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  1. Constant c such that for all bit strings s, : K_1 (s) \LEQ K_2 (s) + c. Now, suppose ,there is a program in the language L1 which acts as an interpreter for L2:
  2. Of the distribution or of the empirical results. Examples As an example, suppose ,X is uniformly distributed on the unit interval 0,1. Then the CDF of X is
  3. Know that the objective world is nominalistic, we also cannot intelligibly, suppose ,that it could be material. To conceive of a dualism entails attributing
  4. Of 59. Early in the season, Ruth expressed doubts about his chances:" I don't, suppose ,I'll ever break that 1921 record. To do that,you've got to start early, and
  5. Rule for large n until n is very large (ex: x 11,n=7752). For example, suppose ,you randomly sample n people out of a large population and ask them whether
  6. At t. This is necessary to make the units work out correctly. For example, suppose ,that we want to compute the rate of change in atmospheric pressure ten seconds
  7. This model will contain infinite descending sequences of elements. For example, suppose ,n is a non-standard natural number, then (n-1) \in n and (n-2) \in (n-1)
  8. With his sister Scholastic. St Gregory's narrative makes it impossible to, suppose ,him younger than 19 or 20. He was old enough to be in the midst of his literary
  9. A bully, as he himself later recalled" I was a dreadful little boy. I don't, suppose ,anybody would put up with my sort of behavior these days. " Later in life
  10. Sums of cyclic subgroups, each with order a power of p). Fix a prime p and, suppose ,the exponents a of the cyclic factors of the Slow p-subgroup are arranged in
  11. Thus, for example, on the basis of superficial similarities one might, suppose ,that the Latin verb Hagar and German haven, both meaning 'to have ', were
  12. Wife was reportedly taken prisoner after this battle; it is not unreasonable to, suppose ,that he and his troops were hampered by the presence of large numbers of women
  13. Editor of the book Freud at 150: 21st Century Essays on a Man of Genius,", suppose ,that ... I'm a cross-dresser and I don't want to keep it confined to my
  14. Suppose the Turing test is conducted in Chinese rather than English, and, suppose , a computer program successfully passes it. Does the system that is executing
  15. Experiment Searle's thought experiment begins with this hypothetical premise:, suppose ,that artificial intelligence research has succeeded in constructing a computer
  16. This can happen when the derivatives are measured directly. For example, suppose ,that a car is driving up a tall mountain. The car's speedometer measures its
  17. Law). A cross-appeal is an appeal brought by the respondent. For example, suppose ,at trial the judge found for the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to pay
  18. The number a) outputs" YES" if a > 0 and" NO" if a \LE 0. The reason:, suppose ,the machine described by A keep outputting 0 as \epsilon approximations. It is
  19. To transfer information. Nevertheless, consider the EPR thought experiment, and, suppose , quantum states could be cloned. Assume parts of a maximally entangled Bell
  20. Natural selection would favor the zombies, since their design is (we could, suppose ,) a bit simpler. Eventually the humans would die out. So, if Earle
  21. A unique element of the set Y. This is most easily understood by an example;, suppose ,we have the sets X and Y, then using this notion of size we would observe that
  22. Contract becomes the declarer and his partner becomes the dummy. For example, suppose ,West is the dealer and the bidding was: Then East and West would be the
  23. S Poirot, Georges is played by actor David Welland. Hercules Poirot's life" I, suppose ,you know pretty well everything there is to know about Poirot's family by this
  24. Origin from some suppose d divine inspiration. ” Yet we may with better reason, suppose ,that it came originally from a foreign mythology, and that the accident of its
  25. 0,: (1+x)^0 \GE 1+0x \, is equivalent to 1 ≥ 1 which is true as required. Now, suppose ,the statement is true for r = k:: (1+x)OK \GE 1+km. \, Then it follows that:
  26. Symbols which he is observing, and his" state of mind" at that moment. We may, suppose ,that there is a bound B to the number of symbols or squares which the computer
  27. Pieces of orange peel in his umbrella stand. Poirot (and, it is reasonable to, suppose , his creator) becomes increasingly bemused by the vulgarism of the up and
  28. Again, each node except the last will contain one extra value. In the example, suppose ,the internal nodes contain at most 2 values (3 child pointers). Then the next
  29. Avoid the axiom of choice even for certain infinite collections. For example, suppose ,that each member of the collection X is a nonempty subset of the natural
  30. S first antibiotic, or bacteria killer," Fleming would later say," But I, suppose ,that was exactly what I did. " By 1928,Fleming was investigating the
  31. Decision problems, algorithms that produce a simple yes/no answer. For example, suppose ,we could answer" Does this n x n matrix have determinant larger than k? " In O
  32. If he wishes to observe more, he must use successive observations. We will also, suppose ,that the number of states of mind which need be taken into account is finite
  33. Sort of being, a necessary being that is not contingent. A response might, suppose ,each individual is contingent, but the infinite chain as a whole is not; or the
  34. Meaning anymore: it would come from the physical world. ": Earle’s reply is to, suppose ,that, unbeknownst to the individual in the Chinese room,some inputs
  35. Replacement. However, there is a new concept version on the way. It's, suppose ,to be all electric and much more stylish than before. Audi A4 The next major
  36. Sheet immediately beneath it. Similarly: Take an ordinary map of a country, and, suppose , that that map is laid out on a table inside that country. There will always be
  37. Simple Mendelian inheritance as would mutations at a single locus. For example, suppose ,a mutation at a chromosome position x is responsible for a recessive trait in a
  38. On one-dimensional paper, i. e., on a tape divided into squares. I shall also, suppose ,that the number of symbols which may be printed is finite ....:" The behavior
  39. Holds by the theorem on partial fraction decomposition. On the other hand, suppose ,that the property stated above holds for the field F. Let p (x) be an
  40. Cannot make explicit choices, how do we know that our set exists? For example, suppose ,that X is the set of all non-empty subsets of the real numbers. First we might
  41. Proven. Symbolic logic As an example of a conditional proof in symbolic logic, suppose ,we want to prove A → C (if A, then C) from the first two premises below: The
  42. Then or greater than this value, it cannot jump from state 1 to state 2. Now, suppose ,we irradiate the atom with a broad-spectrum of light. Photons that reach the
  43. Reluctance again, Lincoln,when asked where he was going, replied," To hell, I, suppose , " In 1844,the couple bought a house in Springfield near Lincoln's law office
  44. Any two of the remaining elements is smaller than that number. In other words, suppose ,a pre-assigned positive real value ε is chosen. However, small ε is, starting
  45. Be described. I prefer to call it merely a logical-diagram machine ... but I, suppose ,that it could do very completely all that can be rationally expected of any
  46. Computing is normally done by writing certain symbols on paper. We may, suppose ,this paper is divided into squares like a child's arithmetic book .... I
  47. Of causes is infinite, the whole chain still requires a cause. To explain this, suppose ,there exists a causal chain of infinite contingent beings. If one asks the
  48. In English, or even translate a single letter from Latin into English: and I, suppose ,that there were not many beyond the Humber either ". Alfred undoubtedly
  49. There, saying," Well that part of my life's over; it's a chapter closed. I, suppose ,I'll just have to settle for being a respectable actor poncing around the West
  50. A manifestation of profit, rather than a loss. He proposed as an example to, suppose ,that he, a Frenchman, exported French wine and imported British coal, turning a

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