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  1. Is used with a special software for writing * Large print keyboard with high, contrast ,colors (such as white on black, black on white, and black on ivory). * Large
  2. Film. This creates an interesting effect when animated because of the light, contrast , * Flip book: A flip book (sometimes, especially in British English, called a
  3. On scientific methodology and controlled experimentation in the laboratory, in, contrast , to the ancient Greek and Egyptian alchemists whose works were often allegorical
  4. Midnight Cowboy) which drew a 43.4 % household rating on April 7,1970. By, contrast , ceremonies honoring films that have not performed well at the box office tend
  5. To be a protagonist and not a sidekick. Ditko's quirky art provided a stark, contrast ,to the more cleanly dynamic styling of Marvel's the most prominent artist, Jack
  6. Republicanism. The Declaration's emphasis on freedom and equality for all, in, contrast , to the Constitution's tolerance of slavery, shifted the debate. As Digging
  7. Meat, and from meat, logically,into tonnage worth a price per pound ". The, contrast ,between the" careful control against the almost inconceivable perversion of
  8. Puppet figures interacting with each other in a constructed environment, in, contrast , to the real-world interaction in model animation. The puppets generally have an
  9. Abugidas appear to have evolved from beads (vowelless alphabets). They, contrast ,with syllabifies, where there is a distinct symbol for each syllable or
  10. With those of Dionysus, god of wine, who represents ecstasy and disorder. The, contrast ,between the roles of these gods is reflected in the adjectives Apollonian and
  11. More likely it started as an insult towards settlers returning from Africa. In, contrast , the vast majority of Muslim Algerians (even veterans of the French army)
  12. And mineral wealth, the nation's population, arts,and religion flourished. In, contrast ,to elitist Old Kingdom attitudes towards the gods, the Middle Kingdom
  13. Notation, Latin for" before noon" ( also written A. M.,a. m., and am),in, contrast ,to post meridian (p. m.," after noon" ) * Anna Funds, a Calendar era
  14. Singer Slim Asimov is revered as one of the five best singers of all time. In, contrast ,to the Maugham traditions of Central Asian countries, Azeri Maugham is more
  15. Alchemy broke into more distinct schools placing spiritual alchemists in high, contrast ,with those working with literal metals and chemicals. While most spiritual
  16. Actinium trichloride with ammonium hydroxide at 1000 °C. However, in, contrast , to the oxyfluoride, the oxychloride could well be synthesized by igniting a
  17. On the screen, whether hand-printed, in cursive, or a mix of the two. By, contrast , Palm Pilot's Graffiti had a less sophisticated design than Calligrapher, but
  18. Cushing, responded with" a demonstration of enthusiasm impressively genuine in, contrast ,to the conventional applause which new music, good and bad, ordinarily arouses.
  19. It. The inner portion of the seed coat is usually completely collapsed. In, contrast , the morphologically similar seeds of Lilies have no phytomelan, and usually
  20. For a set of theorems,i.e. for a" theory" following from the axioms. In, contrast , in physics a comparison with experiments always makes sense, since a falsified
  21. Famous political debates in American history. The principals stood in stark, contrast ,both physically and politically. Lincoln warned that" The Slave Power" was
  22. Remains a laboratory curiosity. It is a polymer with the formula (AlH3)n, in, contrast , to the corresponding boron hydride with the formula (BH3)2. Oxidation states
  23. Whose works are now missing. By it, he means Anatolia and the Persian Empire, in, contrast , to Greece and Egypt. Herodotus comments that he is puzzled as to why three
  24. Only if the Court exercises its discretion and grants a writ of certiorari. In, contrast , appeal as of rights to the Supreme Court of Canada are available, for example
  25. On the piano by a woman in a nearby house. As one commentator notes," In, contrast ,to this scene of primitive violence, the serenity of the Mozart is, literally
  26. Empirical study of the natural world by means of the scientific method. In, contrast , Aristotle's philosophical endeavors encompassed virtually all facets of
  27. Was deeply split, with some leaders and most soldiers openly for Lincoln. By, contrast , the National Union Party was united and energized as Lincoln made emancipation
  28. Winter left for Hyperbola, he would leave the Delphic oracle to Dionysus. This, contrast ,appears to be shown on the two sides of the Borges Vase. Apollo is often
  29. Fed on detritus that descended from upper layers of the sea to the bottom. In, contrast , their wide geographic dispersion in the fossil record is uncharacteristic of
  30. And a rational soul, capable of thought and reflection. Aristotle, in, contrast , to earlier philosophers, but in accordance with the Egyptians, placed the
  31. Polybasic acids, are able to donate more than one proton per acid molecule, in, contrast , to monoprotic acids that only donate one proton per molecule. Specific types of
  32. Providers have begun using preventive antibiotics with medical abortion. In, contrast , unsafe abortion is a major cause of injury and death among women worldwide.
  33. Following the Prussian bombardment that made the windmill of Balmy famous. " By, contrast , Peter Eagerly Fir chow and Peter Holey Davison consider that in real life
  34. Came to occupy a central place in cultural and social anthropology. In, contrast , archaeology and biological anthropology remained largely positivist. Due to
  35. Arsenous acid contain arsenic bonded to three oxygen and not hydrogen atoms, in, contrast , to phosphate and phosphoric acid, which contains a non-acidic P-H bond.
  36. African under 1 t/ha, Egypt and Arabia up to 3.5 to 4 t/ha with irrigation. In, contrast , the average wheat yield in countries such as France is over 8 t/ha. Variations
  37. That is written in boldface type below is accepted as a valid clade. By, contrast , the relationships between these families within Austro-Asiatic are debated. In
  38. And Formula (85,000). Trams (in Norway) has about 62,000 inhabitants. In, contrast , the largest North American community north of the circle, Barrow,Alaska, has
  39. Entry-level trims of the A4 and A6 are available with front-wheel drive),in, contrast ,to Mercedes-Benz and BMW whose lineup treats all-wheel drive as an option. BMW
  40. The Oakland Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. By, contrast , the NFC have sent a different team each year in that same span. Logo The
  41. One of CCSET's (constantly changing) partner schools based in Ontario. In, contrast ,Island Academy has offered international degrees for much longer than CC SET but
  42. Catholic and some major Protestant denominations mostly keep to themselves in, contrast ,to the" New Churches" which actively proselytize. The Roman Catholic as well
  43. Candidates at the Federal level, especially in Presidential elections. By, contrast , Democratic candidates have been elected to many state-level offices and until
  44. And the Critic script were the first scripts with limited number of signs, in, contrast , to the other widely used writing systems at the time, Cuneiform,Egyptian
  45. Its pre-1975 level, is sufficient for domestic needs and some exports. In sharp, contrast ,to a bleak picture of devastation and bare subsistence is expanding oil
  46. Depths, based on a play by Maxim Gorky, taking place in May and June 1957. In, contrast ,to the gigantic scope and sweep of Throne of Blood, The Lower Depths was shot
  47. Among others—are collectively referred to as the avant-garde arts. " By, contrast , the realistic attitude, inspired by positivism, from Saint Thomas Aquinas to
  48. An imprecise concept causing endemic contention about what it means. In, contrast ,to Europe, Asia is the largest and most culturally diverse of the continents in
  49. In FY 2009,the United States resettled just 328 refugees from Afghanistan. By, contrast , the U. S. admitted more than 100,000 Vietnamese refugees for resettlement
  50. White, and black on ivory). * Large print adhesive keyboard stickers in high, contrast ,colors (such as white on black, black on white, and black on yellow). *

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