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  1. Alaskan North Slope. Alaska also offers some of the highest hydroelectric power, potential ,in the country from its numerous rivers. Large swaths of the Alaskan coastline
  2. Stood at 26 percent of the EU average in 2010. Still, Albania has shown, potential ,for economic growth, as more and more businesses relocate there and consumer
  3. But the yield potential for rice has not increased since 1966,and the yield, potential ,for maize has" barely increased in 35 years ". And the Dorsett-Morse Oriental
  4. Bridle it down to her level, even if that means it will never reach its full, potential ,and its power will be grievously wasted. Lillian tolerates sex with her husband
  5. Until 2002. Despite extensive oil and gas resources, diamonds,hydroelectric, potential , and rich agricultural land, Angola remains poor, and a third of the population
  6. The world. But the banking sector of Azerbaijan has yet to tap the vast growth, potential ,that should be achievable due to the continuation of the high economic growth.
  7. Power reduced the likelihood for profit to be made by political means, thus, potential , rulers were uninspired to seek power. When the war ended in 1783,certain
  8. Types of polyprotic acids have more specific names, such as diuretic acid (two, potential ,protons to donate) and Tripoli acid (three potential protons to donate). A
  9. In the present perfect: have gestation. The Austrian variant avoids this, potential ,ambiguity (bin gestation from Stephen, habe gestation from western). Also
  10. Funded project code named" EUROPA" studied trained and other compounds as, potential ,extraction agents. Bis-triazinyl piperidine complex has been recently proposed
  11. Statement on the Audi Space was that" As a brand, Audi sees great value and, potential ,in the experiences and level of interaction the world of gaming affords.
  12. Generation. Agassi's charities help in assisting children reach their athletic, potential , His Boys & Girls Club sees 2,000 children throughout the year and boasts a
  13. To 1997. The genetic" yield potential " has increased for wheat, but the yield, potential ,for rice has not increased since 1966,and the yield potential for maize has "
  14. 65 % of human-related nitrous oxide (which has 296 times the global warming, potential ,of CO2,) and 37 % of all human-induced methane (which is 23 times as warming
  15. That affect performance. Benchmarks may be used to compare before/after, potential ,improvements to an algorithm after program optimization. Classification There
  16. Of the house are the bricks, stones,timbers etc., or whatever constitutes the, potential ,house, while the form of the substance is the actual house, namely 'covering
  17. Generally translated as" happiness" or sometimes" well-being ". To have the, potential ,of ever being happy in this way necessarily requires a good character (strike
  18. Could provide about 140 kW of power over a period of 80 days. With all the, potential ,benefits, the current applications of 242mAm are as yet hindered by the
  19. Traveling between two other points, and as a threat to life on Earth by, potential ,impact. Generally, to allocate in law means" to speak out formally. " In the
  20. Collected and dried the nutrient-rich algae from the ATS and studied its, potential ,as an organic fertilizer. They found that cucumber and corn seedlings grew just
  21. Literally; that motion can indeed be understood as the active fulfillment of a, potential , as a transition toward a potential ly possible state. Because actuality and
  22. Flaw in revolution (and not the act of revolution itself),it also shows how, potential ,ignorance and indifference to problems within a revolution could allow horrors
  23. In eastern Colorado by 400 to 500 % from 1940 to 1997. The genetic" yield, potential ," has increased for wheat, but the yield potential for rice has not increased
  24. Her children for such a long time. ABBA's manager, Stig Anderson, realized the, potential ,of showing a simple video clip on television to publicize a single or album
  25. A good director needed to master screenwriting. Kurosawa soon realized that the, potential ,earnings from his scripts were much higher than what he was paid as an
  26. Terms with the Americans, most Native Americans opposed the United States as a, potential ,threat to their territory. Approximately 13,000 Native Americans fought on the
  27. Drives cellular respiration, the process by which animals release the chemical, potential ,energy stored in food, producing carbon dioxide (CO2) as a byproduct. Oxygen
  28. While those in the social wing emphasize positive liberty to achieve one's, potential ,and argue that humans have needs that society ought to fulfill," recognizing
  29. This new mission, citing both confidence in the hardware and personnel, and the, potential ,for a significant morale boost provided by a circular flight. The only
  30. A result of hydrolysis of aluminum compounds. This concept of" corrected lime, potential ," to define the degree of base saturation in soils became the basis for
  31. Age of 20. Consolidation of power Alexander began his reign by eliminating any, potential ,rivals to the throne. He had his cousin, the former Mynas IV, executed,as
  32. Then previous forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a, potential ,force for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and the state with
  33. Hydrogen peroxide production is also increased, which,it is speculated, has, potential , to form reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. These metabolic
  34. By adjusting the pH (to about 6.0 for actinium). This rare isotope has, potential ,applications in radiation therapy and is most efficiently produced by
  35. Increased; The risk is greater with older fathers than with older mothers; two, potential ,explanations are the known increase in mutation burden in older sperm, and the
  36. As diuretic acid (two potential protons to donate) and Tripoli acid (three, potential ,protons to donate). A diuretic acid (here symbolized by H2A) can undergo one
  37. Manager of The Hootenanny Singers and founder of the Polar Music label. He saw, potential ,in the collaboration, and encouraged them to compose more. Both also began
  38. That he might help finance his own works, therefore making the studio's, potential ,losses smaller, while in turn allowing himself more artistic freedom as
  39. Of his wife from various different and conflicting points-of-view. Kurosawa saw, potential ,in the script, and with Hashimoto's help, polished and expanded it and then
  40. Crops, which is both a crop production and a nutritional quality concern, with, potential , economic and health implications. Insect-resistant GMO crops Other GMO crops
  41. Fuels. Here, algae based fuels hold great promise, directly related to the, potential ,to produce more biomass per unit area in a year than any other form of biomass.
  42. Animal and biped, how then is man a unity? However, according to Aristotle,the, potential ,being (matter) and the actual one (form) are one and the same thing.
  43. Chance) causation. All causes, proper and incidental, can be spoken as, potential ,or as actual, particular or generic. The same language refers to the effects of
  44. Rivers. Large swaths of the Alaskan coastline offer wind and geothermal energy, potential ,as well. Alaska's economy depends heavily on increasingly expensive diesel
  45. Of the soul. Jainism views every soul as worthy of respect because it has the, potential ,to become Buddha (Parramatta –" the highest soul" ). Because all living beings
  46. Focused towards a diffuse threat, and promoting caution while approaching a, potential ,threat. Physical effects of anxiety may include heart palpitations, muscle
  47. An uncertain outcome. The term is often used to refer to activities with some, potential ,for physical danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing and or participating
  48. Of the founding members of the Union for the Mediterranean. Albania has been a, potential ,candidate for accession to the European Union since January 2003,and it
  49. To Aristotle's understanding. Although he was aware of the existence and, potential ,of larger empires, the natural community according to Aristotle was the city (
  50. Asteroid belt are a staple of science fiction stories. Asteroids play several, potential ,roles in science fiction: as places human beings might colonize, resources for

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