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  1. Was in Egypt by 1038. Known as DAR all-`ILM (House of Knowledge),which was a, library ," first in importance" to Baghdad's House of Wisdom. Exerted a great
  2. Transformed her into a sun-loving herb. According to the Biblioteca, the ", library ," of mythology mis-attributed to Apollodorus, he fathered the Cervantes on the
  3. Rarely compatible with each other. In contrast, ALGOL 68 offered an extensive, library ,of transput (ALGOL 68 parlance for Input/Output) facilities. ALGOL 60 allowed
  4. Partnership with Citation Technologies, created the first dynamic, online web, library ,for ISO 14000 standards. *On June 23, 2009 ANSI announced a product and
  5. Parameters. To address this issue, FASMLIB project provides a portable assembly, library ,for Win32 and Linux platforms, but it is yet very incomplete. Some higher level
  6. Influencing his later novels. He attended Manchester Grammar School (where a, library ,is named after him) and studied Classics at Magdalena College, Oxford. Garner
  7. Ludovico's Technique Sentenced to prison for murder, Alex works in the prison, library ,and gets taken under the wing of the prison chaplain, who mistakes Alex's
  8. Multiple users. As an aside, an unusual aspect of The APL Machine was that the, library ,of workspaces was organized such that a single function or variable which was
  9. Frame wave, formerly the APL, the AMD Performance Library, a compiler, library ,for AMD multicore processors *APL, file extension of the Monkey's Audio
  10. Of Jutland" and expanded many of its cultural institutions like the national, library , universities, the Aarhus Theatre and hospitals. Geography The city lies
  11. Eon With the availability of primary sources, such as the those in Nag Hammed, library , the identity of Abraham remains unclear. The Holy Book of the Great Invisible
  12. Some fifty years before Androids supposedly compiled his. And fourth, ancient, library , catalogues predating Androids' intervention list an Aristotelian corpus
  13. Stones from ruined castles and abbeys of Scotland. In it, he gathered a large, library , a collection of ancient furniture, arms and armor, and other relics and
  14. At the time of launch, AOL made available Warner Bros. Television's vast, library ,of programs, with Welcome Back Potter as its marquee offering. * In 2005,AOL
  15. Normal situation where they are not pronounced, as in the above example of ", library ," in full pronunciation, but " library " in short pronunciation. The
  16. TV and syncs, either via Wi-Fi or a wired network, with one computer's iTunes, library ,and streams from an additional four. The Apple TV originally incorporated a 40
  17. U. S. involvement in the war comes to an end. * 1986 – A fire at the Central, library ,of the City of Los Angeles Public Library damages or destroys 400,000 books and
  18. Complete collection of Aldine editions ever brought together was in the Author, library ,of the 2nd Earl Spencer, now in the John Ry lands Library, Manchester. One of
  19. At age 13. He was interested most in reading, and he made three trips to the, library ,a week. He would save his money to buy books (his personal library exceeded
  20. Of Athena (a replica of the original bronze one in the arts and archaeology, library ,) resides in the Great Hall. It is traditional at exam time for students to
  21. This advantage: * Commercial interpreters delivered highly-tuned linear algebra, library ,routines. * Very low interpretive overhead was incurred per-array—not
  22. Of the north transept is the" scriptorium" or writing-room (P1),with the, library ,above. To the east of the church stands a group of buildings comprising two
  23. Bought "," he buys ". Examples:" book "," writer "," desk "," desks ",", library ," (but" library " in short pronunciation),(Modern Standard Arabic) " they
  24. Brought some books with them in their personal property, Spandau Prison had no, library ,so books were sent from Spandau's municipal library . From 1952 the prisoners
  25. To gain some portability in assembly language, usually by linking with a C, library ,that does not change between operating systems. An instruction set simulator (
  26. For the night's mayhem. They assault a scholar walking home from the, library , stomp a panhandling derelict, scuffle with a rival gang, then rob a newsstand
  27. QSE AWK is an embedded AWK interpreter implementation included in the QSE, library ,that provides embedding API for C and C++. *Busboy includes a sparsely
  28. Spandau Prison had no library , so books were sent from Spandau's municipal, library , From 1952 the prisoners were also able to order books from the Berlin central
  29. Schema Building); Ames Public Library: The Ames Public Library is a Carnegie, library ,founded on October 20, 1904. It currently has 1,386,273 items in circulations
  30. Pronounced, as in the above example of" library " in full pronunciation, but ", library ," in short pronunciation. The restriction on final long vowels does not apply
  31. House for a Pennsylvania daily. Meanwhile, his wife worked at a specialized, library ,for business and behavioral science. Löffler is also frequently cited as
  32. Drawing, mapmaking, and surveying. Wallace spent a lot of time at the Leicester, library ,where he read An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus and
  33. Or variable which was shared by many workspaces existed only once in the, library , Several of the members of The APL Machine project had previously spent a
  34. Press books and Aldine imitations in North America is at the Harold B. Lee, library ,on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Alfred (or Alfred;
  35. outside the APL environment. The Causeway compiler requires a run-time, library ,of array functions. Some speedup, sometimes dramatic, is visible, but happens
  36. Known to have a large chess stamp and chess book collections. His private chess, library ,consists of 9000 books. The aspect ratio of a shape is the ratio of its longer
  37. Opinions of Eminent Philosophers) A number of his manuscripts remain in the, library ,of St Mark at Venice. Ambrosia is a term that might be applied either to
  38. Other manuscripts are preserved in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and in the, library ,of Leiden. Theory of Vision Two major theories on vision prevailed in classical
  39. S sketches for this project may be seen in the Einstein Archive in the, library ,of the Leiden University. Although he continued to be lauded for his work
  40. From 1952 the prisoners were also able to order books from the Berlin central, library ,in Wilmersdorf. Speer was a voracious reader, and he completed well over 500
  41. To the library a week. He would save his money to buy books (his personal, library ,exceeded 12,000 later on in life). Some of his biggest influences were Ralph
  42. Kuomintang, the Chinese nationalist party, is founded. *1914 – World War I: The, library ,of the Catholic University of Leuven is deliberately destroyed by the German
  43. Generally terms along the same lines as the corresponding masculine,e.g. ", library ," (also a writing-related place, but different from, as above). *The Nisha
  44. To contest federal elections as the DLP (according to the parliamentary, library ,election results for 1980 and onward). In addition, founding member Joseph
  45. And replaces the need for a hard drive with media streaming from any iTunes, library ,on the network along with 8 GB of flash memory to cache media downloaded. Apple
  46. Collection of astronomical observations and terrestrial omens was made for a, library ,established by Sargon. The earliest" year names ", whereby each year of a king
  47. Sources, including YouTube and Netflix, and media streaming from an iTunes, library , Apple also reduced the price of the device to $99. Software Apple develops its
  48. Text. When Lucius Cornelius Sulla occupied Athens in 86 BC, he carried off the, library ,of Allison to Rome, where they were first published in 60 BC by the
  49. Met with that reverse of fortune which involved the estate in debt. In 1830 the, library ,and museum were presented to him as a gift by the creditors. The property
  50. Examples:" book "," writer "," desk "," desks "," library " ( but ", library ," in short pronunciation),(Modern Standard Arabic) " they wrote" ( dialect

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