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  1. Mining companies. The recognition of the new South American republics on the, recommendation ,of George Canning had led to a considerable boom, encouraged by various
  2. Of the agreements would require Council approval on the basis of a Commission, recommendation ,and ECB consultation Institutions Strictly speaking, there actually exist two
  3. Of by the Reform or Reconstructionist rabbinical organizations, who make the, recommendation ,that male infants should be circumcised, though the issue of converts remains
  4. Approval and will take around one month to receive CE mark certification after, recommendation , In a double-blind test the boosting condom gave a significant proportion that
  5. In General Marshall's support of the Bronze Star Medal. Both badges required a, recommendation ,by the commander and a citation in orders. Appearance The Bronze Star Medal was
  6. But was stalled by the Senate, which returned the bill to the Commons with the, recommendation ,that the holiday be renamed The National Holiday of Canada, an amendment that
  7. CDC because of low efficacy. Extended release metronidazole is an alternative, recommendation , In contrast to some other infectious diseases affecting the female genitals
  8. After: #discussion on mailing lists and at meetings; #ARIN Advisory Council, recommendation ,; #community consensus in favor of the policy; and #full legal and fiscal review
  9. He went first to Mosul (1189),and afterwards to Damascus. With letters of, recommendation ,from Saladin's vizier, he visited Egypt, where he realized his wish to
  10. 24, 1989,led the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to issue a, recommendation ,that 747-200 cargo doors similar to those on the Flight 811 aircraft be
  11. Paul II in 1997. Physics and further studies Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre's, recommendation ,obtained for Ampere the Lyon appointment, and afterwards (1805) a minor
  12. 12 and the input from 60 others who prepared an 80-page business plan and made, recommendation ,to the Executive Committee. Recommendations covered all
  13. Having bet on baseball. Federal prosecutor John Down investigated and, on his, recommendation , Rose was banned from organized baseball, a move which precluded his possible
  14. Injection, whereas ceftriaxone is traditionally given daily for five days. This, recommendation ,may yet change, now that a single dose of ceftriaxone (cost US$3) has been
  15. Party of the National Assembly. He or she is appointed by the King on the, recommendation ,of the President and Vice Presidents of the National Assembly. In order for a
  16. Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the president of the Clarke School for the Deaf for a, recommendation , Teaching his father's system, in October 1872 Alexander Bell opened his "
  17. Catholicism of his youth. In 1939, he met with Trappist monk Alexis Press eon a, recommendation , Though Carrel was skeptical about meeting with a priest Press ended up having
  18. Alerted Japanese defenders to the exact assault beaches at Okinawa. On the, recommendation ,of Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr., the planned occupation of Yap Island in the
  19. Prohibits clergy from officiating where they are unknown without a letter of, recommendation ,from their bishop. # Regards wives and children of cantors and lectors. #
  20. His superiors for this flight was: However, for the first time ever,Slayton's, recommendation ,was rejected by management, who felt that Shepard needed more time to properly
  21. Of service, and demonstrated experience, via industry peer and/or employer, recommendation ,avoid some issues associated with purely passing an examination;
  22. Ministers are nominated by the president on the basis of the prime minister's, recommendation , The People's Assembly must give final approval of the composition of the
  23. 114 million compared to $37 million by the central government. In 1790,at the, recommendation ,of first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Congress combined the
  24. The second music, each having an A$5,000 prize for the winning entry. On the, recommendation ,of the Council for the Arts, none of the new entries were felt worthy enough
  25. Monarch is hereditary; her representative is appointed by the monarch on the, recommendation ,of the Cook Islands Government. The cabinet is chosen by the prime minister and
  26. On January 21, 1786,the Virginia Legislature, following James Madison's, recommendation , invited all the states to send delegates to Annapolis, Maryland to discuss
  27. 1983,Steve Case was hired as a marketing consultant for Control Video on the, recommendation ,of his brother, investment banker Dan Case. In May 1983,Jim Kinsey became a
  28. Office of the Ohio Telegraph Company, at $2.50 per week, following the, recommendation ,of his uncle. His new job gave him many benefits including free admission to
  29. And that, as an indictable misdemeanor, it was" wholly obsolete ". Their, recommendation ,was implemented by the Criminal Law Act 1967. United States Several
  30. Copper–hydrogen peroxide has been suggested as an alternative to the current, recommendation ,of sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite. Thermal depolymerization also
  31. Telecommunication recommendation s, which would eventually become ITU-T, recommendation ,E.164. An earlier system of country codes for European use was mentioned in the
  32. Choice if Linnaeus wanted to study both medicine and botany. Rothman based this, recommendation ,on the two professors who taught at the medical faculty at Uppsala: Olaf
  33. Number of Benelux conventions in a wide range of subject matters. Approval of a, recommendation ,by the Committee of Ministers is not legally binding, but rather a moral stance
  34. Of cryonics, perhaps because his book was republished by Doubleday in 1964 on, recommendation ,of Isaac Asimov and Fred Poll, and received more publicity. Stinger also
  35. Him, promising Slander his oldest daughter's hand in marriage. On Linnaeus ', recommendation , Slander travelled to England in 1760,where he met the English botanist
  36. Substances Act. Requests from HHS a scientific and medical evaluation and, recommendation ,whether the drug or other substance should be controlled or removed from
  37. From 2011 to 2020 as the UN-Decade on Biodiversity. They, hence,followed a, recommendation ,of the CBD signatories during COP10 at Nagoya in October 2010. About the
  38. Of army generals to the ICT, in 2004 the European Commission finally issued a, recommendation ,that the accession negotiations with Croatia should begin. Its report on
  39. Minister of the Qin Dynasty convinced Qin Shi Huang to abandon the Confucians ', recommendation ,of awarding fiefs akin to the Zhou Dynasty before them which he saw as counter
  40. Thus -0001 in that language is equivalent to 1 BC. However, the defining, recommendation ,indicates a change to a system similar to ISO 8601 and astronomical year
  41. April 1984 by a proclamation by the Governor-General Sir Indian Stephen, on a, recommendation ,by the Labor government of Bob Hawks. Lyrics The lyrics of the anthem
  42. Who have earned a high reputation and are appointed by the Queen on the, recommendation ,of the Lord Chancellor as senior advocates and advisers. Those barristers who
  43. Agent for inhalation anthrax in the pediatric population. The CDC revoked its, recommendation ,regarding the use of ciprofloxacin as a first line agent in treating anthrax
  44. On 18 January 1788. Phillip soon decided that this site, chosen on the, recommendation ,of Sir Joseph Banks, who had accompanied James Cook in 1770,was not suitable
  45. Effects in the latter. The UK government organization NICE recently revised its, recommendation ,favoring atypical, to advise that the choice should be an individual one based
  46. By the president. The Bundestag can be dissolved by the president on the, recommendation ,of the chancellor if the latter has lost a vote of confidence in the Bundestag.
  47. A medical and scientific evaluation regarding the drug or other substance,a, recommendation ,whether the drug should be controlled, and in what schedule it should be
  48. Of circumcisions. But this was later abandoned in favor of a non-binding, recommendation , CNN reported in 2005 that a California group has submitted to Congress a bill
  49. S mission mode decision. While the ad-hoc committee was intended to provide a, recommendation ,on the boosters to be used in the Apollo program, it recognized that the mode
  50. The publication of ASCII-1963 and ISO's first acceptance of an international, recommendation ,during 1967 caused ASCII's choices for the national use characters to seem to

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