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  1. Neal Anderson, American football player * 1965 – Brannon Bragg, writer and, executive ,producer of 24,Star Trek, and Fast-forward * 1966 – Karl Better Liken
  2. American radio personality * 1952 – Doug Melvin, Canadian Major League Baseball, executive ,*1953 – Nigel Man sell, English race car driver * 1953 – Mark Lazarowicz
  3. Fall of Fort Sumter, Lincoln soon realized the importance of taking immediate, executive ,control of the war and making an overall strategy to put down the rebellion.
  4. Numerous irregularities in the run-up to the election and on election day. The, executive ,power is held by the President, who is elected for a 5-year term by direct
  5. Whereby the Governor is the head of government, and of an is independent of the, executive ,and the legislature. There is also the traditional village politics of the
  6. Power is vested in the American Samoa Fond. The judiciary is independent of the, executive ,and the legislature. Executive branch The power of the executive is formally
  7. An executive in the way the successor President of the United States is a chief, executive , since all the functions he executed were under the direct control of
  8. Standards. The new constitution of 1995 greatly expanded the powers of the, executive ,branch and gives it much more influence over the judiciary and municipal
  9. Of the firm; may be the founder; titles may include president, chief, executive , officer,or managing principal/partner. *Mid-level Principal / Partner:
  10. Sciences. Another legend reports that the Norwegian-American Eleanor Lille berg, executive ,secretary to Louis B. Mayer, saw the first statuette and exclaimed," It looks
  11. Pianist and bandleader (d. 1951) *1912 – Donald Drop, American airline, executive ,(d. 2010) *1913 – Memos Maris, Greek sculptor (d. 1993) *1914 – For TOK
  12. Soviet classical pianist (b. 1954) *1989 – Nushi Begun, American record, executive ,(b. 1917) * 1989 – HU Yaobang, Chinese politician (b. 1915) *1990 – Greta
  13. Author (d. 1995) * 1922 – Pat Pepper, American pro football coach and, executive ,*1924 – Sir John Harvey-Jones, British industrialist (d. 2008) * 1924 – Henry
  14. Government of Afghanistan is an Islamic republic consisting of three branches, executive , legislative and judicial. The nation is currently led by the Karma
  15. States, Alaska is governed as a republic, with three branches of government: an, executive ,branch consisting of the Governor of Alaska and the other independently elected
  16. Defined by the constitution of 1992 functioned in a relatively normal way. The, executive ,branch of the government was composed of the President, the Prime Minister and
  17. Between alcohol-containing mouth rinses and oral cancer. Andrew Penman, chief, executive , of The Cancer Council New South Wales, called for further research on the
  18. Oversight of laws. It is headed by the Governor of Alabama. Other members of, executive ,branch include the cabinet, the Attorney General of Alabama, the Alabama
  19. The state's public recreation land. The Governor of Alabama is the head of the, executive ,branch of Alabama's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's
  20. Of the executive and the legislature. Executive branch The power of the, executive ,is formally vested The governor and the lieutenant governor are elected on the
  21. Russian composer (b. 1906) *1979 – Walter O'Malley, American baseball, executive ,(b. 1903) * 1979 – Raymond Washington, American gang leader, founder the
  22. Australian entertainer *1948 – Marty Appeal, American public relations, executive ,and author * 1948 – Greg Chappell, Australian cricketer and coach *1949 – Valid
  23. The government and the House of Assembly. The Judiciary is independent of the, executive ,and the legislature. Military As a dependency of the UK, the UK
  24. The descent and this was relayed to the crew. The program alarms indicated ", executive ,overflows ", meaning the guidance computer could not complete all of its tasks
  25. A milder version of cognitive change which primarily affects what is known as, executive ,function. Briefly, this is the ability of an individual to initiate, inhibit
  26. An ambitious program and little else. Staff for the first year consisted of one, executive , Clifford B. Le Page, who was on loan from a founding member, ASME. An annual
  27. Part from deficits in working memory, planning,inhibition, and other forms of, executive ,function. A strength of the theory is predicting stereotyped behavior and
  28. Two weaknesses are that executive function is hard to measure and that, executive ,function deficits have not been found in young autistic children. A related
  29. Articles were too weak for an effective government. There was no president, no, executive , agencies,no judiciary and no tax base. The absence of tax base meant that
  30. In New York City, for example, was created by John Taylor Johnston, a railroad, executive ,whose personal art collection seeded the museum. ) But despite all this, at
  31. Higher risk of developing cognitive changes such as frontotemporal dementia or, executive ,dysfunction (see 'extra-motor change in MND' below). It is thought that SOD1
  32. Predicting stereotyped behavior and narrow interests; two weaknesses are that, executive ,function is hard to measure and that executive function deficits have not been
  33. Direct elections. The president is authorized to form the Cabinet, an inferior, executive ,body, subordinated to him. The Cabinet of Azerbaijan consists primarily of the
  34. Of the eastern Caribbean court system. The Judiciary is independent of the, executive ,and the legislature. Jurisprudence is based on English common law. Executive
  35. Fuller, South African cricketer (d. 2008) *1932 – Lamar Hunt, American sports, executive ,(d. 2006) *1933 – Ioannis Varvitsiotis, Greek politician *1935 – Hank Cochran
  36. Of all the Union armies. McClellan, a young West Point graduate, railroad, executive , and Pennsylvania Democrat, took several months to plan and attempt his
  37. Branch, usually called the County Commission, which usually also has, executive ,authority in the county. Because of the restraints placed in the Alabama
  38. Author (b. 1917) *2007 – Jack Valenti, American political advisor and film, executive ,(b. 1921) *2009 – Hans Holder, American paranormal researcher (b. 1920)
  39. During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the, executive ,organ of the republic. *1808 – John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur
  40. Dancer (b. 1906) *1977 – Phil Wrigley, American manufacturer and baseball, executive ,(b. 1894) *1980 – Clark Monarchy, New Zealand billiards and snooker player (
  41. Units Portion, a Latin phrase meaning" Virtue is stronger when united. " The, executive ,branch of the government is composed of the President, the Vice-Presidents and
  42. Responsible for writing, debating,passing, or defeating state legislation. The, executive ,branch is responsible for the execution and oversight of laws. It is headed by
  43. Our species. He also defended the independence of the legislative, judicial and, executive ,branches of power, and a monarch as an impartial element able to practice
  44. Corporate wedding reception interrupted by reporters and police (who arrest an, executive ,for corruption),is widely regarded as one of Kurosawa's most skillfully
  45. American television host * 1961 – Daniel House, American musician and music, executive ,* 1961 – Bruce Matthews, American football player * 1961 – Rikki Rocket
  46. Of Azerbaijan is based on the separation of powers among the legislative, executive ,and judicial branches. The legislative power is held by the unicameral National
  47. Mid-level Principal / Partner: Principal or partner; titles may include, executive ,or senior vice president. *Junior Principal / Partner: Recently made a partner
  48. August 2011. Today, Republicans also hold all seven of the statewide elected, executive ,branch offices. Republicans also hold six of the eight elected seats on the
  49. Ice hockey player * 1963 – Stephen Walk om, Canadian ice hockey official and, executive ,* 1964 – Eddie Trunk, American radio show host and author *1965 – Kate
  50. Recess, and performed other administrative functions. He was not, however,an, executive ,in the way the successor President of the United States is a chief executive

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