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  1. Place, but with the result of another thing (not intended) taking place. For, example ,: A person seeks donations. That person may find another person willing to
  2. Many served in the armed forces, while others worked in intelligence (for, example , Office of Strategic Services and the Office of War Information). At the same
  3. And Gnosticism which formed the origin of alchemy’s character. An important, example ,of alchemy’s roots in Greek philosophy, originated by Empedocles and developed
  4. If the conditions are right, and it is not prevented by something else. For, example , the seed of a plant in the soil is potentially (dynamic) plant, and if is
  5. Internationally. Many workers and activists saw Bolshevik success as setting an, example ,; Communist parties grew at the expense of anarchism and other socialist
  6. women's rights since most sexual laws discriminated against women: for, example , marriage laws and anti-birth control measures. But also there existed Ezra
  7. And symbolism led to wide variations in interpretation of the art. For, example , many alchemists during this period interpreted the purification of the soul to
  8. For example , distress from loud noises) or for sensation seeking (for, example , rhythmic movements). An estimated 60%–80 % of autistic people have motor
  9. Time (past societies) and space (non-European/non-Western societies). For, example , the classic of urban anthropology, Ulf Manner in the introduction to his
  10. Higher, depending upon additional city and county sales taxes. For, example , the total sales tax rate in Mobile is 10 % and there is an additional
  11. Or 'be acted upon' ( paschal),which can be either innate or learned. For, example , the eyes possess the potentiality of sight (innate – being acted upon)
  12. California, to qualify (except for the Best Foreign Language Film). For, example , the 2010 Best Picture winner, The Hurt Locker, was actually first released in
  13. Form),Aristotle tries to solve the problem of the unity of the beings, for, example ," what is it that makes a man one "? Since, according to Plato there are two
  14. And free markets, particularly through her influence on Alan Greenspan. For, example , Mother Jones remarked that" Rand's particular genius has always been her
  15. University of Arjuna Sugar. His famous book, Rasaratanakaram, is a famous, example ,of early Indian medicine. In traditional Indian medicinal terminology" NASA "
  16. Jacob Böhm used alchemical terminology in strictly mystical writings. Another, example ,can be found in the work of Heinrich Hurrah (1560–1605) who viewed the
  17. Into subtribes. Each region of the Maghreb contained several tribes (for, example , Canada, Houaras, Zenata, Masmouda, Kutama, Awarba, and Perfecta). All
  18. Of these sorts of tactics in favor of collective revolutionary action, for, example , through the trade union movement. The anarcho-syndicalist, Fernand Polluter
  19. It, and derived some of its key notions from it, consciously or not. (See, for, example , Golf, Pels and Sale mink, but cf. Lewis 2004). *That ethnographic work was
  20. Either a property, or a relation to other things. When we look at an apple, for, example , we see an apple, and we can also analyze a form of an apple. In this
  21. Place. This is" natural motion"—motion requiring no extrinsic cause. So, for, example , in water, earthy bodies sink while air bubbles rise up; in air, rain falls and
  22. Injustice of slavery itself. I hate it because it deprives our republican, example ,of its just influence in the world ..." In late 1854,Lincoln ran as a Whig
  23. Is a mathematical equation used to study genetic evolution. An interesting, example ,of altruism is found in the cellular slime molds, such as Dictyostelium
  24. For example , walking into things) than for over-responsivity (for, example , distress from loud noises) or for sensation seeking (for example , rhythmic
  25. Their own name. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from social norms; for, example , they have less eye contact and turn taking, and do not have the ability to use
  26. Cause could only refer to the essential quality of causation. A more simple, example ,of the formal cause is the blueprint or plan that one has before making or
  27. Printing ones, the value of the" rub out" character was lost. DEC systems, for, example , interpreted" Delete" to mean" remove the character before the cursor" and
  28. Lord sees a number of post-Aristotelian interpolations in the Politics, for, example , but is generally confident that the work has come down to us relatively intact
  29. Study of 78 adults that did not exclude low IQ found worse prognosis; for, example , only 4 % achieved independence. A 2008 Canadian study of 48 young adults
  30. There are some universal forms that are not a part of particular things. For, example , it is possible that there is no particular good in existence, but " good" is
  31. Meta-information about data streams such as those stored on magnetic tape. For, example , character 10 represents the" line feed" function (which causes a printer to
  32. A specific individual (for example , a god, a king),or collective (for, example , a government). Some individuals may feel both altruism and duty, while others
  33. And his attitude towards Persia was unabashedly ethnocentric. In one famous, example , he counsels Alexander to be 'a leader to the Greeks and a despot to the
  34. Storage; several studies have found a preference for non-social stimuli. For, example , magnetoencephalography studies have found evidence in autistic children of
  35. Of overgeneralizations, and eschewed attempts to establish universal laws. For, example , Boas studied immigrant children to demonstrate that biological race was not
  36. Observations, a mixture of precocious accuracy and curious errors. For, example , in his History of Animals he claimed that human males have more teeth than
  37. On consumer spending, it is subject to high variable budget structure. For, example , in 2003 Alabama had an annual budget deficit as high as $670 million. Local
  38. Difference between education and culture. Summer hill is often cited as an, example ,of anarchism in practice. However, although Summer hill and other free schools
  39. S systematic observations of nature, anthropology,and geography are another, example ,of studying human variation across space. Polo's travels took him across such
  40. Anarchism and other socialist movements. In France and the United States, for, example , members of the major syndicalist movements of the CGT and IWC left the
  41. Assassinated between 1881 and 1914 by members of the anarchist movement. For, example , U. S. President McKinley's assassin Leon Czolgosz claimed to have been
  42. Be viewed on brain scans, to help further neurogenetic studies of autism; one, example ,is lowered activity in the fusiform face area of the brain, which is associated
  43. Potentiality, therefore actuality is the end. Referring then to our previous, example , we could say that an actuality is when a plant does one of the activities that
  44. Since ASCII only suited the needs of the USA and a few other countries. For, example , Canada had its own version that supported French characters. Other adapted
  45. Minerals and other substances could have an effect on the human body (for, example , if one could learn the secret of purifying gold, one could use the technique
  46. While duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific individual (for, example , a god, a king),or collective (for example , a government). Some individuals
  47. To be imitative, each varying in imitation by medium, object,and manner. For, example , music imitates with the media of rhythm and harmony, whereas dance imitates
  48. And are more likely to simply repeat others' words (Chalía) for, example , they may look at a pointing hand instead of the pointed-at object, In a pair
  49. Developmental disorders. Differences are greater for under-responsivity (for, example , walking into things) than for over-responsivity (for example , distress from
  50. And rays were part of the group he called Solace (selections). Another good, example ,of his methods comes from the Generation of Animals in which Aristotle

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