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  1. The beginning of a 45-day" Giant Leap" tour that brought the astronauts to 25, foreign , countries and included visits with prominent leaders such as Queen Elizabeth II
  2. The country's 3,000,000 people. Free-market reforms have opened the country to, foreign ,investment, especially in the development of energy and transportation
  3. Confederation government frustrated the ability of the government to conduct, foreign ,policy. In 1786,Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the failure to fund an
  4. Which led to hardship when the price collapsed during the 1980s oil glut. In, foreign ,policy, Algeria has strained relations with Morocco, its western neighbor.
  5. Hessians" to the Americans. Revolutionary speakers called German soldiers ", foreign ,mercenaries," and they are scorned as such in the Declaration of Independence.
  6. Constructors discovered the Cuba mass grave. Studies by Azerbaijani and, foreign ,scientists have confirmed the human remains found there to be of local
  7. Slave trade was abolished in 1836,and in 1844 Angola's ports were opened to, foreign ,shipping. By 1850,Luanda was one of the greatest and most developed Portuguese
  8. Shortly before graduating. However, after complaints from a group of visiting, foreign ,scientists, many of the purged students were allowed to complete their work and
  9. To write grammatical inflections, and,later, to transcribe loan words and, foreign ,names. However, although seemingly alphabetic in nature, the original Egyptian
  10. Composition of the Council. The Council is responsible for carrying out both, foreign ,and domestic policies. It directs and controls the activities of the ministries
  11. Off, due to his inexperience; he left most diplomacy appointments and other, foreign ,policy matters to his Secretary of State, William Seward. Seward's initial
  12. Institutions of independent statehood, and brought stability, peace and major, foreign ,investment. At the same time, the country was tainted by rampant corruption in
  13. Support of U. S. foreign policy as the Angolan economy is dependent on U. S., foreign ,aid. From 1975 to 1989,Angola was aligned with the Eastern bloc, in particular
  14. Such as Hawaiian, and Italian, which uses the letters j, k,x, y and w only in, foreign ,words. It is unknown whether the earliest alphabets had a defined sequence.
  15. An army, issued fiat money, created a military code, and negotiated with, foreign ,governments. Drafting The Second Continental Congress appointed a committee to
  16. Requested from them. Congress had also been denied the power to regulate either, foreign ,trade or interstate commerce and, as a result,all the States maintained
  17. Group of rich creditor nations before schedule. This would reduce the Algerian, foreign ,debt to less than $5 billion in the end of 2006. The Paris Club said the move
  18. And audiences do not perceive such stylized eyes as inherently more or less, foreign , However, not all anime have large eyes. For example,some work of Hayes
  19. Congress confronted after 1783,especially the inability to create a strong, foreign ,policy. Finally, the Confederation's lack of coercive power reduced the
  20. The trade surplus, record highs in foreign exchange reserves, and reduction in, foreign ,debt. The government's continued efforts to diversify the economy by
  21. To 0.6 % of GDP and augment the share of gross domestic expenditure on R&D from, foreign ,sources, including via the European Union's Framework Programs for Research
  22. Diamond-rich territory within the country, but has had difficulty in attracting, foreign ,investment because of corruption, human rights violations, and diamond
  23. To the live-action industry in Japan. But it suffered competition from, foreign ,producers and many animators, such as Douro Fuji and Yaqui Murat still
  24. Policy, leading to a large increase in the trade surplus, record highs in, foreign ,exchange reserves, and reduction in foreign debt. The government's continued
  25. Military The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for managing the, foreign ,relations of Afghanistan. The nation has been a member of the UN since 1946
  26. Democracy in 1991,embracing a pro-U. S. and to a lesser degree pro-Europe, foreign ,policy. Portugal ruled Angola for 400 years, colonizing the territory from 1483
  27. Azerbaijan. One of banks was founded with participation of state capital,23 of, foreign ,capital. To the same date,98 non-bank credit organizations operate in the
  28. With disputed claims. Also, manufacturers wanted a high tariff as a barrier to, foreign ,goods, but competition among states made this impossible without a central
  29. Four years. The Assembly has the power to decide the direction of domestic and, foreign ,policy; approve or amend the constitution; declare war on another state; ratify
  30. And Vietnam have steadfast partners as both transitioned from Cold War-era, foreign ,policies of international communism to pro-Western pragmatism following the
  31. Failed to end the civil war. The protocol prohibited UNITS from buying, foreign ,arms, a provision the United Nations largely did not enforce, so both sides
  32. Of King Manuela Khan in 1919 that Afghanistan re-gained independence over its, foreign ,affairs after the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi. King Manuela moved to
  33. Releasing the two men and war was successfully averted with Britain. Lincoln's, foreign ,policy approach had been initially hands-off, due to his inexperience; he left
  34. During the mid and late 1950s,a period during which Soviet society opened to, foreign ,films, literature and music. This allowed Tchaikovsky to see films of European
  35. By Greeks. Chadwick suggests that the names record the locations where these, foreign ,women were purchased. The name is also in the singular, Aswia, which refers
  36. The CNRS in 2004. He is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and several, foreign ,academies and societies, including the Danish Academy of Sciences, Norwegian
  37. Arbitrary detentions and other human rights violations. " Marques called on, foreign ,countries to boycott Angola's" conflict diamonds ". Iron Under Portuguese
  38. 27, 1957,the Best Foreign Language Film category was introduced. Until then, foreign ,language films were honored with the Special Achievement Award. Oscar statuette
  39. 8 % in 2007 to 10 million carats annually. The government is trying to attract, foreign ,companies to the provinces of Be, Malanje and Urge. The Angolan government
  40. Israel Angola-Israel relations, primarily based on trade and pro-United States, foreign ,policies, are excellent. In March 2006,the trade volume between the two
  41. The government's continued efforts to diversify the economy by attracting, foreign ,and domestic investment outside the energy sector have had little success in
  42. Rod. ” Also, the Jay-Gardoqui Treaty with Spain in 1786 also showed weakness in, foreign ,policy. In this treaty - which was never ratified due to its immense
  43. Purpose Air Force See National Air Force of Angola Notes The, foreign ,relations of Angola are based on Angola's strong support of U. S. foreign
  44. Out of any six years. # Only the central government was allowed to conduct, foreign ,relations and to declare war. No states could have navies or standing armies
  45. Remains one of the poorest in the world due to the decades of war, lack of, foreign ,investment, ongoing government corruption and the Pakistani-backed Taliban
  46. The signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi, the nation regained control over its, foreign ,policy from the British. After the 1978 Marxist revolution, the Soviet Union
  47. The foreign relations of Angola are based on Angola's strong support of U. S., foreign ,policy as the Angolan economy is dependent on U. S. foreign aid. From 1975 to
  48. Angola in 1975 and Zimbabwe in 1979,during the Cold War. While Angola's, foreign ,policy shifted to a pro-U. S. stance based on substantial economic ties, under
  49. Of Confederation. Recommended changes included granting Congress power over, foreign ,and domestic commerce, and providing means for Congress to collect money from
  50. Washington's top aide that a strong central government was necessary to avoid, foreign ,intervention and allay the frustrations due to an ineffectual Congress.

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