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  1. Of Venus across the Sun on May 24, 1032. He used his transit observation to, demonstrate ,that Venus was, at least sometimes, below the Sun in the Ptolemaic cosmology.
  2. On souvenirs, lent its name to a Superman villain, appeared on The Simpsons to, demonstrate ,the redemption of a murderous character named Sideshow Bob, incorporated into
  3. Near Hamadan, Avicenna wrote his famous" Floating Man" thought experiment to, demonstrate ,human self-awareness and the substantiality and immateriality of the soul.
  4. On Lincoln's life story, emphasizing his childhood poverty. The goal was to, demonstrate ,the superior power of" free labor ", whereby a common farm boy could work his
  5. A fair trial; 4. If subject to harmless error analysis, the state has failed to, demonstrate ,harmlessness of the alleged constitutional violation beyond a reasonable doubt.
  6. In central Arizona. Designed by Paolo Solar, its primary purpose is to, demonstrate ,principles of arcology. Many cities in the world have proposed projects
  7. The Turing test published in 1950 to test a machine's capability to, demonstrate ,intelligence (consciousness). Layer wrote two books on the philosopher
  8. Historically, the Vita Asgard (" The Life of Ansgar" ) aims above all to, demonstrate ,Ansgar's sanctity. It is partly concerned with Ansgar's visions, which
  9. Wobble Elvis" or" Wobbly Elvis" ) – appeared in the commercials to, demonstrate ,the smooth ride in an Audi equipped with the multiethnic transmission. The
  10. Arbitrary, but it is used because gas flows with a Mach number below that value, demonstrate ,changes in density with respect to the change in pressure of less than 5 %.
  11. Crown, two Moorish families were required to remain in each village in order to, demonstrate ,to the new inhabitants, introduced from northern Spain, the workings of the
  12. The party) was deregistered by the ACT Electoral Commissioner, being unable to, demonstrate ,a minimum membership of 100 electors. As was widely expected, the Democrats had
  13. Of modern aircraft used in combat operations. The display will usually, demonstrate ,the aircraft's very short (and often very loud) takeoff rolls, fast speeds
  14. Image of everything on the other side of the aperture. Alien was the first to, demonstrate ,this with his lamp experiment where several light sources are
  15. With our brand in a highly emotion-packed and interactive environment, and, demonstrate , our 'Sprung Dutch Technic' with the virtual e-tron race. " Kai Mensing's
  16. Included Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, and later Bell had the opportunity to, demonstrate ,the invention personally to William Thomson, a renowned Scottish scientist.
  17. Of con artists who would use chemical tricks and sleight of hand to ", demonstrate ," the transmutation of common metals into gold, or claim to possess secret
  18. Convert the undulating currents back into sound. But he had no working model to, demonstrate ,the feasibility of these ideas. In 1874,telegraph message traffic was rapidly
  19. Barbra Streisand. *1978 – 1978 Tbilisi Demonstrations: Thousands of Georgians, demonstrate ,against Soviet attempts to change the constitutional status of the Georgian
  20. Affirms the" then" clause of the conditional premise. Examples One way to, demonstrate ,the invalidity of this argument form is with a counterexample with true
  21. Represents the carrier amplitude which is a constant that we would choose to, demonstrate ,the modulation index. The values A 1,and M 0.5,produce a y (t) depicted by
  22. Form of timekeeping. Myth and cosmology. The Incas arranged their empire to, demonstrate ,their cosmology. The capital, Cusco,was at the center of the empire and
  23. Such as gold jewelry, pottery and other ceramics, and other works that, demonstrate ,the region's artisanal traditions. The Council of Government has designated
  24. Capabilities of the VIC chip. A similar theme was used by Amiga Corporation to, demonstrate ,the capabilities of the Amiga computer at the 1984 Winter Consumer Electronics
  25. Britain imposed a series of direct taxes followed by other laws intended to, demonstrate ,British authority, all of which proved extremely unpopular in America. Because
  26. Limited and a simple slide rule was more accurate, however,the unit did, demonstrate ,the basic principle. Electronic analog computers The similarity between linear
  27. S pack-in game, Super-Breakout,was also criticized for not doing enough to, demonstrate ,the graphics and sound capabilities of the console, as compared to the
  28. Heights above the ground. To gain such authorizations, the pilots will have to, demonstrate ,to an examiner that they can perform to those limits without endangering
  29. Worshipers) carrying huge altars. Songs and dances known as seaplanes, which, demonstrate , Middle-Easter origins are performed at such festivals. Overall, all the regions
  30. Of Scientific American. For the Apple IIC, Apple wanted an advertisement to, demonstrate ,the power of the machine despite its small size; they ran a memorable
  31. In the Karamazov and other locations, are often richly provided for and, demonstrate ,that from 900 BC onwards Athens was one of the leading centers of trade and
  32. And with 60 artificial joints in her face, neck,and lower body; she is able to, demonstrate ,realistic facial expressions and sing while simultaneously dancing. In South
  33. Asthma. The Center for Children's Environmental Health reports studies that, demonstrate ,that exposure to PAH pollution during pregnancy is related to adverse birth
  34. Hands-on assistance. This specialized hands-on requires Alexander teachers to, demonstrate ,on themselves the improved physical coordination they are communicating to the
  35. Reflection upon elevated themes. Traditionally, the highest achievements of art, demonstrate ,a high level of ability or fluency within a medium. This characteristic might
  36. Haggard Tunnel disaster. *Dr. Bridgett is the scientist who pulls the lever to, demonstrate ,Project X. *Orren Boyle is the head of Associated Steel antithesis of Hank
  37. About £ in present day terms) in a magazine advertisement to anyone who could, demonstrate ,a convex curvature in a body of water such as a river, canal,or lake. Wallace
  38. Motorway network for another to London. The objective of the event was to, demonstrate ,the durability of the V8 Vantage across hazardous terrain—and also to publicize
  39. Political antisemitism as examples. König points out that these different forms, demonstrate ,that the" origins of antisemitic prejudices are rooted in different historical
  40. Insisted it had the right to levy any tax without colonial approval, to, demonstrate , that it had authority over the colonies. Modern American economic historians
  41. To Baldwin and McCurdy who began the Canadian Aerodrome Company and would later, demonstrate ,the aircraft to the Canadian Army. Eugenics Bell was connected with the
  42. Processors; however, taking into account such bottlenecks would tend to further, demonstrate ,the diminishing returns of only adding processors. Speedup in a sequential
  43. Treatise with the poetic, passionate language of sensibility in order to, demonstrate ,that one can combine rationality and sensibility in the same self.
  44. Tools found in archaeology like analogy and homology and if they can, demonstrate ,an understanding of accuracy and precision found in astronomy. Source materials
  45. To establish universal laws. For example, Boas studied immigrant children to, demonstrate ,that biological race was not immutable, and that human conduct and behavior
  46. The mother of Achilles. A drinking poem (for. 346) The following verses, demonstrate ,some key characteristics of the Altaic style (square brackets indicate
  47. Quite unexpected constraints on physical theory. This reasoning does, however, demonstrate , that carbon-based life is impossible under these altered fundamental parameters
  48. Believed to inhabit the trees were feared for their powers, this was done to, demonstrate ,to the non-Christians that no supernatural powers protected the trees from the
  49. Speech or music. Alexander teachers often use themselves as examples. They, demonstrate , explain, and analyze a student's moment to moment responses as well as using
  50. Was due to carry out a more extensive set of activities to test the suit, and, demonstrate , that it was possible for astronauts to perform an EVA from the lunar module to

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