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  1. Casing was represented using rainbow stripes, which remained a part of Apple's, corporate ,logo until early 1998. The earliest Apple II's were assembled in Silicon
  2. Embrace in faith. " Corporate election draws support from a similar concept of, corporate ,election found in the Old Testament and Jewish law. Indeed, most biblical
  3. Known and still used as part of the names of dozens of educational institutes, corporate ,namesakes, street and place names around the world. Alexander Graham Bell was
  4. Or any scheme or attempt to defraud shareholders. Another example of, corporate ,fraud was the case of Australian telecommunications company One-tel. The
  5. Usually (but not always) at facilities outside the airport. Airlines follow a, corporate ,structure where each broad area of operations (such as maintenance, flight
  6. Saxons until 675,when the South Saxon king Æthelwalh was baptized. Atari is a, corporate ,and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972. It is
  7. To the ground as Ashburn Grove, or the Grove, as they did not agree with, corporate ,sponsorship of stadium names. The stadium will be officially known as Emirates
  8. And India. * On September 17, 2007,AOL announced that it was moving one of its, corporate ,headquarters from Dulles, Virginia to New York City and combining its various
  9. Companies founded in the 1970s that bucked the traditional notions of what a, corporate ,culture should look like in organizational hierarchy (flat versus tall, casual
  10. Racing As modern motor racing is centered on modern technology with a lots of, corporate ,sponsors and politics involved, historical racing tends to be the opposite.
  11. In 2010,Adobe announced it was investigating a" coordinated attack" against, corporate ,network systems in China, managed by the company. This same attack was also
  12. Pictures Home Entertainment, NBC Universal's Universal Pictures, and former, corporate ,sibling Warner Home Entertainment Group. (abbreviated as AD or A. D.) and
  13. In Romulus. Willow Run Airport east of the city near Ypsilanti serves freight, corporate , and general aviation clients. Railroads The city was a major rail hub, notably
  14. 2003 Adobe completed converting its Type 1 font library to OpenType. Adobe's, corporate ,logo was designed by Marva Warlock, wife of John Warlock, who is also a graphic
  15. Improving transparency, for debt relief, land reform, and restructuring, corporate ,accountability systems. Morten and Stiglitz's contribution to the movement
  16. And modest box office success. The 25-minute opening sequence, depicting a, corporate ,wedding reception interrupted by reporters and police (who arrest an executive
  17. The overlapping rings. The logo was designed by Ryan Abdullah. Slogans Audi's, corporate ,tagline is Sprung Dutch Technic, meaning " Progress through Technology ".
  18. For his works discussing the digital revolution, communication revolution, corporate ,revolution and technological singularity. A former associate editor of Fortune
  19. Seattle and London and extensive damage can be done to the area, especially, corporate , targets,including McDonald's and Starbucks restaurants. Despite (or perhaps
  20. nation's citizens. Activists' goals are for an end to the legal status of ", corporate ,personhood" and the dissolution of free market fundamentalism and the radical
  21. The letter F, the whole set within a hexagonal border. This early example of a, corporate ,logo, introduced as part of Herbert Chapman's rebranding of the club in the
  22. To review the effectiveness of accounting standards, auditing regulations and, corporate ,governance principles. In some cases, management manipulated the figures shown
  23. Publish an unauthorized Jobs biography, iCon. Headquarters Apple Inc. is world, corporate ,headquarters are located in the middle of Silicon Valley, at 1-6 Infinite Loop
  24. Is thus that Paul's writings on election should be interpreted in a similar, corporate ,light. Theology Arminian theology usually falls into one of two groups —
  25. On Paul movement has also reached Arminianism — primarily through a view of, corporate ,election. The New Perspective scholars propose that the 1st century, Second
  26. Call centers to provide customer service. AOL drastically downsized U. S., corporate ,operations as well. On January 28, 2007,the last domestic AOL owned and
  27. To Codario's office the day after he was first contacted by the doctor. The, corporate ,defendants sought to escape culpability by blaming everything on the U. S.
  28. 2001,after an anthrax attack was perpetrated on the company. Since then the, corporate ,headquarters have moved to New York City at 1 Park Avenue in Manhattan. The CEO
  29. Non-renewable natural resources (30.4 %),personal income taxes (22.3 %), corporate , and other taxes (19.6 %),and grants from the federal government primarily
  30. Because it is based on a particular era it is more hobbyist oriented, reducing, corporate , sponsorship and politics. Events are regulated to only allow cars of a certain
  31. Then the avowed goals or achievements of any component of the movement. At, corporate ,summits, the stated goal of most demonstrations is to stop the proceedings.
  32. David Grabber, see the movement as opposed instead to neoliberalism or ", corporate ,globalization ". He argues that the term" anti-globalization" is a term
  33. Project, the Macintosh. A turf war broke out between Lisa's ", corporate ,shirts" and Jobs' " pirates" over which product would ship first and save
  34. In May 1980 in an attempt to compete with IBM and Microsoft in the business and, corporate ,computing market. Jobs and several Apple employees including JEF Rankin visited
  35. Board assigns corporate issues, assigning resources to projects, and manages, corporate ,services, including funds and legal issues. It does not make technical
  36. For the native ingredients and dishes. 20th century—21st century Some, corporate ,kitchens (for example, General Mills,Campbell's, Kraft Foods) develop
  37. Many architects elect to move into real estate (property) development, corporate ,facilities planning, project management, construction management, interior
  38. Or counter-globalisation movement, is critical of the globalization of, corporate ,capitalism. The movement is also commonly referred to as the global justice
  39. Of communication and people and oppose only the global expansion of, corporate ,power. The term further indicates an anti-capitalist and universalist
  40. Preferring to understand the doctrine in corporate terms. According to this, corporate ,election, God never chose individuals to elect to salvation, but rather He
  41. Feeding, protection from predators, etc. Farming also implies individual or, corporate ,ownership of the stock being cultivated. " 21st century practice About 430 (97
  42. 1997 by Ole Schaefer for Redesign. Redesign was later commissioned for a new, corporate ,typeface called Audi Type, designed by Paul van der Loan and Pieter van
  43. Globe and the National Examiner) followed nine years later. American Media's, corporate ,headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida,figured prominently in news headlines in
  44. Christie is the most translated individual author, with only the collective, corporate ,works of Walt Disney Productions surpassing her. Her books have been translated
  45. Of the world. Fixity does not lie in a hidden decree, therefore,but in, corporate ,unity of the Church with Christ, whom it has come to know in the gospel and has
  46. Authoring tool for creating rich-media e-learning applications for delivery on, corporate ,networks, CD/DVD, and the Web. ” Authorware was one of the development tools
  47. Of individual election entirely, preferring to understand the doctrine in, corporate ,terms. According to this corporate election, God never chose individuals to
  48. Central point of contact and communication for its projects. The board assigns, corporate ,issues, assigning resources to projects, and manages corporate services
  49. Division purchased from Hasbro, Atari Interactive, was also made a separate, corporate ,entity. In November 2006,Rome Studios had acquired Melbourne House from Atari
  50. Casing was represented using rainbow stripes, which remained a part of Apple's, corporate ,logo until early 1998. The earliest Apple II's were assembled in Silicon

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