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  1. A year earlier, also posthumously, in 1712. Shows Leibniz as the doctoral, adviser ,of Jakob Bernoulli. See also the Earliest Uses of Symbols of Calculus. ) The
  2. Edison effect. About 20 years later, John Ambrose Fleming (scientific, adviser ,to the Marconi Company and former Edison employee) realized that the Edison
  3. Powell was a captain during the Vietnam War, serving as a South Vietnamese Army, adviser ,from 1962 to 1963. While on patrol in a View Cong-held area, he was wounded by
  4. Kingdom. *1958 – A parcel bomb sent by NGO Dish NHS, younger brother and chief, adviser ,of South Vietnamese President NGO Dish Diem, fails to kill King Boredom
  5. Prescribed under and those assigned by the secretary, and is thus the principal, adviser ,to the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense and to the
  6. Resigned, and his power was transferred to the king's plenipotentiary and, adviser , Antonio Canvas. Return from exile Within a few days after Canvas del
  7. Palatii, a high administrator of the satellite court. As the friend and, adviser ,of Pepin, he assisted for a while in the government of Italy. Gilbert
  8. Suggestions from his troops. In The Song the man who served him as his closest, adviser ,was his vassal and kinsman Altar Fayez" Maya" ( meaning" My brother ", a
  9. Contract in August 1955,simultaneously appointing Parker as his special, adviser , The group maintained an extensive touring schedule throughout the second half
  10. Until his death in 1975. General Joseph Stairwell, an American military, adviser ,to Chiang during World War II, strongly criticized Chiang and his generals for
  11. Warned against humans' tendency towards anthropocentric. He was the faculty, adviser ,for the Cornell Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In the Cosmos
  12. Missile Crisis. Post-crisis history Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., a historian and, adviser ,to John F. Kennedy, told National Public Radio in an interview on October 16
  13. Publications are overseen by an independent board and guided by a professional, adviser ,employed by the University. @west news is an independent, student-run newspaper
  14. Expositions of the 1870s and 1880s. Hallowell was not only a curator but an, adviser ,and a facilitator who was trusted by a number of prominent American collectors
  15. In a long term jail sentence to former Deputy President Jacob Zuma's legal, adviser ,Chair Shark. Chair Shark was released after about two years on the basis
  16. Montgomery Watt writes: From 622 to 632 he (Abu Bakr) was Mohammed's chief, adviser , but had no prominent public functions except that he conducted the pilgrimage
  17. Leadership was very ineffective. Powell served a tour in Vietnam as a military, adviser , and was mildly injured when he stepped on a bamboo" punk stick ". The large
  18. His adviser s with the impression that Kennedy was indecisive and, as one Soviet, adviser ,wrote," too young, intellectual,not prepared well for decision-making in
  19. Journalism, and is completely student-run save for a faculty and professional, adviser , The Blaze broadcasts local, alternative and independent music 24 hours a day
  20. Roman city in about AD 50,however the name may have been suggested by a Celtic, adviser ,to the Romans, rather than by the original inhabitants of the place. Such early
  21. Chat to replace the previous Kandahar, representative of the Kefir people and, adviser , Besides assisting in the governance of the city and first Portuguese coinage
  22. Nashik Base, ( born 9 January 1952),Indian economist, chief economic, adviser ,to the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi. *Ravi Basra, ( born
  23. Him as a political propagandist, a good courtier, the shrewd and worldly, adviser ,of the Emperor Constantine, the great publicist of the first Christian emperor
  24. But Kubrick and Sellers denied this. Kissinger was not a presidential, adviser ,until 1969. The wheelchair-using Strange love furthers a Kubrick trope of the
  25. Political process. A 1987 conference convened by Soviet economist and Gorbachev, adviser ,Leonid Balkan, concluded:" Deep transformations in the management of the
  26. Economics and has authored six books on the subject. Paul's former economic, adviser , Peter Schiff, is an adherent of the Austrian school. Jim Rogers, investor and
  27. A large red granite door in Luxor with inscriptions by User, a powerful, adviser ,to the 18th dynasty Queen Hatshepsut who ruled between 1479 BC and 1458 BC, the
  28. Murdered in her bath. The letters of Cassiodorus, chief minister and literary, adviser ,of Amalasuntha, and the histories of Proclaims and Jordanes, give us our chief
  29. Roman city in about AD 50,however the name may have been suggested by a Celtic, adviser ,to the Romans, rather than by the original inhabitants of the place
  30. Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy, had previously served as political and military, adviser ,of East Pakistan to former President AFUB Khan. Having such a strong background
  31. Accompanied MacArthur to the Philippines, where he served as assistant military, adviser ,to the Philippine government. Eisenhower had strong philosophical disagreements
  32. Family they had left behind. She remained with them as housekeeper, organiser, adviser ,and friend until her brother-in-law's death in 1870). Shortly thereafter, he
  33. By Ismail Demists, who emigrated in 1962 from Turkey to Allen and was social, adviser ,for foreign employees. God parenthood On the occasion of the 1980 Reichsstädter
  34. The export-import trade as well as domestic commerce. Print and his, adviser , Portals, feared the efforts of Bolivian general Andrés de Santa Cruz to unite
  35. Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London from 1967-68. Film, adviser ,Morris oversaw the creation of the gestural and body language for the
  36. Report. According to Bahrām Nercissiantz, President Sarkisian's chief economic, adviser ," Businessmen holding state positions have turned into oligarchs who have
  37. President Hassan Gould Aptidon's chief of staff, head of security, and key, adviser ,for over 20 years, Ismail Omar Guelph was elected to the Presidency as the RPP
  38. For Soviet operations in Latin America. Salvador Allende now had a personal KGB, adviser , According to Allende's KGB file, Allende " was made to understand the
  39. Investments. The real-estate sector is booming in Damascus. Real-estate, adviser ,Cushman & Wakefield listed Damascus office space as the eighth most expensive
  40. Fry played Merchant in two series, first as Lord Merchant, the sycophantic, adviser ,to Queen Elizabeth I in series two and secondly as General Merchant, a
  41. Who had suffered in England for his convictions, was accepted as an, adviser ,to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and committees of the
  42. In the common law tradition, the respective roles of a lawyer—that is as legal, adviser ,and advocate—were formally split into two separate, regulated sub-professions
  43. Press baron and MI5 agent Cecil King, and the Government's chief scientific, adviser , Solely Zuckerman. King and Peter Wright were members of a group of thirty MI5
  44. Summoned the Cretan politician Eleutherios Denizens to Athens as its political, adviser , Denizens persuaded the king to revise the constitution and asked the league
  45. Atticus" ) would become Cicero's longtime chief emotional support and, adviser , Cicero wanted to pursue a public civil service career along the steps of the
  46. The Ethiopians had managed to set up their mountain artillery (so Menelik's, adviser ,colonel Аrtamonov testifies, it is 42 Russian mountain guns with team of
  47. Likeness, but again lost. Sagan appealed the ruling. Sagan briefly served as an, adviser ,on Stanley Kubrick's film. Sagan proposed that the film would suggest, rather
  48. First came to the attention of national Republicans through his work as a legal, adviser ,to Goldwater's 1964 campaign. Goldwater was painted as a dangerous figure by
  49. Newspapers declined to run two strips in which George W. Bush refers to his, adviser ,Karl Rove as“ Turd Blossom,” a nickname Bush has been reported to use for
  50. government's appointment of Thai ex-leader Than Sinatra as an economic, adviser , Thai Prime Minister Abhijit Vejjajiva stated that Cambodia was interfering in

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