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  1. Tribunal, one generally has the power to request a trial de Nova by a court of, record , In such a proceeding, all issues and evidence may be developed newly, as
  2. Period, Bell and his associates considered impressing a magnetic field on a, record ,as a means of reproducing sound. Although the trio briefly experimented with
  3. Set a new record of 11:25.39,and being the first woman to set a Pikes Peak, record , In 1986,Audi formally left international rally racing following an accident
  4. The circuit court only for the lesser-included offense. " In an appeal on the, record ,from a decision in a judicial proceeding, both appellant and respondent are
  5. Without DRM (which would allow tracks to be played on third-party players) if, record ,labels would agree to drop the technology. On April 2,2007,Apple and EMI
  6. Claimed the title for Audi setting a new Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, record ,of 10:47.85 in his Audi S1,which he had retired from the WRC two years earlier
  7. Group, Diatoms are also examples of algae. Algae are found in the fossil, record ,dating back to approximately 3 billion years in the Precambrian. They exhibit a
  8. Services are between 25 and 40 %. The Albanians first appear in the historical, record ,in Byzantine sources of the late-11th century. At this point, they are already
  9. Largest economy in the world for a day, after the Japanese currency reached a, record ,high of 79 yen/US$. Economic growth in Asia since World War II to the 1990s had
  10. Deafness and hearing loss * Video cassette record ers that can read and, record ,subtitles (Closed Captioning). * Vibrating fire alarm placed under pillow
  11. Which usually takes the form of an observing log. Observing logs typically, record ,details about which objects were observed and when, as well as describing the
  12. Generally recognizes two types of appeals: a trial de Nova or an appeal on the, record , A trial de Nova is usually available for review of informal proceedings
  13. During the Middle Cambrian. They are present in the lower Cambrian fossil, record ,along with trilobites from the Redlichiida, Corynexochida, and Ptychopariida
  14. Own very large reflecting telescopes and demonstrated that photography could, record ,astronomical features invisible to the human eye. * Robert E. Cox (1917–1989)
  15. Generally, there is no trial in an appellate court, only consideration of the, record ,of the evidence presented to the trial court and all the pre-trial and trial
  16. Magnified image is displayed onto a screen. * Modified cassette record er. To, record ,a lecture, own thoughts, ideas,notes etc. * Desktop compact cassette dictation
  17. Criteria, fee schedule, etc., for accepting documents into the public, record , Whereas many U. S. states use a three-tiered system of
  18. Many other venues. Amsterdam is home to Scantraxx, which is one of the largest, record ,labels that produce Hard style music, which is very popular in the Netherlands.
  19. At the Sub American Open in Ixtapaluca. During the year, he set the Open Era, record ,for most consecutive victories by a male teenager, a record that would stand
  20. 13, 1982,15-year-old Scott Saran of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, set a world, record ,of 41,336,440 points on the arcade game Asteroids. He beat the 40,101,910 point
  21. Connecticut applies the following standard to review unreserved claims: 1. The, record ,is adequate to review the alleged claim of error; 2. The claim is of
  22. HD-4 set a world marine speed record of 70.86 miles per hour (114.04 km/h),a, record ,which stood for ten years. Aeronautics In 1891,Bell had begun experiments to
  23. Ancyranum (Temple of Augustus and Rome) which contains the official, record ,of the Acts of Augustus, known as the Res Gestate Dive August, an inscription
  24. Appellate procedure Generally speaking the appellate court examines the, record ,of evidence presented in the trial court and the law that the lower court
  25. Comes to court. The pleading in the criminal case, which is entered on the, record ,in open court, is usually either guilty or not guilty. Generally speaking in
  26. He set the Open Era record for most consecutive victories by a male teenager,a, record ,that would stand for 17 years until being broken by Rafael Nadal in 2005. His
  27. To the appeal. In other systems, the appellate court will normally consider the, record ,of the lower court. In those cases the record will first be certified by the
  28. Not have been raided for slaves by Greeks. Chadwick suggests that the names, record ,the locations where these foreign women were purchased. The name is also in the
  29. He had heard the phrase several times since that occasion. However, no other, record ,of the expression being used before 1962 has ever appeared. Kingsley AMIS notes
  30. Sea to the bottom. In contrast, their wide geographic dispersion in the fossil, record ,is uncharacteristic of benthic animals, suggesting a pelagic existence. The
  31. Uniting Church in Australia and an amateur astronomer who holds the all-time, record ,for visual discoveries of supernovae. * Clinton B. Ford (1913–1992),who
  32. And the top two remaining non-division-champion teams (" wild cards" ) by, record ,). The last two teams remaining play in the AFC Championship game with the
  33. S tight fiscal policy, leading to a large increase in the trade surplus, record ,highs in foreign exchange reserves, and reduction in foreign debt. The
  34. A record ing district is a mechanism for administration of the public, record ,in Alaska. The state is divided into 34 record ing districts which are centrally
  35. The massive Ocean Sunfish, at,and the long-bodied Oafish, to at least. Fossil, record ,The earliest known fossil Actinopterygiian is Andreolepis Hera, dating back
  36. Telescope. It is far more common to use a charge-coupled device camera to, record ,a long, deep exposure, allowing a more sensitive image to be created because
  37. A noted Mayans. The quip of the Incas was a system of knotted cords used to, record ,numerical data, like advanced tally sticks – but not used to perform
  38. Enterprise and investment ". Opium production in Afghanistan has soared to a, record ,in 2007 with about 3 million people reported to be involved in the business but
  39. Engines in July 1919. On September 9,1919,the HD-4 set a world marine speed, record ,of 70.86 miles per hour (114.04 km/h),a record which stood for ten years.
  40. Court will normally consider the record of the lower court. In those cases the, record ,will first be certified by the lower court. The appellant has the opportunity
  41. 9 hours and 39 minutes, or 2.2 years, in space. Peggy A. Whit son holds the, record ,for the most time in space by a woman,377 days. Terminology English In the
  42. A 4,302-metre high mountain in Colorado and in 1985,Michèle Mouton set a new, record ,of 11:25.39,and being the first woman to set a Pikes Peak record . In 1986
  43. Devilish clutches" as" belonging to the blackest pages of mankind's criminal, record ,". Schopenhauer additionally maintained a marked metaphysical and political
  44. Associated with data transmission. Since perforated tape at the time could, record ,eight bits in one position, it also allowed for a parity bit for error checking
  45. 908 entries retired before the end of the race) while breaking a new distance, record ,(set way back by the Porsche 917K of Martini Racing in),in with the R15 TDI
  46. At which the appellate judges ask questions based on their review of the, record ,below and the submitted briefs. In an adversarial system, appellate courts do
  47. And injuring 30. Bobby Under used an Audi in that same year to claim a new, record ,for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb at 11:09.22. In 1987,Walter Royal claimed the
  48. Written tracts without any prior knowledge of their pronunciation. His school, record ,was undistinguished, marked by absenteeism and lackluster grades. His main
  49. Culture The Afghan culture has been around for over two millennia, tracing, record , to at least the time of the Achaemenid Empire in 500 BCE. It is mostly a
  50. Motor vehicles will issue an abstract of a completed transaction or an updated, record ,intended to serve as a proof of compliance with some administrative requirement

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