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  1. Polluted Black Sea, Bulgaria actively sought environmental technology and, expertise ,from Western Europe and the United States. Political geography Bulgaria's
  2. Enthusiasts, and combined with the new scientific understanding. Much of this, expertise ,is available in the Traditional Bowyer's Bibles (see Additional reading).
  3. Demos, it also contributed to system instability as some programmers lacked the, expertise ,to program at this level. For this reason, when the new AGA chipset was
  4. Be scientifically dishonest, but Lomborg himself not guilty because of lack of, expertise ,in the fields in question:: Objectively speaking, the publication of the work
  5. The role of Cretan expertise in administering the empire, post-Thera. If this, expertise ,was concentrated in Crete, then the Mycenaeans may have made political and
  6. Types (for example, health care, retail,public housing),technological, expertise ,or project delivery methods. Some architects specialize as building code
  7. Then of Bronze Age society overall. One such theory looks to the role of Cretan, expertise ,in administering the empire, post-Thera. If this expertise was concentrated in
  8. New collaborative approaches to sharing and developing collections and related, expertise , # Museums' workforce will be dynamic, highly skilled and representative (pp
  9. The Bayesian statistical needs either to use informed priors (using relevant, expertise ,or previous data) or to choose among the competing methods for constructing "
  10. Called gaming mathematicians and gaming analysts. Casinos do not have in-house, expertise ,in this field, so outsource their requirements to experts in the gaming
  11. Many members of the Junior Bar are experienced barristers with considerable, expertise , Benches are, and have been for centuries, the governing bodies of the four
  12. Arbitrageurs can make this risky. Those with the fastest computers and the most, expertise ,take advantage of series of small differences that would not be profitable if
  13. Collaboration software, was acquired. This acquisition added 3D technology and, expertise ,to the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform. On December 12, 2005 Adobe acquired
  14. And C++ Builder for Linux, both under the name Ky lix. This brought Borland's, expertise ,in Integrated Development Environments to the Linux platform for the first time
  15. The Letter movement assists parents by lending assistive technology toys and, expertise ,to families. In the US many health professionals may be certified by RENA to
  16. Ingots, which they melted and finished. However, they did have technical, expertise ,in making objects, as well as adding trace elements to control the color of the
  17. And supplemented by the work of a variety of disciplines i.e., with varied, expertise ,like mechanical, plumbing,electrical, civil,structural, etc. engineers for
  18. Policies of the BC system were: *organizing knowledge according to academic, expertise ,*subjects moving gradually from topic to topic as they naturally related to one
  19. Much as a reporter sent to cover a story would. The presenters often have, expertise ,in the story they are sent to cover, for example, former Paris correspondent
  20. Lists, which makes it possible precisely to compare their levels of, expertise , The works of Adrian de Groot, William Chase, and Herbert Simon have
  21. The most famous and notable being that of Maurice Ravel. Due to his lack of, expertise ,in orchestration, the American composer George Gershwin had his Rhapsody in
  22. Level, AA may hire outside professionals for services that require specialized, expertise ,or full-time responsibilities. Unlike individual groups, the GSO is not
  23. Rejected as Atari management was unsure whether the company had the required, expertise ,to do so. Many observers were amazed by Atari's rapid development of the ST
  24. Field. In fact, it was Dyson’s argument for the indispensability of Eddington’s, expertise ,in this test that allowed him to escape prison during the war. After the war
  25. A melody drifts above it. Greater knowledge of works, greater instrumental, expertise , increasing variety of instruments, the growth of concert societies, and the
  26. Have argued that deliberate practice is sufficient for reaching high levels of, expertise ,in chess. Recent research indicates that factors other than practice are also
  27. As aircraft engines and spare parts. Bulgaria provided weapons and military, expertise ,to Algeria, Yemen,Libya, Iraq,Nicaragua, Egypt and Syria. Some military and
  28. One party has an unlimited amount of information (usually through some kind of, expertise ,) and can act as the ‘ information services provider’ ( pg 268) while the
  29. In particular, those chosen by lot were citizens acting without particular, expertise , This was almost inevitable since, with the notable exception of the generals (
  30. It continued supporting the Republic of China with military supplies and, expertise ,to prevent Taiwan from falling into PRC hands. Through the support of the
  31. Genetic diversity in Africa, and in particular, applying population management, expertise ,to help ensure the persistence of genetic diversity in the free ranging wild
  32. Adam, and bin Laden, where it was agreed to join bin Laden's money with the, expertise ,of the Islamic Jihad organization and take up the jihadist cause elsewhere
  33. The Bordeaux area having the most important concentration of optical and laser, expertise ,in Europe. 20,000 people work for the aeronautic industry in Bordeaux. The city
  34. Red. Forming operations where a blow torch is used therefore require some, expertise , since no visual signs reveal how close the material is to melting. Aluminum
  35. And use. In order for the conservator to apply their professional, expertise ,accordingly, they must take into account the views of the stakeholder, the
  36. In chess skill; gender differences; and computational models of chess, expertise , The role of practice and talent in the development of chess and other domains
  37. AI) research has been necessarily cross-disciplinary, drawing on areas of, expertise ,such as applied mathematics, symbolic logic, semiotics,electrical engineering
  38. Role of practice and talent in the development of chess and other domains of, expertise ,has led to a lot of research recently. Ericsson and colleagues have argued that
  39. Main arranger in the early 30s, moving on become as famous for his arranging, expertise ,as his musicianship. Billy Strayhorn was an arranger of great renown in the
  40. Plays an important role because they provide the record-keeping, brokering, expertise , and monthly statements to each member. Commercial exchanges make money by
  41. Al-Qaeda clearly has the ability to provide training ... to provide, expertise ,... and I think that is what has occurred here. " However, on August 13, 2005
  42. And even politically prominent litigants made some show of disowning special, expertise , These juries formed a second mode for the expression of popular sovereignty;
  43. Economic strength to provide financial aid, but it also provides high levels of, expertise ,and most importantly of all, a quiet non-confrontational diplomacy to improve
  44. A certain desired behavior. The process of writing source code often requires, expertise ,in many subjects, including knowledge of the application domain
  45. Numbers of wheeled light-armour vehicles, and may have developed useful combat, expertise ,through interventions in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa. The army is
  46. Face fewer disincentives than other professions against speaking outside their, expertise , These critics argue that highly educated people form an isolated social group
  47. Knowledge and verbal, rather than visuospatial, ability lies at the core of, expertise , In his doctoral thesis, Adriaan de Groot showed that chess masters can rapidly
  48. Criticised for being" overspecialized" and not having sufficient general, expertise ,outside what can be highly specialized fields. A detailed examination of the
  49. Wozniak for $800. Multi-millionaire Mike Markka provided essential business, expertise ,and funding of $250,000 during the incorporation of Apple. The Apple II was
  50. The Inspector General further reported that“ OMS contends that the, expertise ,of the SERE psychologist/interrogator on the waterboard was probably

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