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  1. Technique. Some view ate mi as attacks against" vital points" meant to cause, damage ,in and of themselves. For instance, Gōzō Soda described using ate mi in a
  2. Condition of the texts is far too good for them to have suffered considerable, damage ,followed by Apellicon's inexpert attempt at repair. Second, there is "
  3. Delivery, and heart malformations. Cord blood of exposed babies shows DNA, damage ,that has been linked to cancer. Follow-up studies show a higher level of
  4. In the South, which was unable to augment its much smaller rail system, repair, damage , or even perform routine maintenance. Name "/IN"> encyclopedia78"/> The failure
  5. Plaster, whitewash or stucco. These finishes protect the adobe wall from water, damage , but need to be reapplied periodically, or the walls can be finished with other
  6. Amount of energy to the recoiling nucleus, which also causes ionization, damage , The total energy of the recoil nucleus is readily calculable, and is roughly
  7. Some jurisdictions allow force to be used in defense of property, to prevent, damage ,either in its own right, or under one or both of the preceding classes of
  8. In the fingers and hand and the Babinski sign. Signs of lower motor neuron, damage ,include weakness, fasciculations (twitching muscles) and muscle atrophy. Note
  9. Occurs most frequently in the winter. Because the season's lower temperatures, damage ,olive trees and citrus fruits, groves and orchards are restricted to sheltered
  10. In a relatively small volume of material. This increases the chance of cellular, damage ,in cases of internal contamination. In general, external alpha radiation is not
  11. That gutted her aluminum superstructure, as well as observation of battle, damage ,to British ships during the Falklands War, led to many navies switching to all
  12. One or both of the preceding classes of defense in that a threat or attempt to, damage ,property might be considered a crime (in English law, under s5 Criminal Damage
  13. Can be planted for erosion control, especially after mining or construction, damage , Ecological invasion For the same reasons it is favored as an erosion-control
  14. With upper and lower motor neuron degeneration. Signs of upper motor neuron, damage ,include spasticity, brisk reflexes and what are referred to as pathological
  15. That" incidents of threatened bodily injury, physical intimidation or property, damage ,are now rare ", but antisemitism still occurs on many campuses and is a "
  16. Ship builders in Britain. The most famous, the CSS Alabama, did considerable, damage ,and led to serious postwar disputes. However, public opinion against slavery
  17. From 1961 onwards, although the highest level of destruction and socio-economic, damage ,took place after the 1975 independence, during the long years of civil war.
  18. Which occur in the period from July to November. The island suffered, damage ,in 1995 from Hurricane Luis and severe flooding 5-20 feet from Hurricane Lenny.
  19. And debilitating schistosomiasis parasites, which caused liver and intestinal, damage , Dangerous wildlife such as crocodiles and hippos were also a common threat.
  20. Ever made from adobe (bricks) was the Bam Citadel, which suffered serious, damage ,(up to 80 %) by an earthquake on December 26, 2003. Other large adobe
  21. Exposure to very high concentrations of gaseous ammonia can result in lung, damage ,and death. Toxicity The toxicity of ammonia solutions does not usually cause
  22. With humeri in 1970 were reported by Dale Russel as having pathological, damage ,to them. Paleoecology All identifiable fossils of Albertosaurus sarcophagus are
  23. The Confederate ironclad is scuttled on the Mississippi River after suffering, damage ,in a battle with near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. *1870 – Franco-Prussian War: the
  24. Boston, thousands of militiamen attacked them along the roads, inflicting great, damage ,before timely British reinforcements prevented a total disaster. With the
  25. At least 85 dead and at least 17 billion Pakistani rupees (US$200 million) in, damage , Births *1509 – Étienne Dole, French scholar (d. 1546) *1692 – John Henley
  26. Bear of life and limb and Terrence honor, and not to know or hear of any ill or, damage ,intended him without defending him therefrom. " This was thought to favor the
  27. The plant by attacking large mammalian herbivores and stem-boring beetles that, damage ,the plant. Pests In Australia, Acacia species are sometimes used as food plants
  28. At the beginning of the war he urged a naval blockade, which would quickly, damage ,the colonists' trading activities. Black Americans African Americans—slave and
  29. Soldiers instead. It is possible that Johnston's duel in 1837 had caused nerve, damage ,or numbness to his right leg and that he did not feel the wound to his leg as a
  30. Associated complications, such as incomplete abortion, sepsis,hemorrhage, and, damage , to internal organs. The legality of abortion is one of the main determinants of
  31. The lung. These particles continue to decay, emitting alpha particles which can, damage ,cells in the lung tissue. The death of Marie Curie at age 66 from leukemia was
  32. In the October Revolution and the resulting Russian Civil War did serious, damage ,to anarchist movements internationally. Many workers and activists saw
  33. Such as the number of animals an area of land can support without long-term, damage , were successfully defeated due to large food company pressure. Environmental
  34. A neutral water solution, proteins (enzymes) will desaturate, leading to cell, damage , death of the cell, and eventually death of the organism. * Dirt often consists
  35. Doses such as prolonged skin contact may cause dermatitis; otherwise it can, damage ,the kidneys and the liver, causing violent and frequent vomiting, and will lead
  36. Texas which has a much larger area within Tornado Alley. The state suffered, damage ,in the Super Outbreak of April 1974,and the April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak
  37. Sheridan to destroy plantations and towns in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The, damage ,caused by Sherman's March to the Sea through Georgia in 1864 was limited to a
  38. Rubber plantations. But contact with the compound sometimes resulted in brain, damage ,among those working the sprayers. In the second half of the 20th century
  39. Struck by a clever idea. Frequent mention is made of his patent-leather shoes, damage ,to which is frequently a subject of (for the reader, comical ) misery on his
  40. Ancient cultures used lime-based cement for the plaster to protect against rain, damage , The brick’s thickness is preferred partially due to its thermal
  41. Back to Athens. According to the story, Apellicon tried to repair some, damage ,that was done during the manuscripts' stay in the basement, introducing a
  42. The other officers wrapped General Johnston's body in a blanket so as not to, damage ,the troops' morale with the sight of the dead general. Johnston and his
  43. Thermal mass, but they are known to be particularly susceptible to earthquake, damage , Buildings made of sun-dried earth are common in the West Asia, North Africa
  44. Exposure. The average odor threshold is 5 ppm, well below any danger or, damage , Exposure to very high concentrations of gaseous ammonia can result in lung
  45. Which produces a toxin specific to insects. These crops protect plants from, damage ,by insects; one such crop is Starlink. Another is cotton, which accounts for 63
  46. Yields from cultivation, but at the same time have caused widespread ecological, damage ,and negative human health effects. Selective breeding and modern practices in
  47. Alpha. By some estimates, this might account for most of the internal radiation, damage , as the recoil nuclei are typically heavy metals which preferentially collect
  48. Also enhances shelf life. Argon is sometimes used for extinguishing fires where, damage ,to equipment is to be avoided. Scientific research Argon is used, primarily in
  49. Hits the Mississippi coast, killing 248 people and causing $1.5 billion in, damage , *1970 – Genera Program: Genera 7 launched. It will later become the first
  50. An estimated 25,000 casualties, and the subsequent tsunami causes considerable, damage ,as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand. *1898 – Spanish–American War: Spanish

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