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  1. Spear as a weapon and leaping from ship to ship, holds off the Trojan armies, virtually ,single-handedly. In Book 16,Hector and Ajax duel once again. Hector is set on
  2. After which they would be laid off. The reduction in force was so large that, virtually ,every conference room within the Dulles complex was reserved for the day as a "
  3. Desert land. For example,Madagascar's central highland plateau has become, virtually ,totally barren (about ten percent of the country),as a result of
  4. Of participation among citizens varied greatly, along a spectrum from doing, virtually ,nothing towards something like a full time commitment. But for even the most
  5. Postulate of a limitless God versus limited human reasoning capability, but it, virtually ,erased alchemy from practice in the fourteenth and 15th centuries. Pope John
  6. Summed up this American position. London responded that the colonists were ", virtually ,represented "; but most Americans rejected this. In 1764,Parliament enacted
  7. Balaji Beijing was the Peshawar. Through this treaty, the Maratha's controlled, virtually ,the whole of India from their capital at Pune and Mughal rule was restricted
  8. Forward in his province and neighboring Ratio. Nevertheless, Antoninus was, virtually ,unique among emperors in that he dealt with these crises without leaving Italy
  9. With a good object, had grown into a widespread evil by the 12th century, virtually ,creating an imperium in imperil, and depriving the bishop of all authority over
  10. Of NASCAR's" modern era ". In Europe, the FIA adopted the ACO GTP rules, virtually ,unchanged and sanctioned the Group C World Endurance Championship (or World
  11. Due to less-buoyant oil production during 2006 and 2007. External debt has been, virtually ,eliminated, and the government has accumulated large savings in the
  12. Indicate long vowels. The Aramaic alphabet is historically significant, since, virtually , all modern Middle Eastern writing systems use a script that can be traced back
  13. Contorted limbs, and messy, knotted,convoluted webbing – influenced the way, virtually ,all subsequent artists would draw the character. McFarlane's other significant
  14. Wakadaishō) series of musical comedies, so signing him to appear in the film, virtually ,guaranteed Kurosawa strong box-office. The shoot, the filmmaker's longest ever
  15. Shrub and Eric vegetation, reaching the extreme in the slopes near the, virtually ,lifeless Atacama Desert. About 30,000 species of vascular plants live in the
  16. A three-inch gash in one panel. Subsatellite The lunar subsatellite (PFS-2), virtually , identical to one released during Apollo 15,was a 78 cm x 36 cm hexagonal
  17. Fukushima, who would later help to script eight other Kurosawa films. A famous, virtually ,wordless sequence, lasting over eight minutes, shows the detective, disguised
  18. GmbH which still is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Today, AOL Deutschland offers, virtually ,all free services of AOL. Com (see below) in German versions as well as some
  19. Recording Week the difference between a guest artist and a band member was, virtually ,non-existent, though as time has passed a following combination of people is
  20. The Spanish Civil War has left him disillusioned. When the plague epidemic is, virtually ,over, Tarrou becomes one of its last victims, but puts up a heroic struggle
  21. Advertised, and marketed in the U. S. as" American Made" must be" all or, virtually ,all made in the U. S." The Federal Trade Commission, to prevent deception of
  22. Alan's own grandfather, Joseph Garner," could read, but didn't and so was, virtually ,unlettered ", but instead taught his grandson the various folk tales about The
  23. Constructs While a character with Pattern, Logrus or Conjuration can acquire, virtually ,any object, players can choose to spend character points to obtain objects with
  24. Method. In contrast,Aristotle's philosophical endeavors encompassed, virtually ,all facets of intellectual inquiry. In the larger sense of the word, Aristotle
  25. Stabilizers In spite of effective control surfaces, many early aircraft were, virtually ,flyable. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers of most aircraft give
  26. Battle of Fort Fisher in January 1865 closed the last useful Southern port and, virtually ,ended blockade running. Conscription and desertion In the first year of the war
  27. With his wife and young son. At that time, Calumet was a remote settlement, virtually ,inaccessible during the winter and very far removed from civilization even
  28. Line up) * Black Freudian (1991 - Austrian Original Cast Musical Soundtrack, virtually ,a solo Woolf son project) In mathematics, the phrase" almost all" has a
  29. Chapter" and claimed that he had not read the original version until he had, virtually ,finished the screenplay, and that he had never given serious consideration to
  30. An ongoing fight that will end in victory over the Jews. Jews were blamed for, virtually ,all the" subversion" and wars of the modern world. An of Saudi Arabia's
  31. Hold that testability in economics and mathematical modeling of a market is, virtually ,impossible since it relies on human actors who cannot be placed in a lab
  32. Was soon followed by a massacre of the Latin inhabitants of the city, who, virtually , controlled the economy of the city. The massacre resulted in the deaths of
  33. Trading patterns. Soviet investment in and support of Armenian industry has, virtually ,disappeared, so that few major enterprises are still able to function. In
  34. Meaning) is almost never used. Derivation Unlike in most languages, Arabic has, virtually ,no means of deriving words by adding prefixes or suffixes to words. Instead
  35. One growing season. Many food plants are, or are grown as, annuals,including, virtually ,all domesticated grains. Some perennials and biennials are grown in gardens as
  36. Their home. The Amway name continued being used in the rest of the world. After, virtually ,all Amway distributors in North America switched to Guitar, Alticor elected to
  37. Britannica's article on Arianism:" In modern times some Unitarians are, virtually ,Arians in that they are unwilling either to reduce Christ to a mere human being
  38. Problem arises in double-blinding procedures used in biomedicine, including, virtually , all surgical procedures, dentistry,physical therapy, etc. As the Institute of
  39. Election in general strongly favored the rich, but in this case wealth was, virtually ,a prerequisite. Generals were elected not only because their role required
  40. With which they identify. Heavy metal, punk rock, grunge,nu metal, emo,and, virtually ,any alternative rock dramatically combining elements of discord, melancholy and
  41. Litanies to a Marcellus of Rome which refers to public recitations. However, virtually ,all major works of Greek and Latin prose possessed such clause; and some
  42. Music Ally McBeal was a heavily music-oriented show. Vonda Shepard,a, virtually ,unknown artist at the time, was featured continually on the show. Her song "
  43. More practical internal combustion piston engine was the power source used for, virtually ,all fixed-wing aircraft until World War II and is still used in many smaller
  44. Was a comic playwright of ancient Athens. Eleven of his forty plays survive, virtually ,complete. These, together with fragments of some of his other plays, provide
  45. The U. S.," If this sounds far-fetched, it is sobering to consider that this, virtually ,describes the downfall of the Soviet Union. " The name comes from the Arabic
  46. Describing a process of men-as-computers working on computations—and they yield, virtually ,identical definitions. Emil Post (1936) described the actions of a" computer
  47. With his abilities. He was able to decipher Visible Speech representing, virtually ,every language, including Latin, Scottish Gaelic and even Sanskrit, accurately
  48. He moved to carry out an ill-conceived land reform, which was misunderstood by, virtually ,all Afghans. The PDP imprisoned, tortured and murdered thousands of members of
  49. In the possibility of human universals (behaviors, ideas or concepts shared by, virtually ,all human cultures) They use many methods of study, but modern
  50. Radians are used angles are considered as dimensionless. The radian is used in, virtually ,all mathematical work beyond simple practical geometry, due,for example, too

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