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  1. Officials anxious to counter the bad publicity created by his suicide, attempt , With Alexander safely packed off to a mental institution, Alex is offered a
  2. The labor movement and the struggle for the eight-hour day. In 1890 a second, attempt , this time international in scope, to organize for the eight-hour day was made.
  3. A pre-war February Peace Conference of 1861 met in Washington in a failed, attempt ,at resolving the crisis. The remaining eight slave states rejected pleas to
  4. South. Northern abolitionist John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry Armory was an, attempt ,to incite slave insurrections in 1859. The North-South
  5. In the Compromise of 1850. Name "/IN"> democracy"/> The Wilmot Proviso was an, attempt ,by Northern politicians to exclude slavery from the territories conquered from
  6. Help prevent unintentional key presses. Alternatively, Assistive Technology may, attempt ,to improve the ergonomics of the devices themselves: * Ergonomic keyboards
  7. And his struggle against what Rand described as" second-handers"—those who, attempt ,to live through others, placing others above self. It was rejected by twelve
  8. By signing — the only language they knew — and were therefore forced to, attempt ,oral communication. Due to his efforts to suppress the teaching of sign
  9. Was written down on his or her birth certificate. This is believed to be an, attempt ,to intimidate minorities into declaring Albanian ethnicity, as the Albanian
  10. Research on sustainability using GMO crops, at least one prominent multi-year, attempt ,by Monsanto Company has been unsuccessful, though during the same period
  11. Programming, specific inequalities involving the inputs are found and then an, attempt ,is made to maximize (or minimize) some linear function of the inputs. Many
  12. IN"> representatives"/> The 1854 Os tend Manifesto was an unsuccessful Southern, attempt ,to annex Cuba as a slave state. The Second Party System broke down after
  13. From Canary Islands and after 52 days journey arrived to Venezuela in an, attempt ,to prove travelers from Africa may have crossed the Atlantic before Christopher
  14. President Buchanan protested but made no military response apart from a failed, attempt ,to resupply Fort Sumter using the ship Star of the West, which was fired upon
  15. Without the means to travel can resort to providers of illegal abortions or, attempt ,to perform an abortion by themselves. Emergency contraception is generally
  16. In (0,1),then so is x/2,and x/2 is always strictly smaller than x. So this, attempt ,also fails. Additionally, consider for instance the unit circle S, and the
  17. Principles of arithmetic, presented by a new method (1888) was" the first, attempt ,at an axiomatization of mathematics in a symbolic language ". But Davenport
  18. See Nominal of the Bulgarian khans). A popular, but ultimately unconfirmed, attempt ,tries to relate Attila to Charlemagne. Later folklore and iconography Later
  19. Corps from Clinton's army in New York captured Savannah, Georgia. An, attempt ,by French and American forces to retake Savannah failed on October 9,1779.
  20. In the House of Representatives. After a long debate in the House, a second, attempt ,passed Congress on January 13, 1865,and was sent to the state legislatures for
  21. Well as the same final argument, that " human depravity is such that men will, attempt ,to justify their own cruelty by accusing their victims of being lower than
  22. Lobster, and whales appear in great quantities. Various international treaties, attempt ,to reduce pollution caused by environmental threats such as oil spills, marine
  23. Thus, rather than megalomania, such behavior may simply have been a practical, attempt ,at strengthening his rule and keeping his empire together. And Stature II, a
  24. Prophecies linked Troilus' fate to that of Troy, and so he was ambushed in an, attempt ,to capture him. Yet Achilles, struck by the beauty of both Troilus and his
  25. Regions planned for future content. In philosophy and logic, an argument is an, attempt ,to persuade someone of something, or give evidence or reasons for accepting a
  26. For them to have suffered considerable damage followed by Apellicon's inexpert, attempt ,at repair. Second, there is" incontrovertible evidence," Lord says, that the
  27. Only three days before the Apollo 11 mission, this was the third Soviet, attempt ,to return lunar soil back to Earth. The Russian craft crashed on the lunar
  28. But Human was arrested and charged with treason. In 1995,another coup, attempt ,against Alien, by the commander of the MON special unit, Rovshan Javadoc, was
  29. That additionally provide some bounds on the error. Genetic algorithms, attempt ,to find solutions to problems by mimicking biological evolutionary processes
  30. Way. When in control of a point, Agassi would often pass up an opportunity to, attempt ,a winner and hit a conservative shot to minimize his errors, and to make his
  31. Railroad executive, and Pennsylvania Democrat, took several months to plan and, attempt ,his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted. The campaign's objective
  32. As female sand bees. As a result numerous males are lured to the blooms and, attempt ,to copulate with their imaginary partner: although this endeavor is not crowned
  33. Dots that are spaced in a way to create variation in color and depth in an, attempt ,to paint images that were closer to the way people really see color. Both
  34. Was attended by several thousands of his men at which they ate together. In an, attempt ,to craft a lasting harmony between his Macedonian and Persian subjects, he held
  35. Alex's status as leader of the gang. He later dies from a botched robbery, attempt ,during Alex's stay in prison. *Pete: The most rational and least violent
  36. Be most beneficial. He never succeeded in devising such a method, but his best, attempt ,was published in his book Sophist, where he introduced his division method.
  37. The Confederacy and the Union. A Unionist secession, attempt ,occurred in East Tennessee, but was suppressed by the Confederacy, which
  38. Vote fraud led pro-South Presidents Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan to, attempt ,to admit Kansas as a slave state. Buchanan supported the pro-slavery Compton
  39. Of the metal detector in 1881. The device was quickly put together in an, attempt ,to find the bullet in the body of US President James Garfield. The metal
  40. Ships under Captain Charles Douglas arrived to relieve the siege. Another, attempt ,was made by the Americans to push back towards Quebec, but they failed at
  41. Line. The company introduced the ill-fated Apple III in May 1980 in an, attempt ,to compete with IBM and Microsoft in the business and corporate computing
  42. Platform to its limits with the new Audi Space. " Audi TDI As part of Audi's, attempt ,to promote its Diesel technology in 2009,the company began Audi Mileage
  43. And Thomas Sanders, Bell requested that an associate in Ontario, George Brown, attempt ,to patent it in Britain, instructing his lawyers to apply for a patent in the
  44. The same schema was adopted by James Patrice (1982) in the context of an, attempt ,to classify the Ainu language. The Turkic-Mongolic-Tungusic and
  45. Would outlaw slavery absolutely was brought to Congress for passage. This first, attempt ,at an amendment failed to pass, falling short of the required two-thirds
  46. Became known as" Altaic". On Strahlenberg's classification was the first, attempt ,at classification of many languages some of which are Altaic. The
  47. The first volume, Lautlehre ('Phonology' ), contained the first comprehensive, attempt ,to identify regular correspondences between the sound systems of the Altaic
  48. North, although some attempt s to organize Loyalists were defeated, a British, attempt ,at Charleston, South Carolina failed, and a variety of efforts to attack
  49. Mitigation" ( also called" submissions on penalty" ) wherein he or she will, attempt ,to mitigate the relative seriousness of the offense and heavily refer to and
  50. Is then subjected to a relentless barrage of classical music, prompting him to, attempt ,suicide by leaping from a high window. Alex wakes up in hospital, where he is

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