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  1. Used; in AME the term full stop is rarely, if ever, used for the punctuation, mark , For example, Tony Blair said," Terrorism is wrong, full stop ", whereas in
  2. Were involved with an urban legend that the (old) Procter & Gamble service, mark ,was in fact a Satanic symbol or that the CEO of P&G is himself a practicing
  3. The Packers won 31–14,and the Cards headed into their bye week with a 1–7, mark , Following the bye week, the Cardinals came out in an all-red combination at
  4. Is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite, mark ,a reference to his method of suicide. Both the designer of the logo and the
  5. Person, they shift to the first-person voice of the poet herself, and they, mark ,a significant development in the use of cuneiform. As poetess, princess,and
  6. Grothendieck Festschrift was a three-volume collection of research papers to, mark ,his sixtieth birthday (falling in 1988),and published in 1990. In it Cartier
  7. An all-time high at that point. In May,Apple's share price passed the $100, mark , In an article posted on Apple's website on February 6,2007,Steve Jobs wrote
  8. Or occupied by Greece, Italy and the Ottoman Turks and each group has left its, mark ,on Albanian cuisine. The main meal of Albanians is lunch, and it is usually
  9. Behind the July 1944 assassination plot to kill Hitler. The list had a question, mark ,and the annotation" to be won over" by his name, which likely saved him from
  10. Use is optional and not the dominant (or literate) form. Aquinas always, mark ,the vowels (other than the" inherent" vowel) with a diacritic, a minor
  11. Emperor who had been murdered along with his mother by his own guards—and as a, mark ,of contempt, had their remains cast into the Tiber river. He and his cousin
  12. For paper tape, because punching the all-ones bit pattern on top of an existing, mark ,would obliterate it. Tapes designed to be" hand edited" could even be
  13. The next line without moving the carriage. However, requiring two characters to, mark ,the end of a line introduced unnecessary complexity and questions as to how to
  14. Tracked file length only in units of disk blocks and used Control-Z (SUB) to, mark ,the end of the actual text in the file. For this reason, EOF,or end-of-file
  15. APOLLO IX at the bottom. The" D" in McDivitt's name is filled with red to, mark ,that this was the" D mission" in the alphabetic sequence of pre-lunar landing
  16. He sealed them up in a cave, and he told those who followed him in order to, mark ,the way, but they could not find it," The place shall remain unknown until God
  17. She accepted and became chairwoman for this organization from 1992 to 1995. To, mark ,her interests in the environment, she recorded the Julian Lennon song "
  18. The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that, mark ,maps of the Earth. For Epoch 2011,it is the parallel of latitude that runs
  19. Ram lying down with its head turned to the right. The stars α, β and γ Varieties, mark ,the ram’s head and horns, according to Ptolemy's Almost. History In the
  20. Of his kingdom, Alfred accidentally let the cakes burn. 870 was the low-water, mark ,in the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. With all the other kingdoms having
  21. The Levant) render original in borrowed words as. Another key distinguishing, mark ,of Arabic dialects is how they render the original velar and uvular stops, (
  22. Poll to find a song for use on ceremonial occasions when it was desired to, mark ,a separate Australian identity. This was conducted as a plebiscite to choose
  23. That discards ballots which vote for more than one candidate. Ballots which, mark ,every candidate the same (whether yes or no) have no effect on the outcome of
  24. Is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite, mark ,a reference to his method of suicide. Both the designer of the logo and the
  25. To win the World Series (in just their fourth season of play). The previous, mark ,was held by the Florida Marlins. This was the first time since that the home
  26. On patristic authority has not unnaturally been taken as a sufficient, mark ,of origin, and the early collectors and critics assumed this whole group to be
  27. Are indicated with ligatures, diacritics,or with a special vowel-canceling, mark , *In the Ethiopia family, vowels are mark ed by modifying the shapes of the
  28. Has been estimated that his net worth has been hovering around the $400 million, mark ,and even as high as $800 million, based on tax returns he filed in 2006. Over
  29. Construction is not often heard outside the UK. In the 1960s,its use would, mark ,a speaker as coming from the north of England but by the turn of the 21st
  30. Devanagari, Vedic Sanskrit has an alphabet of 53 letters, including the visage, mark ,for final aspiration and special letters for KS and in, though one of the
  31. Approached, asking for Portuguese protection. They were given banners to, mark ,their premises, a sign that they would not be looted. On 15 August the
  32. Popularized the usage ante Chris tum (Latin for" Before Christ" ) to, mark ,years prior to AD. Change of year When the reckoning from Jesus' incarnation
  33. On the moon's surface, in Stafford's words," to show that we had left our, mark , " Although it did not land on the moon, the prominence of the number
  34. Are an average of 34.3 days with minimum temperatures at or below the freezing, mark , The record high temperature was on July 1,1942. The record low temperature
  35. In plain text files. Various IBM operating systems used both characters to, mark ,the end of a line, perhaps for compatibility with Teletype machines. This DE
  36. To move left or right through a sequence of rooms and while there either, mark ,or erase a paper or observe the paper and make a yes-no decision about the next
  37. Reflecting Roman, Byzantine,and Ottoman history and narrow winding streets, mark ,the old section. The new section, now centered on Kızılay, has the trappings of
  38. He pressed the" crusade" against the Wends, extended the area of his, mark , encouraged German migration, established bishoprics under his protection, and
  39. i.e. BB, dd,etc.),reflecting the presence of the Arabic diacritic, mark , which indicates doubled consonants. In actual pronunciation, doubled
  40. Childhood home in Warrington Crescent, London,later the Colonnade hotel. To, mark ,the 50th anniversary of his death, a memorial plaque was unveiled on 7 June
  41. By such figures as naturalist John Ray and the astronomer Galileo is thought to, mark ,the beginnings of early modern science. The modern era Since meaningful stories
  42. White kilt class" in reference to the bleached linen garments that served as a, mark ,of their rank. The upper class prominently displayed their social status in art
  43. To be the British quotation system because placing a period inside a quotation, mark ,can change the meaning of data strings that are meant to be typed
  44. In by hand. A more structured ballot will list all the candidates and allow a, mark ,or word to be made by each supported candidate. A more explicit structured
  45. University of Technology in Australia in 2009. But he turns down the honor as, mark ,of protest to racial attacks on Indian students. Several books have been
  46. Two possible conditions, i. e., being empty or un mark ed, and having a single, mark ,in it, say a vertical stroke.:" One box is to be singled out and called the
  47. Hallo, though now even a god's divine nakedness is concealed by his cloak,a, mark ,of increasing conventions of modesty in the later Empire. Another haloed Apollo
  48. Ability and thus characters were used in place of graphic mark s. Also, to, mark , divisions between different print jobs from different users, bulk printers
  49. Words to be deleted, circling text to be selected, or using written carets to, mark ,inserts. Later releases of the Newton operating system retained the original
  50. Retired numbers Ring of Honor The Cardinals' Ring of Honor was started in to, mark ,the opening of University of Phoenix Stadium. It honors former Cardinal greats

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