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  1. S party status was ambiguous during his presidency. As president, he did not, identify ,with the two main parties – though he did try for the Democratic presidential
  2. Castles, keeps and fortified houses, are used to evoke a sense of national, identify , Into various parts of the fabric were built relics and curiosities from
  3. The atom-probe tomograph has sub-nanometer resolution in 3-D and can chemically, identify ,individual atoms using time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
  4. A reversal of this progress since 2000. It aimed to investigate the problem, identify ,the sources of contemporary antisemitism and make recommendations to improve
  5. Her as being the first child after Artemis and Apollo, though other legends, identify ,her as Zeus' first child. The latter would have to be drawn from Classical
  6. To revealed truths. Some nonreligious people, such as author Philip Pullman, identify ,as both agnostic and atheist. Thomas Henry Huxley defined the term: Etymology
  7. Alabastros) or ἀλάβαστος (alabaster). The latter was a term used to, identify ,a vase made of alabaster. This name may derive further from the Ancient
  8. Charge. These he interpreted as" negative-energy electrons" and attempted to, identify ,them with protons in his 1930 paper A Theory of Electrons and Protons However
  9. While Smith did not coin the term laissez-faire," it was left to Adam Smith to, identify ,the more-general set of principles that brought conceptual clarity to the
  10. That is scented with a custom-made perfume. FBI investigators in the film, identify ,ambergris as a component in the perfume, and in doing so direct the
  11. Journal articles that highlight the range of detectors that have been used to, identify ,ammonia. Single antenna detections Radio observations of NH3 from the
  12. To a layer). This property is used in the gas and oil exploration industry to, identify ,hydrocarbon-bearing sands in sequences of sand and shale. Sand-bearing
  13. Lautlehre ('Phonology' ), contained the first comprehensive attempt to, identify ,regular correspondences between the sound systems of the Altaic language
  14. Engaged in 1864 to a young woman whom, in his autobiography, he would only, identify ,as Miss L. However, to Wallace's great dismay, she broke off the engagement.
  15. Off to the northwest, being finally overtaken and blockaded at Butting ton. Some, identify ,this with Butting ton Jump at the mouth of the River We, others with Butting ton
  16. Scriptural subjects. The end wall displayed the Last Judgment. We are unable to, identify ,any other of the principal buildings. The abbot's residence, still partly
  17. It is thus a term used to describe attempts to use philosophical methods to, identify ,the morally correct course of action in various fields of human life. Bioethics
  18. And galactic astronomy. In observational astronomy, astrometric techniques help, identify ,stellar objects by their unique motions. It is instrumental for keeping time
  19. Agnosticism often overlaps with other belief systems. Agnostic theists, identify ,themselves both as agnostics and as followers of particular religions, viewing
  20. A Patagonian slave) but we are assured that the audience is clever enough to, identify ,him anyway. *The real scene of action: Since Old Comedy makes numerous
  21. Evacua. Hippocrates). Incision and drainage The abscess should be inspected to, identify ,if foreign objects are a cause, which may require their removal. If foreign
  22. Of the book as witness to the events and privy to documents, but does not, identify ,himself with any character until the ending of the novel. *Asthma Patient: The
  23. Observed that there could be more of them than scholars have yet been able to, identify , Others are based on double meanings. Sometimes entire scenes are constructed
  24. Archaeologists to define material culture similarities and differences that may, identify ,prehistoric sociocultural units, equivalent to modern societies or peoples.
  25. Chemistry The field of chemistry uses analysis in at least three ways: to, identify ,the components of a particular chemical compound (qualitative analysis), too
  26. Newer technologies such as fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging can help, identify ,biologically relevant phenotypes (observable traits) that can be viewed on
  27. All jump destinations. If symbols have been used in an assembly language to, identify ,the destination of the jump, the programmer need only work on the changed parts
  28. Identity. Different individuals, groups,parishes, dioceses and provinces may, identify ,more closely with one or the other, or some mixture of the two. The range of
  29. And botany. Additionally, some modern ethnomycologists, such as Danny Staples, identify ,ambrosia with the unnameable hallucinogenic mushroom Manila mascara:" it was
  30. Legitimately be engraved on them (Paid. 241 ff.; 287 ff. ). But no attempt to, identify ,the figures on existing gems with the personages of Gnostic mythology has had
  31. Lived in Hokkaido, the Kuril Islands, and much of Sakhalin. Most of those who, identify ,themselves as Ainu still live in this same region, though the exact number of
  32. Other emotions of teenagers and the mood of the music and art with which they, identify , Heavy metal, punk rock, grunge,nu metal, emo,and virtually any alternative
  33. Dependent for pollination on the former. Sand bees use pheromones in order to, identify ,a mate; in the case of A. nigroaenea, the females emit a mixture of triclosan (
  34. Term Ainu because it had once been used with derogatory nuance, and prefer to, identify ,themselves as Atari (comrade in the Ainu language). Official documents use
  35. Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel Each of the panels works to, identify , coordinate, and harmonize voluntary standards relevant to these areas. In 2009
  36. Many other objects beginning with that letter that the reader can try to, identify , As an additional challenge, the author has hidden a picture of himself as a
  37. A specific subtype, Research into causes has been hampered by the inability to, identify ,biologically meaningful subpopulations and by the traditional boundaries
  38. Each observed new lines in the color spectrum of air but were unable to, identify ,the element responsible for the lines. Argon became the first member of the
  39. Texts. The name probably means" she who (comes) at dusk," which would, identify ,Aphrodite in her personification as the evening star, a significant parallel
  40. Standards Coordination Collaborative (NE SCC). NE SCC is a joint initiative to, identify ,and respond to the current need for standards in the nuclear industry. American
  41. Then are of overwhelmingly English extraction, however most English Americans, identify ,simply as having American ethnicity because their roots have been in North
  42. Writer ”. As“ cultural investors,” publishers rely on the editor position to, identify ,a good investment in“ cultural capital” which may grow to yield economic
  43. The components of a particular chemical compound (qualitative analysis),to, identify ,the proportions of components in a mixture (quantitative analysis),and to
  44. Location settled by the descendants of Ham. Some modern Jewish studies, identify ,this location to be the same as the Sumerian city-state of Your. However, this
  45. The buildings are completely ruined, but enough remains to enable us to, identify ,the grand cruciform church, the cloister-court with the chapter house, the
  46. Long distances of ocean or general land masses. It is therefore possible to, identify ,species occurring by locality, such as" Pacific Algae" or" North Sea Algae "
  47. The other two being taxing and borrowing. Therefore, Austrians often seek to, identify ,reasons why the state resorts to allowing the creation new money (whether fiat
  48. To frequencies above and below the audible range, it became conventional to, identify ,these frequency ranges as" ultrasonic" and" infrasonic" respectively, while
  49. Hand quartz structures are combined in a single crystal) which can be used to, identify ,synthetic amethyst rather easily. It is possible to synthesize twinned amethyst
  50. Hydrocarbon in pure form ", and " it is almost impossible to separate and, identify ,all the different molecules of asphalt, because the number of molecules with

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