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  1. Two United Nations buildings and the other targeted a government building, housing ,the Supreme Court. The death toll is at least 62,with over two hundred injured
  2. Is heavily regulated. In Amsterdam,55 % of existing housing and 80 % of new, housing ,is owned by Housing Associations, which are Government sponsored entities.
  3. Population density was 1,902.1 per square mile (734.4/km²). There were 11,259, housing , units at an average density of 868.5 per square mile (335.3/km²). The racial
  4. The best known site for this large number of well-preserved cliff dwellings, housing , defensive and storage complexes were built in shallow caves and under rock
  5. Density was 1,597.6 people per square mile (617.1 per km²). There were 4,858, housing , units at an average density of 790.9 per square mile (305.5 per km²). The
  6. Housing Development The park was originally part of a commercially unsuccessful, housing ,site, the idea of Count Used Quell, whom the park was named after. It was
  7. And housing . The Navy also contributed more than 130 surplus Babbitt duplex, housing ,units for long-term occupancy facilities. Older buildings were repaired, and
  8. Public parks and wide, open spaces, and the new buildings provided improved, housing ,conditions with larger and brighter rooms, gardens,and balconies. Because of
  9. Is higher than it would have been without the inflation, for assets (such as, housing ,) and other goods and services in demand, as the real value of each monetary
  10. Was commonly needed by offices with central computers. Description Original, housing ,The original 520ST case design was created by Ira Heli-ski — Atari's chief
  11. Density was 2,352.3 people per square mile (908.1/km²). There were 18,757, housing , units at an average density of 869.7 per square mile (335.7/km²). The racial
  12. Turks, Finland *1928–1929: Daimio Sanatorium, Tuberculosis sanatorium and staff, housing , Daimio, Finland *1931: Central University Hospital, Zagreb,Croatia (former
  13. Many gecekondus still remain, they too are gradually being replaced by mass, housing ,compounds, as empty land plots in the city of Ankara for new construction
  14. Have publicly stated that the country has an immediate shortfall of 1.5 million, housing ,units. Women make up 70 percent of the country's lawyers and 60 percent of its
  15. World War, and he involved his students in designing low-cost, small-scale, housing , for the reconstruction of war-torn Finland. While teaching at MIT, Aalto also
  16. Houses with modern conveniences. The neighborhoods consisted mainly of large, housing ,blocks situated among green spaces, connected to wide roads, making the
  17. Still visible. There are even five towers left, some of which are used for, housing , There are many other places and objects worth seeing, for example a notable
  18. Nevertheless, many of these gecekondus have been replaced by huge public, housing ,projects in the form of tower blocks such as Blanket, Eryaman and Güzelkent;
  19. Tower has parts from the 9th/10th and 14th centuries. *The Montrose Gallery, housing ,works of IL Loretto, Palma the Younger, Guido Rent, Giandomenico Tie polo and
  20. But moved the power supply and a double-sided floppy drive into the rear of the, housing ,of the computer, as opposed to being external. This added to the size of the
  21. 1975 – The Japanese Red Army takes more than 50 hostages at the AIR Building, housing ,several embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The hostages include the U. S.
  22. Called" hives," are extremely common and are the main method of, housing ,large populations in the billions. Arcologies are so widespread that some
  23. Act of 1968,prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental,and financing of, housing , *1981 – A massive riot in Brixton, South London, results in almost 300 police
  24. More students in the next six years, with attendant concerns over a lack of, housing , In response, the city council has already initiated a large range of building
  25. A coffee shop named" Abraham. " In the East of Paris, Ricardo Bill built a, housing ,project named Spaces d'Abraham. Founded in 1977,Abraham Petroleum Corporation
  26. Are mostly also available for students coming from other countries. Housing The, housing ,market is heavily regulated. In Amsterdam,55 % of existing housing and 80 % of
  27. Of the Long Knives, Hitler ordered Speer to take workmen and go to the building, housing ,the offices of Vice-Chancellor Franz von Paper to begin its conversion into a
  28. Technology and defense industry sectors. The metro Austin area has much lower, housing ,costs than Silicon Valley, but much higher housing costs than many parts of
  29. Rock movement, as exemplified by bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols. The, housing ,and employment crisis in most of Western Europe led to the formation of
  30. Housing The housing market is heavily regulated. In Amsterdam,55 % of existing, housing ,and 80 % of new housing is owned by Housing Associations, which are Government
  31. Firms focus on certain project types (for example, health care, retail,public, housing ,), technological expertise or project delivery methods. Some architects
  32. West. These plans involved the development of new neighborhoods consisting of, housing ,blocks for all social classes. After the Second World War, large new
  33. War - and moved to Koch, pending instructions from Portugal, supporting and, housing ,his entourage himself. He was described by Fernão Lopes de Castanheda as
  34. Per mother. Therefore, by 1980,there was a very youthful population and a, housing ,crisis. The new generation struggled to relate to the cultural obsession with
  35. Form of tower blocks such as Blanket, Eryaman and Güzelkent; and also as mass, housing ,compounds for military and civil service accommodation. Although many
  36. Presbytery – Primitive hut – Prithivraj Chauhan – Private sector, housing ,– Project architect – Project for a metro pole – Project homes – Propylaeum –
  37. Raise the young in a large den. Dens can be complex underground networks, housing ,many generations of foxes. Young from a previous year's litter may stay with
  38. Density was 2,610.4 people per square mile (1,007.9/km²). There were 276,842, housing , units at an average density of 1,100.7 per square mile (425.0/km²). There
  39. Ancient cemetery of Karamazov and the new palace of the Bavarian king (now, housing ,the Greek Parliament),to highlight the continuity between modern and
  40. By these Amsterdammers. The non-Western immigrants settled mostly in the social, housing ,projects in Amsterdam-West and the Wilmer. Today, people of non-Western origin
  41. That it was also an experiment that would prove useful in the design of mass, housing , His increased fame led to offers and commissions outside Finland. In 1941, he
  42. The unplanned and uncontrolled urban landscape of Ankara, as not enough planned, housing ,could be built fast enough. Although precariously built, the vast majority of
  43. Mosque in Algiers. New residential developments aim to solve Algiers current, housing ,shortage. Sports Algiers is the largest sporting center of Algeria. The city
  44. Has causes serious problems in these urban sectors, including unemployment, housing ,shortages and, the proliferation of vast slums. Science The Islamic Golden Age
  45. Austin's area has much lower housing costs than Silicon Valley, but much higher, housing ,costs than many parts of rural Texas. As a result of the high concentration of
  46. Population density was 2,050.2 per square mile (791.6/km²). There were 3,591, housing , units at an average density of 805.1 per square mile (310.9/km²). The racial
  47. Health care access and delivery; institutional racism and discrimination in, housing , education, policing,criminal justice and employment; crime, poverty and
  48. For storage and administration, a commissary, control tower, fire station, and, housing , The Navy also contributed more than 130 surplus Babbitt duplex housing units
  49. The cells on the previously" wasted areas" were needed to meet the greater, housing ,requirements in later years. Porch-end cells became a trend in all later
  50. The country has one of the world's-highest per- housing -unit occupancy rates for, housing , and government officials have publicly stated that the country has an

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