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  1. Confining himself in interviews to responses like" Um, no " and" Um, yes ,", and often allowing others to speak for him) – and even the evolution of his
  2. Found people who were welcoming, friendly and extremely nice. A little weird, yes , and no doubt homophobic, but well-meaning…kind of. " Footnotes Bibliography
  3. In assembly or court or convened as lawmakers, made the decisions, either, yes , or no, or choosing between alternatives. Officeholders The administration was
  4. Of this problem are natural numbers, and the solution to an instance is, yes ,or no based on whether the number is prime or not. A problem is regarded as
  5. Primality testing. The instance is a number (e.g. 15) and the solution is ", yes ," if the number is prime and" no" otherwise (in this case" no" ).
  6. Integers are there a non-empty subset which sums to zero? To give a proof of a ", yes ," instance, one must specify a non-empty subset which does sum to zero. The
  7. Grants of citizenship, and here small colored stones were used, white for, yes ,and black for no. At the end of the session, each voter tossed one of these
  8. In modern Chinese, however,it can be combined with the modifier 的 DE to mean ", yes ," or to show agreement. e.g. Question: 你的汽车是不是红色的? NI de niche Shi BU Shi
  9. In front of the portraits – Miss Beaux's three – and wagged his head. 'Ah, yes , I see! ' Some Sargent's. The ordinary ones are signed John Sargent, the best
  10. S leadership, calling him" tyrannical "," arrogant" and surrounded by ", yes ,men ". In 2007,a leadership challenge to Griffin by Colin Duty and Colin
  11. These wordsand some can be used alone as interjections: *the, ama né (lit. ", yes , but no" ) – means" you're wrong to think so ". *AMA can be tagged onto a
  12. Asks Gates if he has melded his mind to other developers, after getting a, yes , he then asks if they are working on a way to make computers edible, again
  13. Of the head rather than a downward one, while the shaking of the head for, yes ,is not completely horizontal, but also has a slight" wavy" aspect to it. )
  14. Means it returns" yes " in polynomial time when // the answer should be ", yes ,", and runs forever when it is" no ". // // Input: S = a finite set of
  15. To work state, its voters passed a ban on same-sex marriage with 75 % voting, yes , and the state is one of a handful with legislation on its books banning
  16. Ever been taken on the matter. Rail links with adjacent countries * Bolivia -, yes ,- same gauge - from Arica to La Paz, Bolivia * Argentina - Central Trans-Andean
  17. Forming onsets but are articulated very much like vowels, as the y in English, yes , Some phonologists model these as both being the underlying vowel, so that the
  18. To be verified as input. Then whether the instance is a, yes ,or no instance is determined by whether a valid input exists. The first natural
  19. Non-lateral approximate like (as in rest),and semivowels like and (as in, yes ,and west, respectively ). The term" frictionless continuant" referred to
  20. On that one. CAP COM: That one we've got a lot of experience with, yes , SHIRR: If we had an open visor, I might go along with that.
  21. Occurs in Australian English at the beginning of words like" yellow" and ", yes ," and it also occurs in words like" new" and" tube ". An affricate also
  22. Problem is a special type of computational problem whose answer is either, yes ,or no, or alternately either 1 or 0. A decision problem can be viewed as a
  23. That takes as input some string w over an alphabet \Sigma, and outputs ", yes ," or" no ". If there is an algorithm (say a Turing machine, or a computer
  24. Algorithm accepting an NP-complete language. " Accepting" means it gives ", yes ," answers in polynomial time, but is allowed to run forever when the answer is
  25. Input, without it an empty line is printed. Match a range of input lines $, yes ,Wikipedia | AWK 'NR % 4 1,NR % 4 3' | used 7q 1 Wikipedia 2 Wikipedia 3
  26. The commonly cited phenomenon of Bulgarian people shaking their head for ", yes ," and nodding for" no" is true but, with the influence of Western culture
  27. On wit to rescue a bad situation. Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Phil Harris, and, yes , Crosby were masters at this, and the networks weren't about to give it up
  28. AND the integers are all in S AND the integers sum to 0 THEN OUTPUT ", yes ," and HALT If, and only if, P = NP, then this is a polynomial-time algorithm
  29. Again on line 5. The used command is used to print the first 7 lines, to prevent, yes ,running forever. It is equivalent to head -n7 if the head command is available.
  30. 2 Wikipedia 3 Wikipedia 5 Wikipedia 6 Wikipedia 7 Wikipedia 9 Wikipedia $ The, yes ,command repeatedly prints its argument (by default the letter" y" ) on a
  31. Algorithm if and only if P=NP. // //" Polynomial-time" means it returns ", yes ," in polynomial time when // the answer should be" yes ", and runs forever
  32. Happens to like, HP Brown Sauce, as he comments in Elephants Can Remember:" Ah, yes , that is correct my initials do appear to be the same as such a fine delicacy
  33. Pros and cons and drafting proposals, but the format is that of a trial, voting, yes , or no after a clash of speeches and such. Citizen-initiator The institutions
  34. Christened men so brave would dare to enter the battle and slay them. She said, yes , and got that necklace back. Under the spell, king Horn and king Heinz
  35. Allophonic) difference in articulation between these segments, with the in, yes ,and yield and the of wooed having more constriction and a more definite place
  36. Then sum to 0? For instance, does a subset of the set add up to 0? The answer ", yes , because add up to zero" can be quickly verified with three additions. However
  37. RSA keys are dead, said:" The answer to that question is an unqualified, yes , " Brute force attack Even if a symmetric cipher is currently unbreakable by
  38. Asks if they are working on a way to make computers edible, again getting a, yes , Some say that this is an homage to Seinfeld's own show about" nothing" (
  39. Falls off the track, : Do you want your money back?: (The person picked chooses, yes ,or no): (The" counter" spells out Y-E-S (or N-O) ): And you are it!: Ink
  40. True, and have thus reduced the number of variables by 1. If the circuit says, yes , we can substitute x1 T and again reduced the number of variables by 1.
  41. Railway): Air or Vacuum? Railway links with adjacent countries Côte d'Ivoire -, yes ,- same gauge Stations served Existing The following towns of Burkina Faso are
  42. Name: Mike Hello Mike How many stars do you want: 7 Do you want more stars?, yes ,How many stars do you want: 3 Do you want more stars? No Goodbye Mike Second
  43. Against a position followed by a general vote (usually by show of hands) of, yes ,or no. Though there might be blocs of opinion, sometimes enduring, on crucial
  44. Is a member of itself. Define: Z =. Now for the problem: is Z a member of Z? If, yes , then by the defining quality of Z, Z is not a member of itself, i. e., Z is
  45. Language, where the members of the language are instances whose answer is, yes , and the non-members are those instances whose output is no. The objective is
  46. And in such manner that from the outcome we can read a definite answer,", yes ," or" no," to the question," is the predicate value true? "" ( Kleenex
  47. Of 100 researchers,61 believed the answer to be no,9 believed the answer is, yes , and 22 were unsure; 8 believed the question may be independent of the
  48. More than one candidate. Ballots which mark every candidate the same (whether, yes ,or no) have no effect on the outcome of the election. Each ballot can
  49. End. Concession planned to re-open line. * Peru -, yes ,- a single gauge connection between the northern Chilean city of Arica and
  50. When it is" no ". // // Input: S = a finite set of integers // Output: ", yes ," if any subset of S adds up to 0. // Runs forever with no output otherwise. //

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