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  1. Differing families in different classification systems. Proposed subgroups are, difficult ,to recognize, having similar 'lily-like' flowers, with the result that some
  2. Is restricted to the integers. * Reduction. This technique involves solving a, difficult ,problem by transforming it into a better known problem for which we have (
  3. Until a reconstructed set of Afroasiatic roots is agreed upon, it is, difficult ,to classify Afroasiatic within a bigger frame, or to compare it with
  4. And variables using a common variable when such a relationship would be, difficult ,to explicate with an equation *An argument of a function, also known as an
  5. But wartime recruitment steadily increased this number. Great Britain had a, difficult ,time appointing general officers, however. General Thomas Gage, in command of
  6. Operations of addition and subtraction; however, this primitive device proved, difficult ,to use for more complex calculations ". Egyptian abacus The use of the abacus
  7. They break into smaller asteroids that frequently move faster and are more, difficult ,to hit. Smaller asteroids also score higher points. Periodically, a flying
  8. Chief occupations since time immemorial, this individualistic trait has made it, difficult ,for foreigners to conquer them. Tony Heath cote considers the tribal system to
  9. As an" advance payment" to encourage Rear den to persevere in his increasingly, difficult ,situation. Danneskjöld is married to the actress Kay Ludo; their relationship
  10. Cheap movement of troops and supplies. Transportation was much slower and more, difficult ,in the South, which was unable to augment its much smaller rail system, repair
  11. To six stamens. The orders which have been separated from the old Lilies are, difficult ,to characterize. No single morphological character appears to be diagnostic of
  12. By additional gauge fixing conditions. Simultaneously less elegant and more, difficult ,than general relativity, after more than two years of intensive work Einstein
  13. Awakenings, and early morning awakenings. Sleep problems are associated with, difficult ,behaviors and family stress, and are often a focus of clinical attention over
  14. With Mahayana Buddhism for many Chinese, thus exact religious statistics is, difficult ,to obtain and may be understated or overstated. Culture Nobel Prizes The
  15. And articulate speech, but although absorbed by his experiments, he found it, difficult ,to devote enough time to experimentation. While days and evenings were occupied
  16. If" biweekly" is used in a conversation about a meeting schedule, it may be, difficult ,to infer which meaning was intended. Many people believe that such lexically
  17. Previously they had been concentrated in America. The British also had the, difficult ,task of fighting the war while simultaneously retaining the allegiance of
  18. Regional analysis, ethnology,history, philosophy,and religious studies, it is, difficult ,to characterize the entire field in a brief article, although attempts to write
  19. But large multiplication and long division problems can be long and, difficult , The abacus gives blind and visually impaired students a tool to compute
  20. It is highly unlikely that this reaction will be useful, given the extremely, difficult ,task of making sufficient amounts of 254Es to make a large enough target to
  21. To rather recent epochs, so the precise estimation of the order's age is quite, difficult , An Oligocene pollen is known for Asteraceae and Goodeniaceae, and seeds from
  22. Pharyngealization of adjacent sounds in many dialects. As a result, it may, difficult ,or impossible to determine whether a given coronal consonant is phonemically
  23. Has been used to create animated films with a range of textural effects, difficult ,to achieve with traditional CEL animation. * Sand animation: sand is moved
  24. Whose hom-objects are sets, then there is no category of all sets, and so it is, difficult ,for a category-theoretic formulation to apply to all sets. On the other hand
  25. Went through the wilderness of what is now northern Maine. Logistics were, difficult , with 300 men turning back, and another 200 perishing due to the harsh
  26. That Kant's mistake regarding perception resulted in all the obscurity and, difficult ,confusion that is exhibited in the Transcendental Analytic section of his
  27. Most speakers (even native speakers),this form of the language is generally, difficult ,to understand, as it contains many highly specialized terms for diplomatic
  28. Western Sahara, Algeria,Tunisia, Libya,Niger, and western Egypt; it is often, difficult ,for speakers of Middle Eastern Arabic varieties to understand. The Berber
  29. Order is clearly circumscribed on the basis of DNA sequence analysis, but is, difficult ,to define morphologically, since its members are structurally diverse. Thus
  30. React with oxygen in a combustion reaction, although they become increasingly, difficult ,to ignite as the number of carbon atoms increases. The general equation for
  31. Fall under the category of 3D dynamics. Well-made 3D animations can be, difficult ,to distinguish from live action and are commonly used as visual effects for
  32. Of powder and other logistical capabilities on the American side. It was also, difficult ,for Great Britain to transport troops across the Atlantic, and they depended on
  33. Hours) to just 166 minutes, making the resulting narrative exceedingly, difficult ,to follow. It is widely considered today to be one of the director's least
  34. For example, in culinary terms, where communication with Germans is frequently, difficult , and administrative and legal language, which is due to Austria's exclusion
  35. Prefer to be alone. Making and maintaining friendships often proves to be, difficult ,for those with autism. For them, the quality of friendships, not the number of
  36. The many exceptions to syntax and semantic rules are time-consuming and, difficult ,to learn. Mathematical notation, widely used in physics
  37. Buddhism is easily syncretized with Taoism, thus exact religious statistics is, difficult ,to obtain and may be understated or overstated. The Communist-governed
  38. The heavily subsidized US farmer is not forced to reduce his output, making it, difficult ,for cotton prices to rebound, but his Mali counterpart may go broke in the
  39. Antiquated as Ptolemaic astronomy ". Russell notes that these errors make it, difficult ,to do historical justice to Aristotle, until one remembers how large of an
  40. Energy, and the molecular ion is usually weak. The fragmentation pattern can be, difficult ,to interpret, but,in the case of branched chain alkanes, the carbon chain is
  41. A star and the Earth's (or the Moon's) horizon. This task proved to be, difficult , as a large cloud of debris around the spacecraft formed by the venting S-IVB
  42. The man himself—began to suspect that he would never make another film. A, difficult ,decade (1969–1977) Knowing that his reputation was at stake following the
  43. Way of organizing large groups of people in a country that is geographically, difficult , and in a society that, from a materialistic point of view, has an
  44. Amount of work has been done on the composition of asphalt, it is exceedingly, difficult ,to separate individual hydrocarbon in pure form ", and " it is almost
  45. Carbons, so that methoxy-methane is the IUPAC name for dimethyl ether. It is, difficult ,or impossible to find compounds with more than one IUPAC name. This is because
  46. From which the beams and walls are made, choosing the attachments may prove, difficult , A combination of the bricks and adobe mortar that are laid across the beams
  47. Great number of different functions throughout its history, making its purpose, difficult ,to abstract or quantify to any single concept. This does not imply that the
  48. 22 million occurred safely and 20 million unsafely. Abortion rates are very, difficult ,to measure in locations where those abortions are illegal, and pro-life groups
  49. From Ἀσία, but ancient transitions, due to the lack of literary contexts, are, difficult , to catch in the act. The most likely vehicles were the ancient geographers and
  50. Date back to 1000 AD. Sea currents made canoe travel to other Caribbean islands, difficult , thus Aquatic culture remained closer to that of mainland South America.

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