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  1. Supplement or replace speech and writing as necessary. AAC can be a permanent, addition ,to a person's communication or a temporary aid. Which can be used alone or in
  2. Or speculative thinker, or in other words, a philosopher. Politics In, addition ,to his works on ethics, which address the individual, Aristotle addressed the
  3. Current agricultural activity, and feature local farmers exhibiting produce in, addition ,to more high-profile commercial activities such as carnival rides, concerts and
  4. Included the five classical elements (either, air,earth, fire and water),in, addition ,to two chemical elements representing the | year 2005|ISBN 0674014952|page
  5. 1214–1294) was an Oxford Franciscan who explored optics and languages in, addition ,to alchemy. The Franciscan ideals of taking on the world rather than rejecting
  6. Of Ferret by not advocating an overtly political class struggle-approach. In, addition ,to organizing schools according to libertarian principles, anarchists have also
  7. A factor which has contributed to its longevity as a building material. In, addition , the exterior of an adobe wall can be covered with glass to increase heat
  8. Is the only continuous transformation that transforms real multiplication to, addition , The assumption of unit-treatment additivity was enunciated in experimental
  9. Leads to combustion without any smoke; with halogens, substitution. In, addition , alkanes have been shown to interact with, and bind to, certain transition
  10. To an object that exists at some period of time, then it does not exist. In, addition , Aristotle disagreed with Plato about the location of universals. As Plato
  11. In 92.5 percent tin and 7.5 percent copper and then gold-plated it. The only, addition ,to the Oscar since it was created is a minor streamlining of the base. The
  12. Physics The five elements Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, in, addition , to the four proposed earlier by Empedocles. *Earth, which is cold and dry; this
  13. Correspond to the cultural borders of its various types of constituents. In, addition ,to its general inherited geographical meaning, to which the entire literate
  14. Suggest that the wording which has come down to us is erroneous, or that the, addition ,of the" as such" to the definition is critical to understanding it. Causality
  15. Baptista, Lutherans,Reformed),but over the last decades there has in, addition ,been a real explosion of Pentecostal communities and African Initiated Churches
  16. 1969 documentary, Debrief: Apollo 8,which was hosted by Burgess Meredith. In, addition , Spacecraft Films released, in 2003,a three-disc DVD set containing all of
  17. Computer science, business administration, and educational sciences, in, addition , to higher professional education courses. The only two graduate schools in
  18. Recommended the name. Mission highlights Launch and lunar orbit injection In, addition ,to throngs of people crowding highways and beaches near the launch site
  19. On differences in religion, language,race, gender,profession or region ". In, addition , political campaigns must be exempt from the aforementioned subjects. Foreign
  20. The greatest promotion scheme that any industry ever devised for itself. " In, addition , some winners critical of the Academy Awards have boycotted the ceremonies and
  21. Can be resolved into their enantiomers by enantioselective chromatography. In, addition ,to these isomers, the chain of carbon atoms may form one or more loops. Such
  22. In 1962) European population, consisting primarily of French people, in, addition , to Spaniards in the west of the country, Italians and Maltese in the east, and
  23. Respected during the standards-development process. International activities In, addition ,to facilitating the formation of standards in the U. S., ANSI promotes the use
  24. In heavy manufacturing, mineral extraction, education,and technology. In, addition , the establishment or expansion of multiple military installations, primarily
  25. Patriotic songs" America, The Beautiful" and" God Bless the USA ". In, addition ,to these, it is also featured in Schoolhouse Rock's" Elbow Room ". A term
  26. The September 11, 2001 attacks; at some sporting events it was sung in, addition ,to the traditional singing of the national anthem. During the first taping of
  27. Available product and extensively used as the binder for road aggregates. The, addition ,of tar to macadam roads led to the word tarmac, which is now used in common
  28. Six Republicans and four Democrats have served as governor of Alaska. In, addition , Republican Governor Wally Nickel was elected to the office for a second term
  29. Became famous for its part in the Battle of the River Plate, alongside and. In, addition ,to earning the battle honor 'River Plate ', HMNZS Achilles also served at
  30. Education and Early Development administers many school districts in Alaska. In, addition , the state operates a boarding school, Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Site; and
  31. Its website in real time 40 years to the minute after the events occurred. In, addition , it is in the process of restoring the video footage and has released a preview
  32. Derived from the Ancient Greek chimera (χημεία) or chemical (χημία) with the, addition ,of the Arabic definite article all- (الـ). The ancient Greek word may have
  33. Use an abacus to perform the mathematical functions' multiplication, division, addition , subtraction, square root and cubic root. Although blind students have
  34. Plan to increase the capabilities and efficiency of the total force. In, addition ,to administrative reorganization; modernization projects include procurement of
  35. Reverse" or" vacate" ) the whole decision or any part of it. It may, in, addition , send the case back (" remand" or" remit" ) to the lower court for further
  36. Is Modern Standard Arabic, as specified in its constitution since 1963. In, addition ,to this, Berber has been recognized as a" national language" by
  37. Suanpan techniques have been developed to do multiplication, division, addition , subtraction, square root and cube root operations at high speed. There are
  38. Lincoln was supported by Congress and the northern public for these actions. In, addition , Lincoln had to contend with reinforcing strong Union sympathies in the border
  39. Needs" in Afghanistan, under the Human Terrain System (HTS) program; in, addition , HTS teams are working with the US military in Iraq. Major discussions Focus on
  40. Rambo, the Herero, the Finding and scattered residual groups of Khoisan. In, addition , mixed race (European and African) people amount to about 2 %, with a small (
  41. Limited to between-subjects analysis with equal sample sizes in all cells, In, addition , methods to calculate partial Omega2 for individual factors and combined
  42. Developement of clean power, and the reduction of air and water pollution. In, addition ,to providing the means for government to address significant demographic
  43. Teams in its division twice (home and away) during the regular season, in, addition , to 10 other games assigned to their schedule by the NFL the previous May. Two
  44. In much of the state, the troopers serve as the only police force available. In, addition ,to enforcing traffic and criminal law, wildlife Troopers enforce hunting and
  45. Spaceflight and during training in the space programs of the United States. In, addition ,to twenty NASA career astronauts, the memorial includes the names of a U. S.
  46. And C, and are rich in iodine, potassium,iron, magnesium and calcium. In, addition ,commercially cultivated microalgae, including both Algae and Cyanobacteria, are
  47. Distinguish it from other means such as the geometric and harmonic mean. In, addition ,to mathematics and statistics, the arithmetic mean is used frequently in fields
  48. HTML Old Babylonians" may have used the abacus for the operations of, addition ,and subtraction; however, this primitive device proved difficult to use for
  49. The greater efficiency of farming, combined with the increased level of value, addition ,(e.g. more highly processed products) provided by the supply chain. From
  50. The relationships between these families within Austro-Asiatic are debated. In, addition ,to the traditional classification, two recent proposals are given, neither of

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