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  1. In the third quarter of 2009 for the 470 through 742 MHz UHF allocation, to, enable ,Malaysia's broadcast system to move into DTV. The new broadcast band
  2. To monitor applets' activities. This will result in a web browser that will, enable ,the manual or automatic stopping of malicious applets. To illustrate this
  3. The successor AIM-120B. The AIM-120C has smaller" clipped" resurfaces to, enable ,internal carriage on the USAF F-22 Raptor. AIM-120B deliveries began in 1994
  4. And bases. There extensions at the end of the front and the rear aisles to, enable ,pilgrims to circumambulate the Buddha's throne. There is a Buddha image in the
  5. Is the" dormitory" opening into the south transept of the church, to, enable , the monks to attend the nocturnal services with readiness. A passage at the
  6. Cards in the II Plus. The auxiliary slot could accept a 1 KB memory card to, enable ,the 80-column display. This card contained only RAM; the hardware and firmware
  7. Features modern electronic cockpits that were common across their aircraft to, enable ,pilots to fly multiple models with minimal cross-training. Travel Concepts
  8. The launch platform's radar. The receiver also senses the guidance radar to, enable ,comparisons that enhance the missile's resistance to passive jamming.
  9. Extensions for software parallelism (DSP),aimed at speeding up programs to, enable ,multithreaded and multicore processing, announced in Technology Analyst Day
  10. Consider ate mi, especially to the face, to be methods of distraction meant to, enable ,other techniques. A strike,whether it is blocked, can startle the
  11. Or dropped curbs) in the sidewalk at street crossings. While these curb cuts, enable ,pedestrians with mobility impairments to cross the street, they also aid
  12. To convince them of the Gospel, draw them strongly towards salvation, and, enable , the possibility of sincere faith. Piccalilli states that" indeed this grace is
  13. Corp., was sued because their web designers failed to design its website to, enable ,persons with low or no vision to use it. Board of Trustees of the University of
  14. At all able to walk or stand (exoskeletons). * Wheeled mobility products that, enable ,people with reduced mobility to move freely indoors and outdoors (
  15. New factory and near production-ready modern four-stroke engine, which would, enable ,the Auto Union business, under a new owner and with the benefit of a
  16. Highways and railways and the site of major Pacific ports, which, enable , international trade. Because of its mild weather, and despite the fact that
  17. Amphibians are able to exchange gasses with the water or air via their skin. To, enable ,sufficient cutaneous respiration, the surface of their highly vascularized skin
  18. Range encompassing 10 to 30 km, but otherwise moves fairly slowly. Its claws, enable ,it to dig through the extremely hard crust of a termite or ant mound quickly
  19. The construction of a missile defense system was also feared to, enable ,the US to attack with a nuclear first strike. Reaction to the withdrawal by
  20. Him that greater things would eventually be found. He obtained enough to, enable ,him to forecast the discovery of written characters, till then not suspected in
  21. In AIX 6.1 included full role-based access control, workload partitions (which, enable ,application mobility),enhanced security (Addition of AES encryption type for
  22. The silence would take up almost no space at all. Lossless compression formats, enable ,the original uncompressed data to be recreated exactly. They include the common
  23. The opportunities for scientific research in the Scottish universities and to, enable ,the deserving and qualified youth of Scotland to attend a university, He was
  24. To then build and test a fully working virtual design which will then in turn, enable ,construction of the physical Analytical Engine. Influence Predicted influence
  25. That changes the silhouette of the aircraft. Taken together these clues will, enable ,the identification of an aircraft. If the observer is familiar with the
  26. Referred to the partnership as creating a" virtual gorilla" that would, enable ,AMD to compete with Intel on fabrication capacity while limiting AMD's
  27. With an operating staff of 1,137. All the 366 trolleybuses are equipped to, enable ,them to run on diesel in case of power failure. Which serve 48 stations
  28. Faith or resist it through unbelief. Calvinists hold that God's grace to, enable ,salvation is given only to the elect and irresistibly leads to salvation. *
  29. Or hospital. The buildings are completely ruined, but enough remains to, enable ,us to identify the grand cruciform church, the cloister-court with the
  30. V K Sara swat, missiles are being designed and developed in a manner that would, enable ,them to shoot down any incoming missile at a distance of 5,000 km. " It is
  31. Monarch. Scottish perspective In Scotland, it was claimed that union would, enable ,Scotland to recover from the financial disaster wrought by the Darren scheme
  32. Of couples in the final may vary. Medal tests Medal examinations for amateurs, enable ,dancers' individual abilities to be recognized according to conventional
  33. 160 pixels wide or 320 pixels wide. While the 320 pixel modes theoretically, enable ,the 7800 to create games at higher resolution than the 256 pixel wide graphics
  34. Taste and the sublime. Sublime painting, unlike kitsch realism," ... will, enable ,us to see only by making it impossible to see; it will please only by causing
  35. Of African Languages and Cultures (later the IAI) in London. Its aim was to, enable ,people to write all the African languages for practical and scientific purposes
  36. Graham-Cumming started a campaign to raise funds by" public subscription" to, enable ,serious historical and academic study of Babbage's plans, with a view to then
  37. Seats, and the ones that were included did not provide sight lines that would, enable ,the wheelchair user to view the playing area while the spectators in front of
  38. Underway, or carried out in a suitable direction by a tender or ship's boat to, enable ,the ship to be winched off if aground or swung into a particular heading, or
  39. AOL also made available the option of personalized greetings which would, enable ,the user to hear his or her name while accessing basic functions and mail
  40. Is more of a problem at higher transfer rates, and this change was necessary to, enable ,the 66 megabytes per second (MB/s) transfer rate of UDMA4 to work reliably.
  41. For Rome, his friends had applied to the Venetian senate for a pension, to, enable , him to pursue his studies without embarrassment. The application was ultimately
  42. Is as an absorbent, for example alumina will remove water from hydrocarbons, to, enable , subsequent processes that are poisoned by moisture. Aluminum oxides are common
  43. Studies. The young Ampere, however,soon resumed his Latin lessons, to, enable , him to master the works of Euler and Bernoulli. In later life Ampere claimed
  44. Feared that an enlarged Bulgaria would become a Russian satellite that would, enable ,the tsar to dominate the Balkans. British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli
  45. Impact of perpendicular projectiles on surfaces which was forceful enough to, enable ,them to penetrate whereas the oblique ones were deflected. For example, too
  46. Calculated to strengthen the body and form the heart. Or, in other words, to, enable , the individual to attach such habits of virtue as will render it independent. ”
  47. Quick eye-opening 'peeks ', allowing them to be sensitive to disturbances and, enable ,rapid escape from threats. Swifts are believed to be able to sleep in flight
  48. And body even under the stress of dangerous situations. This is necessary to, enable ,the practitioner to perform the bold enter-and-blend movements that underlie
  49. Feared that an enlarged Bulgaria would become a Russian satellite that would, enable ,the tsar to dominate the Balkans. Austrian officials worried about an uprising
  50. Radios after World War I had a major impact on artillery because it, enable ,fast and mobile operations with observers accompanying the infantry or armored

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