. Corbett was positioned near a large, crack ,in the barn wall. He saw Booth moving about inside and shot him with his Colt
  3. Normal to the crack . * Mode II is a sliding or in-plane shear mode where the, crack ,surfaces slide over one another in direction perpendicular to the leading edge
  4. An obverse die that had a small crack . Thus," regular" 1861-O halves with this, crack ,probably were among the 962,633 pieces struck under Confederate authority. In
  5. Paints fade in color and develop a yellow tint over time; they also begin to, crack ,with age. Acrylic paints have only been around for fifty years, but within this
  6. In the first case two crack s can be initiated and in the second only one, crack ,can propagate. Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December 1937),best
  7. Of both adherents after deboning will be covered by fractured adhesive. The, crack ,may propagate in the center of the layer or near an interface. For this last
  8. However, it is weak in tension as the cement holding the aggregate in place can, crack , allowing the structure to fail. Reinforced concrete solves these problems by
  9. Mode I is an opening or tensile mode where the loading are normal to the, crack , * Mode II is a sliding or in-plane shear mode where the crack surfaces slide
  10. Became another important organizing body for children's baseball. The first, crack ,in the unwritten agreement barring blacks from white-controlled professional
  11. These lines are a wide space with a horizontal crack dividing it. Below this, crack ,is another group of eleven parallel lines, again divided into two sections by a
  12. They can be protected by antioxidants. Solid polymer products start to, crack ,on exposed surfaces as the material degrades and the chains break. The mode of
  13. Four Top 30 singles on US charts, but the album market proved to be tough to, crack , The eponymous ABBA album generated three American hits, but it only peaked at
  14. Fracture Other types of fracture include: * The mixed type, which occurs if the, crack ,propagates at some spots in a cohesive and in others in an interfacial manner.
  15. Thin as to functionally be a crack in the tooth. However, at the base of this, crack ,is a round void called an ampulla which would have functioned to distribute
  16. Feared crime. In the 1980s,gang activity was on the rise, associated with, crack ,cocaine. A task force was formed and was partially successful at reducing gang
  17. Music in June 2006 whilst the production companies investigated allegations of, crack ,cocaine usage. Charles returned to presenting his show from 4 November 2006. In
  18. The duration of the note. This prevents crack ing, as low notes can sometimes, crack ,into a higher octave. Both flicking and using the whisper key is especially
  19. Up to 8 % hydrogen. It also experiences strong tensile stress, which may, crack ,films thicker than 200 nm. However, it has higher resistivity and dielectric
  20. Two bonded plates. A critical energy release rate can be derived from the, crack ,length during testing. This test is a mode I test but some mode II component
  21. I live anymore. I try to work a good program. Furthermore, I don't do smack. Furthermore, I don't do, crack ,anymore. " Love has credited Buddhism as having helped her through her
  22. Was printed in the Daily Mirror newspaper purporting to show Charles smoking, crack ,cocaine in the back seat of a taxi. According to the story by writer Stephen
  23. Was particularly evident before and during World War II, where efforts to, crack ,Axis ciphers required new levels of mathematical sophistication. Moreover
  24. Resistance is usually obtained by designing its geometry so that: * Stable, crack ,propagation will follow the appearance of a local failure. Testing the
  25. Applying a force at the ends of the two beams. The test is unstable (i.e. the, crack ,propagates along the entire specimen once a critical load is attained) and a
  26. We here for? Does the great metaphysical nut revolve around that? Well,I'll, crack ,it for you, right now. What are we here for? We are here to go! ": :- The
  27. Letter transposition ciphers designed for pen and paper encryption are easy to, crack , It is possible to create a secure pen and paper cipher based on one-time pad
  28. Slave repeat the pairing process. After that, the first method can be used to, crack ,the PIN. This attack's major weakness is that it requires the user of the
  29. The story by writer Stephen Moves, Charles spent four hours in the taxi smoking, crack ,cocaine from an old drinks can, while instructing the driver to buy him
  30. The complexity of exhaustive search to the point where it becomes infeasible to, crack ,encryption directly. Since the desired effect is computational difficulty, in
  31. In 2001 that Albertosaurus tooth serrations are so thin as to functionally be a, crack ,in the tooth. However, at the base of this crack is a round void called an
  32. Inscription. He was then able to find an enterprising local boy to climb up a, crack ,in the cliff and suspend ropes across the Babylonian writing, so that
  33. Top or back shrinks side-to-side, the glue holding it will let go, avoiding a, crack ,in the plate. Bow Traditionally, bows are made from Pernambuco or Braidwood.
  34. Encrypt and decrypt, other machines such as the British Bombe were invented to, crack ,these encryption methods. Modern ciphers Modern encryption methods can be
  35. Refuse to aid the entrant. That said, there will still be competitors who ", crack ," the system when the legal barriers are light, especially where the old guard
  36. DOG” can result in“ DOO-DOO ”. These simple ciphers and examples are easy to, crack , even without plaintext-ciphertext pairs. Simple ciphers were replaced by
  37. Similarly, the Romans knew that adding horse hair made concrete less liable to, crack ,while it hardened and adding blood made it more frost-resistant. Recently the
  38. To distribute force over a larger surface area, hindering the ability of the ", crack ," formed by the serration to propagate through the tooth. These two species are
  39. Slide over one another in direction perpendicular to the leading edge of the, crack , This is typically the mode for which the adhesive exhibits the highest
  40. Of thermal expansion and shrinks as it matures. All concrete structures will, crack ,to some extent, due to shrinkage and tension. Concrete that is subjected to
  41. The single vertical line. Below these lines is a wide space with a horizontal, crack ,dividing it. Below this crack is another group of eleven parallel lines, again
  42. The Bauhaus for its" degenerate art ", and the Nazi regime was determined to, crack ,down on what it saw as the foreign, probably Jewish influences of "
  43. Types are the following: Cohesive fracture is obtained if a, crack ,propagates in the bulk polymer which constitutes the adhesive. In this case the
  44. While still a healthy seller in continental Europe," Boonoonoonoos" failed to, crack ,the UK Top 100 after three consecutive #1 albums, and Farrell's departure left
  45. Requiring a hand-carved block for each page; and the wood blocks tended to, crack , if stored for long. The monks or people who wrote them were paid highly.
  46. Then U. S.) reverse, mentioned below, used an obverse die that had a small, crack , Thus," regular" 1861-O halves with this crack probably were among the 962,633
  47. They have many advantages over the wood basses and violoncellos, as they cannot, crack , split or warp and are made to last forever ... possessing a tone quality that
  48. Of a fracture surface is usually to identify the precise location of the, crack ,path in the interphase. Other types of fracture Other types of fracture include
  49. The parts in shadow would be. These temperatures could cause the heat shield to, crack ,or propellant lines to burst. As it was impossible to get a perfect roll, the
  50. To replace old broken designs, and new cryptanalytic techniques invented to, crack ,the improved schemes. In practice, they are viewed as two sides of the same

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