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  1. Horus, who was also referred to by him as Hoor-Paar-Kraat. Crowley wrote down, everything ,the voice told him over the course of the next three days, and subsequently
  2. Classic moment of melanoma—the moment at which one's protagonist realizes that, everything ,he thought he knew was wrong). At the American publisher's insistence
  3. Of Octavian, as Cicero quoted Antony saying to Octavian," You, boy,owe, everything ,to your name. " In this unlikely alliance orchestrated by the arch
  4. Is denied unless the Christian spirit can be allowed to concern itself with, everything ,that interests and touches human life. " Anglican focus on labor issues
  5. Were restored. On April 23, 1944,Speer went to see Hitler who agreed that ", everything ,will stay as it was, Speer will remain the head of all German construction ".
  6. Puts more emphasis on the uniqueness of each individual soul. In Pantheism, everything ,shares the same spiritual essence, rather than having distinct spirits and/or
  7. Neither old age nor decay, that perpetually yielded fresh materials from which, everything ,we perceive is derived. He proposed the theory of the ape iron in direct
  8. Christian's faith, since it requires him either to deny everything or believe, everything , He urges the congregation not to give up the struggle but to do everything
  9. About sensations, deja VU, a trapped in your mind feeling, and feeling like, everything ,is scary. " Cognitive effects of anxiety may include thoughts about suspected
  10. S a form of acquiescence to radical Islam, which is diametrically opposed to, everything ,Sweden stands for. " Per Edmundson, chief editorial writer for Sven ska
  11. A prosperous district of Barcelona. The building looks very remarkable — like, everything ,Saudi designed, only identifiable as Modernism or Art Noumea in the broadest
  12. Celebrity guest appearances on television shows and in films (he appeared in, everything ,from Love Boat to Saturday Night Live and the Richard Pryor movie, Dynamite
  13. Other laws of physics with gravity motivates modern quests for a theory of, everything ,and in particular string theory, where geometrical fields emerge in a unified
  14. Satellites are key to synchronizing precision time and data streams for, everything ,from cellphone calls to ATM withdrawals. They allow just-in-time (JIT)
  15. Francisco d'Antonia, Hank Rear den, and John Salt. Salt marks the pinnacle of, everything ,Deign seeks in the world and is the kind of man alluded to in her youth when
  16. By the senior god, the all-father, who had twelve names. He was the ruler of, everything ,and the creator of heaven and earth (Section 3). During a complex creation
  17. Ways. The first one uses the Bourne shell to make a shell script that does, everything , It is the shortest of these methods: $ cat grepinawk pattern=$1 shift AWK
  18. Ascending order by the monodic" ⍋" function, which has as its right argument, everything ,to the right of it up to the next unbalanced close-bracket or close-parenthesis
  19. Against this charge in his interview with me. 'I wanted to say that after, everything ,the peasants were the stronger, closely clinging to the earth ... It was the
  20. To be spiritual in nature, they do not necessarily see the spiritual nature of, everything ,in existence as being united (monism),the way pantheists do. As a result
  21. Are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt, everything ,; both ways save us from thinking. " Asteroids is a video arcade game released
  22. But there is no doubt that Anaximander was influenced by Thales' theory that, everything ,is derived from water. One thing that is not debatable is that even the ancient
  23. Quotation *" There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe, everything ,or to doubt everything ; both ways save us from thinking. " Asteroids is a video
  24. Everything. He urges the congregation not to give up the struggle but to do, everything ,possible to fight the plague. A few days after the sermon, Paneloux is taken
  25. That needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything ,must be said again. ” Partial list of works * Reflections SUR queues points de
  26. S work always tends to be forgotten when experience and routine later make, everything ,seem easy and many of us in Hut 8 felt that the magnitude of Turing's
  27. Or anthropoid, he named Lucy. The intention was that she would have to learn, everything , including how to use her mechanical vocal cords to speak. Her systems were
  28. And animistic. One of the main differences is that while animists believe, everything ,to be spiritual in nature, they do not necessarily see the spiritual nature of
  29. Beliefs. He took part in decades of non-violent political protest against, everything ,from the Vietnam War to the War on Drugs. The literary critic, Helen Gender
  30. Says it is a test of a Christian's faith, since it requires him either to deny, everything ,or believe everything . He urges the congregation not to give up the struggle
  31. It forces people into a crucial test of faith: either we must believe, everything ,or we must deny everything , and who, Paneloux asks, could bear to do the latter
  32. Attempting to create something new, it is vital to have a good appreciation of, everything ,that already exists in this field. I myself have had many experiences
  33. Ashley proposed that such a framework is the purpose of creation, and, everything , that happens is to raise humanity to the level of altruism, love for one
  34. Slogan" The world's smallest big city" reflecting the fact that the city has, everything ,a city needs despite not being a metropolis like London. Another popular, and
  35. Of chivalry, but unlike the European concept there is a focus on attention to, everything ,in existence. A constant concern for Allah results in a careful attitude
  36. Was presented as a typical U. S. small supermarket environment, except that, everything ,in it – from the produce, canned goods, meat,posters on the wall, etc. – was
  37. Each one making a separate claim; * a statement of truth generally stating that, everything ,is true, under penalty of perjury, fine,or imprisonment; * an attestation
  38. Able to frame substantial hypotheses, in the case of the proposed Altaic family, everything ,remains to be done. In the absence of written records, there are several ways
  39. Into a crucial test of faith: either we must believe everything or we must deny, everything , and who, Paneloux asks, could bear to do the latter? We must yield to the
  40. Relations, pride destroys humility, deceit destroys peace and greed destroys, everything , Jainism recommends conquering anger by forgiveness, pride (ego) by humility
  41. He was among the richest men in the county. In 1816,the Lincoln family lost, everything ,; they were stripped of all their lands in court cases because of a faulty title
  42. By actor David Welland. Hercules Poirot's life" I suppose you know pretty well, everything ,there is to know about Poirot's family by this time ". Christie made a point
  43. Essence of all external things and also our own direct, inner experience. Since, everything ,is basically Will, then humans and animals are fundamentally the same and can
  44. Consideration was usually worth consideration. " She is an expert on nearly, everything ,and plans to create the perfect filing system. She also once worked for the
  45. One point Warhol carried a portable recorder with him wherever he went, taping, everything , everybody said and did. He referred to this device as his" wife ". Some of
  46. It a little on one side. His mustache was very stiff and military. Even if, everything ,on his face was covered, the tips of mustache and the pink-tipped nose would
  47. A deduction of the statement from \Sigma\, This is sometimes expressed as ", everything ,that is true is provable ", but it must be understood that" true" here means
  48. How it might be if it had been cast in gold or plastic or chocolate, even if, everything ,else about the artwork remains the same. Next, you might examine how the
  49. Or another location chosen. ) With the anchor set in the correct location, everything ,should be reconsidered. Some other techniques have been developed to reduce
  50. Gaping void, abyss,formless state) of the mythical Greek cosmogony from which, everything ,else appeared. It also takes notice of the mutual changes between the four

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